Registration in the teacher role 2022 2023: 94,130 places

The Ministry of Education has communicated to the trade unions of the school sector the quota authorized for internships in the role of teachers for the school year. 2022/2023.

There are 94,130 authorized places for hiring teachers. The appointment procedure is automated and for ordinary operations 50% of the final classifications (GAE) and 50% of the merit classifications (GM) will be removed from the competitions.

Below we clarify the next entries of the role and how they will happen, and we put at your disposal the draft of the table in pdf to download with the places authorized for each region.


We download the draft TABLE (Pdf 37Kb) with the places authorized for enrollment in the teaching function in the 2022/23 academic year contained in theannex A of the decree of the MIUR of appointments preside over the next school year.


The Ministry of Education has convened the unions forinformation on operating instructions for entries to function 2022/2023 in faculty and later authorized fee. The Ministry of Economy (MEF), in fact, has given its approval to the MIUR for the hiring of more than 94 thousand teachers for the next academic year. Specifically, they are 94,130 teachers which will be placed in the role.

The call to the OS has approached the opening of applications for registration in the position 2022/2023, therefore, after the green light of the MEF, will soon be published the decree of the MIUR with all the indications. Also this year the entries in the role are automated. Therefore, teachers interested in permanent recruitment must submit a specific application online, through the MIUR POLIS web platform.

Let’s see in detail the places available, from which rankings will be drawn for the next entries in the role of teachers and all the news.


The 94,130 places authorized by the MEF for the recruitment of teachers in the teaching function 2022/23 are distributed as follows for each region, based on the draft table in Annex A:

  • Abruzzo – 1,254 places;
  • Basilicata – 626 places;
  • Calabria – 2,120 places;
  • Campania – 4,926 places;
  • Emilia Romagna – 7,717 places;
  • Friuli – 2,248 places;
  • Laci – 9,549 seats;
  • Liguria – 3,078 places;
  • Lombardy – 22,177 places;
  • Marches – 2,009 places;
  • Molise – 298 seats;
  • Piedmont – 9,300 seats;
  • Pulla – 5,015 places;
  • Sardinia – 2,706 places;
  • Sicily – 3,654 places;
  • Tuscany – 6,397 places;
  • Umbria – 1,136 places;
  • Veneto – 9,920 seats.

Thus, according to table le regions with more places Lombardy (22,177 places), Lazio (9,549 places), Veneto (9,920 places) and Emilia Romagna (7,717 places) are available for 2022/2023 registrations. They are followed by Tuscany (6,397 places), Puglia (5,015 places) and Campania (4,926 places). In general, there is a greater coherence of the quota authorized in the Central and Northern counties.


For the fixed appointments of the profesorado relative to the academic course 2022/2023 the following rankings:

  • for 50% of the sites – GAE;

  • for 50% of GM places, ie the merit rankings of the competition procedures already carried out in previous years, the rankings of which are still maintained, and the school competitions convened in 2020 (both ordinary and extraordinary ) and concluded between 2021 and 2022.:

    – GM 2016 will be used for primary and nursery and, for other places, GM 2018 (50%) and GM 2020 (50%). For the latter, priority is given to the winners of the ordinary children’s and primary school competition;

    – for secondary school the GM 2016 will be used and, for the rest of the places, the GM 2018 will be used for 60% of the places and, for the remaining 40%, the GM 2020 of the ordinary competition 2020 (20% ) and the GM of the 2020 extraordinary competition.

Part of the places will go to the winners of the extraordinary bis competition. For vacancies, the quick call for teachers will be used, ie the recruitment procedure by direct call. After the latter, for support sites, we will move to recruitment from top-tier GPS.

We will make the MIUR decree on enrollment in the 2022/23 teaching function available to you as soon as it is published.


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