Ladispoli, funds for the new hotel institute gym

“A victory for all”: this is how the director of the Higher Institute “Giuseppe Di Vittorio” commented Professor Vincenza La Rosa on the news of the ministerial funding obtained for the construction of the hotel gym: more than 1 million and 800,000 euros that will be spent to restart a very long and complex process. That of a sports facility intended to be built next to the new headquarters of the Istituto Alberghiero di Ladispoli after its relocation, in 2012, from via Ancona to via Federici, but which never saw the light for delays and bureaucratic problems, postponements and problems of all kinds.
An exhausting “stop and go” that, however, has never weakened the determination and willpower of the dean of the Institute “Giuseppe Di Vittorio” and his collaborators: the vice dean Prof. Sandro Pase, the heads of the Headquarters Prof.sse Rosa Turin and Carmela Panzella, the director of General and Administrative Services Stefania Croce, the professors of Motor Sciences Prof. Elisa Colombo, Bruna Calato and Gabriella Moriggi and all the faculty, technicians, administrative staff, but even before the Student Representatives who have alternated. over a decade and they have never turned off the spotlight on the “ghost gym” on via Federici, now known to all citizens. Even Matteo Guerrini and Diego Corradini who have not given up fighting since the beginning of the school year, with the same dedication as their predecessors, despite knowing very well that they could never carry out Physical Education activities within the new structure because now close to maturity exams. But his joy, as soon as the orals are over, cannot be contained today: “We are happy to leave our Institute with this wonderful news. – commented – The facts that have always seen us in the front row have made sense, but we can not forget all those who supported us and preceded us. It’s hard to remember one by one all the encounters and initiatives that have written, page after page, the story of this amazing story. But we will never be able to forget the proximity of the director, always by our side to fight, together, a battle for everyone ”.
Decisive, to reach this coveted goal, the dialogue with institutional subjects: the councilor of the metropolitan city of Rome capital Federico Ascani, who has always been very close to the students and willing to express their requests at the Palazzo Valentini, the mayor. of Ladispoli Alessandro Grando who in October had made available to the Hotelier the new Municipal Sports Hall, in a phase of transition – which was to lead to the resumption and, therefore, the completion of the works of the via Federici- gym, which certainly did not provide for short-term.

“But a special thanks – stressed the dean Vincenza La Rosa – certainly goes to Alessio Pascucci, councilor of Ladispoli and councilor of the metropolitan city of Rome capital. Thanks to their availability they have been reactivated, with the collaboration of Eng. Claudio Dello Vicario, Technical Director of the Metropolitan City of Rome Sector Design, Supervision of Construction, Maintenance and Restructuring of the School Building of the North Zone, the indispensable inter-institutional synergies that led to the submission of a new application for financing for the resumption of the works, of which today we finally know the positive result. Precisely on March 15 this year Pascucci had made an inspection at the Hotel Institute. The road ahead is not yet short, added the Director, but we are finally beginning to see concrete results that, we hope, will soon allow our students to develop their Sports Science activities in a suitable and equipped space. . Thank you all. We will continue to monitor and follow step by step, as we have done all these years, the evolution of the executive project ”.

“After years of battles, months ago, meeting with the representatives of the students of the Di Vittorio Institute Diego Corradini and Matteo Guerrini and the director Vincenza La Rosa had committed me: – said Alessio Pascucci – Di Vittorio, one of the excellences of our territory, would have had its school gym.I am ashamed that an institute, which is attended every day by thousands of students, does not have a suitable space for physical activity. , I immediately set to work with the Metropolitan City of Rome Capital, the competent body, to prepare the project and participate with the Ladispoli school in the announcement launched by the Ministry. funding for 1,883,286.62 euros. I would like to emphasize that the Metropolitan City was only able to submit one project in this call. And among the many schools in the 121 municipalities of Rome and its province, we have chosen Di Vittorio. ” “For this great achievement – Pascucci added – I would like to sincerely thank the mayor of the metropolitan city Roberto Gualtieri, the deputy mayor Pierluigi Sanna and the managing director of school buildings, sports facilities and political Daniele Parrucci, who immediately implemented the request of the territory and the students of Ladispoli, then I want to thank the Executive Engineer Claudio Dello Vicario who always, with great professionalism and availability, followed the whole process of Finally, thanks to Federico Ascani, with whom I have always worked synergistically at Palazzo Valentini for the development and rights of the territories of Cerveteri and Ladispoli, many young people, such as Matteo Guerrini, representative of the students who graduated this year, have struggled. for this result for years.I thank you all, especially those who have now left the Institute without ever being able to do activities in a gym. we will all attend the inauguration of the work ”.

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