High school graduates in Marsala: how many are there, how did it go and with what grades did they obtain the high school diploma


After a two-year hiatus imposed by Covid, this year we have returned to “almost” normal maturity, with graduates first taking the written tests and then the classic final interview. In Marsala the exams were completed a few days ago and for graduates it is also time for the final grade, which includes five years of schooling and personal growth, a baggage that everyone will carry with them on their life path. For each institute we listened to the directors and prof. to make a 2022 maturity report.

In the Abel Damiani in via Trapani there are two institutes, the one of Agriculture and the one of Hotel Management directed by the director Domenico Pocorobba. The data provided by prof. Pellegrino will tell us there were 40 high school graduates in total, divided into 24 for the day course and 16 for the evening.. The highest grade of the day course was a 95 in section B, secondly there is a 92 in section A. As for the afternoon, however, the 16 high school students there were 100 and then another top note, a 90.

On the other hand, there are 13 graduates of the night course of the hotel school, there was no one who did 100, and the highest marks are two with 95. In the course of the day, however, 63 graduates divided into five classes. Of these, only one girl has been unable to take the state exam and will have to repeat the year. Of the 62 diplomas obtained, only one was evaluated with 100 and honors, the highest grade went to a fifth-grader G, pastry address. A 100 went, instead, to a boy in the fifth E, food and wine address. A certificate of qualification has also been obtained in the fifth F, address of the room, with the highest marks in the Hotelier.

At ITET “G.Garibaldi” the State Exams ended on July 14th. They were 188 graduates, of whom 8 were external and none of them were rejected. I am 25 graduates who have achieved the highest marksand of these 25 six have also deserved praise.
Review of Changes for the Institute “he defined it the Director of the Technical, Economic and Technological Institute “G. Garibaldi ”, Loana Giacalone. “The return to the status quo pre Covid with two written and oral, as requested by the Minister of Education Patrizio Bianchi, but also a change of examination place, as the administrative offices of the ITET s ‘have moved to via Fici, which has now become the headquarters and venue for state exams’.

“The written tests proposed by the Ministry are beautiful. One of these produced by one of our students was reported to the USR Sicily for the ability to have understood the message of tolerance and peace contained in the text of Gherardo Colombo, Liliana Segre: “The only fault for having born ”.

“Surely satisfied with the results, but beyond the figures, although significant of a path that gave reason to the formative action launched, the climate of great serenity that encouraged the work of the Commissions and the spirit with which our children faced it, they encourage each other, which confirms once again, if necessary, the extent to which ITET represents a very close-knit community in which good practices and meaningful relationships are intertwined. We thank the Presidents of the Commission for the seriousness and professionalism with which they have faced the order received and for having contributed to creating a serene working climate for all. Thanks – concludes the executive Giacalone – to the teachers involved. Good luck to our boys and girls who will be able to continue their training with the commitment and dedication shown so far. “.

High school diploma in science – At the Liceo Scientifico Ruggieri in Marsala, they are 191 graduate students divided into 8 fifth grade classes. 34 students got the best grades, 15 also got honors, and more than 40% of the boys had excellent grades from the age of 90. They all passed the exams and only 4 got a score of 60.

I am proud of the girls and boys of Ruggieri, who have studied penalized for a period of three years “abnormal” by the covid, preceded by a second year of logistical-organizational sacrifices for the renovation of the building, with many rooms around . Marsala and double lathesays director Fiorella Florio -. S.turning an effective didactic-educational action on the part of the teachers, maintaining the concentration and motivation on the part of the students, tackling problems of adolescence that are usually physiological, was not at all easy in these years of “strangeness”. It was a new job every day and mutual trust between students and students was the winning weapon for everyone, from 100 and praise to 60. To all our graduates I wish dreams come true and passion to have success. – concludes Florio – accepting one’s own difficulties and weaknesses as strengths to start again for the future path “.

Pascasino High School – “ELOn July 15, 2022, the award ceremony for excellence was held at the Liceo Pascasino in Marsala, which closed a course especially attended by the resumption of activities in attendance after the hiatus caused by the pandemic. . The determination, the will and the method of consolidated study have allowed to obtain brilliant results in the State Examthe words of manager Anna Maria Angileri -. There are 27 students who have obtained the 100/100, with a percentage of 20 percent of the total graduates, an evaluation that is the image of a path that has allowed them to achieve skills in all areas of knowledge, from the ‘humanistic. the scientist. Specifically, it concludes the first cycle of the Quadrennial School of Human Sciences and the DAMS School of Human Sciences. The Quadriennale, the only one in the province of Trapani that has been launched four years ago as an experimental curriculum approved by the Ministry, saw that 6 students obtained the highest marks, 3 of which also obtained honors; laboratory teaching and the digital curvature of learning has allowed class IV Q to achieve objectives of excellence that will allow access to all university education and the possibility of modulating their actions in relation to social changes in ‘ever faster evolution. The first cycle of the DAMS Humanities specialty, on the other hand, is characterized by the artistic curvature that finds in music and theater two poles on which to decline the disciplines of the traditional curriculum. During the event a video was projected on the IUS SOLI, made within the PON “Learning and sociality-II ed.” on the subject of intercultural education, in order to introduce students to an atmosphere of acceptance and respect for rights, a basic condition for acting correctly and in solidarity; the event will continue with the delivery of certificates of merit to end with a dedication to the students to whom the pascasino community has committed all the resources so that the STAR WELL IN THE SCHOOL can become for them a STAR WELL IN THE WORLD “.

IS Joan XXIII-Cosentino – The institute incorporates the Professionalthe Classic and theIndustrial directed by the director Maria Luisa Asaro.

I’m at the Classico 74 graduates divided into four classes. They all graduated from high school, 8 were 100, and 12 were 100 and praise.

Regarding the Industrial sector, 51 graduates divided into three sections. There was no failure, but there was neither 100 nor 100 and praise.

Finally, the Professional, of four classes 48 graduatesalso in this institute all obtained the baccalaureate degree, three of them got a total score and not 100 cum laude. “Also this year the students of our institute have taken the state tests with commitment and a sense of responsibility, aware of being able to face with serenity the last step of high school studies. The high school exam, an important point in the lives of young people the words of the director Maria Luisa Asaro gave each student the opportunity to meet the challenge by measuring themselves with their own abilities, learning to manage anxiety, transforming it into stimuli and growth opportunities. The first graduates of the optics branch of the professional institute, born five years ago, receive a special applause. For all “alumni”, the best wishes for a happy and fulfilling life “.

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