Mm will manage the public parks of Milan

The council approved the transfer to Mm of the integrated management of the city’s public parks. The provision implements the instructions received from the City Council for the identification of a unitary subject ‘in house’ that, in the continuity of the service, is able to resolve inefficiencies, diseconomies and delays in the management and maintenance of Milan’s public parks.

A heritage formed by more than 18 million square feet of large parks (historic parks, central parks and belt parks), small gardens, flower beds, traffic dividers, as well as trees along the streets and squares, to which is added the green present in school complexes and inside residential public buildings .

“The choice to identify MM as the sole manager represents a solution that will allow the adoption of strategies increasingly consistent with the ecological transition of the city and the need to enhance green infrastructure – explained the Councilor for the Environment and Greenery, Elena Grandi -. A change that sees in the extension and increase of the green zones, in the reduction of the consumption of the floor, in the ecological connections, in the quality of the service, in the opportunity to have of highly specialized personnel, in continuity, his strategic elements. The training of specialized personnel, the knowledge of the territory, the stability of the long-term service, will allow the municipality of Milan to develop a new vision of the public green and the landscape: the care and the improvement of the green spaces, trees, devoured grounds. , biodiversity will be increasingly decisive in the fight against climate change, in mitigating its effects, in adaptation policies ”.

By entrusting it to a single manager, the Administration essentially proposes three objectives. The first is that of to guarantee the passage of a normal and extraordinary maintenance of the green zones to an activity of care and valorisation of the green patrimony of the city., thanks to an integrated vision of the urban ecosystem capable of improving and increasing the use of green spaces in harmony with the transformations of the city. The second is ensure a lasting partnership, in which the manager overcomes the role of service provider to become an actor and co-designer, together with Milan City Council, within a strategic plan of policies and actions to guide the ecological transition in accordance with the guidelines identified from the Aria. Climate plan that the city has adopted for the protection of the environment and sustainable development. The third and last is that of evaluate the action of the operatornot only in terms of compliance with the contractual obligations required by the Administration, but also in terms of the ability to increase the role of green as a resource for improving the environment and climate, the habitability of the city and the well-being of people.

“The skills and experience acquired by Mm in recent years in terms of design … explains from Milan City Council -, the construction and maintenance of numerous public works, the provision of ERP heritage management services and school buildings of municipal competence, which is flanked by the multi-year management of the city’s water heritage, make this company the subject able to guarantee not only the increase and the correct global care of the urban green, but above all the development of innovative projects. Among these, the so-called green-blue infrastructures, which will allow the improvement of urban drainage and at the same time a more efficient management of rainwater ”.

The use of the single operator will eventually allow one better planning of maintenance interventions, in addition to a more effective and constant mode of action, with the relative benefits also in terms of the quality of the staff employed, the protection and compliance with the collective agreements of the workers.

According to the provision approved by the board the term of office in Mm is 25 years from the date of signing for an annual amount charged to the municipal budget of 16 million euros (including security costs and 22% VAT) to which are added 4.2 million for actions of extraordinary maintenance in function of the interventions realized. For Mm, during the entire duration of the allocation of the green maintenance service, more than 34 million euros have been planned in investments dedicated to the acquisition of vehicles and equipment, the implementation of computer and technological systems and contracting of about 200 specialized personnel.

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