Aidem: How to choose ILLUSTRATED BOOKS to design workshops and creative workshops at school? – Online course accredited by MIUR

MIUR-accredited online course (15 hours) to support teachers of all levels in the conscious choice of books and picture books as support tools for innovative teaching, the design of attractive teaching units, the activation of learning pathways, laboratories and creative workshops.

You’re not really fucked up as long as you have a good story aside and someone to tell it to ”(Cit. Alessandro Baricco)

Books — and, even more so, picture books — have incomparable strength in thedraw attention and arouse the curiosity of those who listen to them, observe them and then manage to make them their own.

And it is also for this reason that it is increasingly used in educational and didactic contexts illustrated books as a guiding thread to design innovative teaching units, workshops and art workshops.

Choosing a record that is an added value and that bring quality to teaching it is not so obvious: there is often no basis for making a reasoned and conscious choice that is guided by the observation of precise criteria.

It is essential that educators are able to distinguish quality books from simple books with illustrations and that they are able to choose the most suitable ones according to the use they want to make and the recipients to whom the activity will be addressed.

Respond to the constant request of the many teachers who have asked us in recent weeks annotated bibliographies and concrete ideas for the creation of laboratories for all grades of the schoolwe have organized an online practical course, in collaboration with 2 experts promoting reading and literature for children and adolescents.

It is a accredited online course (15 hours of training), present on the Platform Sofia and therefore also available with the Teacher’s card.

Electronic seminar (Online practical training course) – MIUR accredited (15 hours)


From the choice of books to their use as a creative and didactic planning tool in school
Teachers: Dra. Elisa Fiocco (pedagogical coordinator in educational services specialized in the promotion of reading and literature for children and adolescents, tutor of teaching and learning) and Dra. Paola Torrieri (Clinical and Rehabilitation Psychologist, teaching tutor and learning, specializing in learning styles, DSA). and BES, Counselor in Relational Dynamics).

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What is the e-Seminar?

  • The e-Seminar is in online practical training coursewhich consists of 4 lessons available on our web portal dedicated to training.
  • First lesson available as of Tuesday, September 6, 2022.
  • The course is present at the Sofia platform (Identification code: 74503) and therefore it is possible to pay it also through the Teacher’s card.
  • After activating your personal account on our e-learning platform, you can do so access the contents of the training (brochures, video lessons, summary slides, intermediate self-assessment questionnaires) anytime and from anywhere.
  • The teaching material will remain in your power forever and you will be able to consult it at the times and in the ways you deem most appropriate.
  • You will be able to check your level of learning with intermediate self-assessment questionnaires and in-depth materials.
  • At the end of the course you will receive thecertificate of participation (15 hours of training).

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  • Doing a educational project based on learning by doingwhich takes into account the empowerment of creative thinking to support cognitive, emotional and relational development, from early childhood and for all school years.
  • Be guided in the conscious choice of picture books and make decisions that are consistent with the design needs and characteristics of each individual class.
  • Receive practical ideas and ideas for creating workshops and creative workshops and experientialwith a high level of student involvement.
  • Have available teaching material, examples, diagrams and video lessonsto better address the complex issues addressed.
  • Practical training and intermediate self-assessment tests.
  • Clear explanations, commented examples and exhaustive answers to your questions.
  • Certificate of participation final (15 hours).

Payment Methods

  • Bank transfer
  • Postal
  • Teacher’s card
  • Paypal

This is an online course accredited and can also be purchased with the Master Card.
If you do not intend to take advantage of this bonus, you can benefit from a special discount.


  • 15% DISCOUNT if you register until Monday, July 25, 2022
  • Additional 10% discount. in the case of 2 or more students enrolled in the same school.

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