School, in Venice 31st edition of the AIDAE summer training camp

Thursday, July 14, 2022 – 3:13 p.m.

School, in Venice 31st edition of the AIDAE summer training camp

“Knowledge, competence, courage”, from 18 to 23 July

Rome, July 14 (askanews) – The preparatory work for the summer training Campus AGIDAE (Association of Heads of Institutes Dependent on the Ecclesiastical Authority) entitled: “Knowledge, competence, courage. Environment and innovation in the options of future: methods and proposals for schools, assistance, health ”. It will take place from 18 to 23 July 2022 at the “Artigianelli Cultural Center” in Venice.

The meeting will be inaugurated on Monday 18 July in the afternoon, HE Mons. Francesco Moraglia, Patriarch of Venice, who will focus on the theme: “The Catholic school in the current perspective of the Magisterium: dialogue and identity”. The speech of the Hn. Aldo Patriciello, MEP, on the PNRR as an important opportunity for the relaunch of a country that looks to the future.

“This year’s AGIDAE training camp is structured in an innovative way compared to the past – says Fr. Francesco Ciccimarra, National President of Agidae – also taking into account the new problems and the many uncertainties that are they are living as a country in Italy and especially as ecclesiastical bodies. The program is structured in four sections dedicated to: the Management Bodies, the Didactic Coordinators (Deans), the Teaching Staff and the socio-health sector. The main topics covered are management issues: the new CCNL, tax reform and pension reform, the ecological transition and the energy crisis. In school matters: school reform, the Single Education System in the dialectic Escola Estatal – Escola Paritària, the hiring and teaching qualification of teachers, thinking and designing the school of the future and the pedagogical and professional profiles of the workers. In the social and health care sector: the emphasis is on the great issue of the humanization of interpersonal relationships with suffering. In addition, a joint session will address issues of cross-cutting interest such as: safety at work, complementary health care to all workers of the new agreements AGIDAE – UNISALUTE, PNRR and perspectives for the country, the new organizational boundaries of institutions in a pastoral vision from 4.0, the new academic-professional opportunities with digital training: the UNIPEGASO – AGIDAE agreement. About two hundred (200) participants and more than fifty (50) speakers took part in this training project, including university professors, magistrates, school principals and experts in legal and administrative matters. Dialogue and politics: aware that the solutions to the problems also involve sharing with political-institutional realities, the Campus has wanted to dedicate special spaces to the different political leaders and government representatives: the Honorable Antonio Tajani, Prof. Avv. Giuseppe Conte, the Honorable Giancarlo Giorgetti. , who will meet respectively with illustrious exponents of the world of television journalism: Maria Antonietta Spadorcia, editor in chief of Political TG2 – RAI, Paolo Petrecca, director of RAI NEWS 24, Marcello Foa, former president of RAI. Another round of confrontation is represented by two ROUND TABLES: the first on the subject of the recent school reform and the hiring of teachers, moderated by Mauro Mazza, journalist, writer, former director of RAI, will have the participation, among others, of the Excm. Angela Colmellere, the Hon. Manuel Tuzi, both members of the House Culture Committee; the second table will address the delicate issue of drug use by young people, entrusted to experts in medical and psychiatric sciences “, concludes Fr. Francesco Ciccimarra.

Those who for various reasons may not be present in Venice will have the opportunity to follow the performances via live streaming on the YouTube channel “Associazione AGIDAE”.


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