The risk assessment document: what it contains. With templates to download

The “Risk Assessment Document”, prepared in accordance with Legislative Decree no. 81 and later, aims to conduct a comprehensive and documented assessment of all risks to the health and safety of workers present in the organization in which they work, in order to identify appropriate prevention and protection and to draw up the program of measures. to ensure improved levels of safety and health over time.

What does he do Risk rating document

In accordance with Art. 28 of Legislative Decree no. 81/08 and subsequent amendments, the DVR, prepared at the end of the evaluation, as stated in the DVR of the Integral Institute “Antonio Pagano” of Nicotera (VV), directed by the director of the school Prof. Giuseppe Sangeniti, currently a true example of a state manager, attentive to legislation, the needs of the community and users, pedagogical and methodological innovations, contains:

  • a report on the assessment of all occupational safety and health risks, specifying the criteria adopted for the assessment;
  • an indication of the prevention and protection measures implemented and the personal protective equipment adopted, following the assessment referred to in Article 17 (1) (a);
  • the program of measures deemed appropriate to ensure the improvement of security levels over time;
  • the identification of the procedures for the execution of the measures to be implemented, as well as the functions of the organization of the company that has to foresee them, to which only people in possession of the appropriate skills and competencies;
  • indication of the name of the head of the prevention and protection service, of the territorial or safety representative of the workers and of the competent doctor who has participated in the risk assessment;
  • the identification of tasks that may expose workers to specific risks that require recognized professional skills, specific experience, training and appropriate training.

The content of the risk assessment document

The content of the risk assessment document complies with the indications provided for in the specific risk assessment rules contained in Legislative Decree 81/08. In accordance with what is defined in the guidelines of Community origin, with the Circular of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security no. 102 of 07.08.95, with the guidelines issued by ISPESL, with the guidelines issued by the Coordination of Regions and Autonomous Provinces, it is necessary to proceed to:

  • Identify workers as defined in art. 2, section 1, letter a) of Legislative Decree 81/08 and subsequent amendments
  • Identify the individual phases of work to which each worker can be assigned
  • Identify the risks to which workers are subjected based on the phases of work to which they can be hired.
  • Identify and analyze existing operating methods and security devices.
  • Analyze and evaluate the risks to which each individual worker is exposed.
  • Investigate the methodologies of operation, the technical measures, the procedures of the system that, once implemented, would allow to obtain an acceptable degree of security.
  • Analyze and assess the residual risks, however, present even after the application of the provisions to achieve an acceptable degree of safety.
  • Identify any PPE needed to ensure an acceptable degree of safety.

Main tool to identify company procedures aimed at maintaining an acceptable degree of security over time

The risk assessment document, therefore, is not only prepared to comply with the provisions of Legislative Decree 81/08 and subsequent amendments but is also the main tool for identifying the company’s procedures aimed at maintaining a acceptable degree of security over time. We will proceed to the reworking of the document in case of changes in the organization of the company and whenever the implementation of the security system of the company, aimed at a continuous improvement of the degree of security, deems it necessary.

Identification of work activities

For the writing of the document, as stated in the excellent DVR of the Integral Institute “Antonio Pagano” of Nicotera (VV), directed by the full professor Prof. Giuseppe Sangeniti, attached, in some parts as an example of prestige. to be taught in other educational institutions, it is necessary to proceed to the identification of the work activities present in the Production Unit (understood as activities that do not presuppose management autonomy but which aim to offer a complete and easily identifiable service in production ). sector).

Within each work activity, the individual phases to which they are associated have been identified:

  • Machines and equipment used
  • Chemical substances and preparations used

The risks have been attributed to each individual phase:

  • derived from the presence of the operator in the work environment
  • induced to the worker by the external environment
  • resulting from the use of machinery and equipment
  • associated with the use of substances, preparations or materials hazardous to health.



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