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Registrations for ordinary functions such as 2022/23 will be followed by an extraordinary phase of hiring the first GPS support. Charges and procedure: from temporary hiring to confirmation in the position.


The MEF has authorized the fee for admission to the position of teachers of all educational levels as 2022/23, a fee that amounts to 94,130 places. Here is the breakdown by region

Entries in the role of teachers 2022: 94,130 recruitments, according to the MEF. These are the Rankings: 22 thousand in Lombardy, 5 thousand in Campania [Scarica i posti per regione]

Contracts 2022/23

Recruitment, as stated in the draft text of the operating instructions for the permanent appointment of teachers for the academic year 2022/23, will be made in the following order and according to the procedures indicated below:

  1. ordinary entries to the role for GaE and GM;
  2. role entries using Quick call;
  3. hiring extraordinary with first-band GPS support.

Extraordinary procedure

Article 5-ter of Legislative Decree no. 228/2021, converted into Law no. 15/2022, referred to in the aforementioned operating instructions, extended the extraordinary contracting procedure for the first GPS band, already planned for the academic year. 2021/22 by article 59/4 of Legislative Decree no. 73/2021 (converted into law no. 106/2022), limiting it only to support posts.

The MI has already drawn up the decree that will govern the entire procedure and whose official publication is expected.

The procedure, which concerns all degrees of destruction (childhood, primary and secondary), begins with temporary recruitment and ends with entry into office and relative confirmation.

Phases and Places


These ordinary entries in the role are made with 50% GaE and 50% GM competition, followed by the so-called “Call Veloce”. Subsequently, the extraordinary contracting phase will take place, according to which (in accordance with the aforementioned legislation):

  • The vacant and available support places, which remain from the ordinary tickets to the function, are assigned, on request, with a fixed-term contract (as at 31/08) to the applicants included in the first GPS support.

The fixed-term contract (as at 31/08) of the aforementioned vacancies and remaining vacancies is intended for the hiring of the function, once the training and test period and the disciplinary test have passed, with legal effects from 1 September 2022 or, if later, from the date of commencement of the service.


As mentioned above, GPS recruitments take place at the remaining positions of the regular role entries. In this sense, in the instructions for use It should be noted that if the GMs that support the regular pre-school / primary and secondary education competitions are not prepared, the competent USR, within the framework of the distribution in the provincial context, reserves the places for these competitions , before the extraordinary procedure. under consideration. Therefore, the extraordinary hiring will take place in the support positions that have been vacant and available, at the end of the ordinary operations of labor insertion, with the exception of the reserved and destined to the ordinary competitions of 2020.


The fixed-term contract is offered exclusively in the province and for the modalities of places for which the teaching staff is enrolled in the first section of the support GPS. Consequently, the subsequent entry into office will be made in the same province and in the same educational center in which the fixed-term service has been provided.

Application and assignment of the order

To participate in the extraordinary procedure in question, applicants included in the first parenthesis of GPS support must submit a specific application, through Online Instances, for the province of inclusion in the aforementioned rankings. As for the dates of submission of applications, they will be communicated by the MI with a specific notice.

The fixed-term position will be assigned by the information system of the Ministry in the framework of the computerized procedure for awarding fixed-term appointments (as last year, first the recruitment directed to the function and then the alternates).

Training period and disciplinary test

During the fixed-term assignment, during the academic year 2022/23, the aspirants play the annual course of initial training and rehearsal referred to in Article 13 of Legislative Decree no. 59/2017.

After the probationary period, applicants are admitted to the disciplinary tests, which consists of an interview of suitability and focuses on the programs referred to in point A.4 of Annex A of Ministerial Decree no. 325/2021 on infant and primary education and referred to in point A.2.1 of Annex A of Ministerial Decree no. 326/2021 for secondary. The test is passed by candidates who obtain a sentence of suitability (conversely, it is not passed by those who obtain a sentence of inconvenience).

The negative assessment of the training and test trajectory entails the repetition of the same, while the sentence of non-aptitude in the disciplinary test entails the expiration of the procedure. In the latter case, the transformation of the contract into an indefinite period is excluded and the service provided is assessed as a fixed-term assignment.

Recruitment in the role

Applicants, who pass the training and test period and the disciplinary test, are:

  • contracted for an indefinite period of time, from 1 September 2022, or, if later, from the date of commencement of the service;
  • confirmed in the role of the same educational institution where they worked on a temporary basis.

Disciplinary testing commissions

The commissions, before which the candidates will take the disciplinary test, are chaired by a university professor or a technical manager or a school principal and are made up of two teachers.

Note: what is written is based on the draft DM, which will govern the procedure, so it may be subject to changes, of which we will report in a timely manner.

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