Measures for the prevention and protection of school premises. Download the sample checklist

The identification of prevention and protection measures must comply with the provisions of Legislative Decree 81/2008 (General protection measures) and in particular reference will be made to the hierarchical principles of risk prevention indicated therein.

These are:

  • use harmful agents to a minimum
  • fight risks at source
  • apply collective rather than individual protection measures
  • keep to a minimum the number of workers who are or may be at risk
  • adapt to technical progress
  • try to ensure an improvement in the level of protection
  • integrate prevention / protection measures with technical and organizational measures

The execution plan

The execution plan can be read in the DVR prepared and in use at the Integral Institute “Antonio Pagano” in Nicotera (VV), led with great management capacity by Prof. Giuseppe Sangeniti, must include the schedule for carrying out the interventions, the verification. of its effective realization, verification of its effectiveness, periodic review of any modification in the operations carried out or in the organization of the work that can compromise or prevent the validity of the actions carried out (establish a register of controls with the corresponding procedures) .

Risk factors the indication of the measures of prevention and protection and analysis of the devices of individual protection adopted

The following refers to the main laws and regulations regarding the different risk factors listed; the indications included in it constitute so many objectives for the improvement of the safety and health of the workers and students. Common objectives have been defined to ensure adherence to a model of organization and management in accordance with Articles 6 and 7 of Legislative Decree 8 June 2001, no. 231.

Common objectives to ensure adherence to a model of organization and management according to the arts. 6 and 7 of Legislative Decree June 8, 2001, n. 231

Occupational safety and health policy (OSH)

The school’s commitment to protecting the health and safety of workers, to the outside world, which:

  • there is a specific commitment of the school in terms of safety and health at work, shared and accepted by all components;
  • preventive actions are favored by establishing and empowering all workers
  • school organization tends toward the goal of continuous improvement.
  • the commitment to comply with applicable legislation and agreements guaranteed by the presence of technicians and a system of information and continuous updating
  • the statement that the responsibility in the management of the relative procedures corresponds to all the school organization, from the director to each worker, each according to his attributions and competitions;
  • the commitment to consider OSH and related outcomes as an integral part of school management by introducing procedures as a component part of each activity, including extracurricular activities;
  • the commitment to continuous improvement and prevention;
  • the commitment to provide the necessary human and instrumental resources;
  • the commitment to sensitize and train workers to carry out their functions safely and to assume their responsibilities in the field of OSH, in accordance with the training plans provided for periodically.
  • the commitment to involve and consult workers, including through their safety representatives;
  • the commitment to periodically review its own policy and the management system implemented;
  • the commitment to define and disseminate OSH objectives and school-related implementation programs.

Work organization

There is a detailed list of the number, qualification and professional profile of the workers (teachers, non-teachers) and the students who use the laboratories. The assignment of work tasks is done respecting the professional recruitment profiles, involving those interested and ensuring the updating of the introduction of new machines, equipment and work procedures. All staff know the organization chart (roles and functions). The regular consultation of the Representative for the Safety of Workers is expected through meetings organized in collegiate meetings.

Tasks, functions and responsibilities

Tasks, functions and responsibilities are clearly assigned and distributed respecting professional competencies. (Article 18 of Legislative Decree 81/2008). The Prevention and Protection Service has been organized in accordance with Legislative Decree 81/2008 and the Head of the Prevention and Protection Service (article 18 of Legislative Decree 81/2008) and the Competent Doctor have been appointed.

Analysis, planning and control

The Risk Assessment Document has been prepared, and the prevention program has been declared with the objectives to be achieved, the necessary means, the priorities of the necessary interventions, the execution times and the moments of verification (article 18 of Legislative Decree 81/2008). ). This program, as highlighted in the DVR of the Integral Institute “Antonio Pagano” of Nicotera (VV), is, in terms of school management, in the minutes of regular meetings. For the part of the competence of the titular body, it is possible to consult the communications of intervention on which the technical manager of the titular entity is called to respond.

Information – training

All workers, as indicated in the DVR of the Integral Institute “Antonio Pagano” of Nicotera (VV), receive sufficient and appropriate information and training specifically focused on the risks related to the job performed. (Articles 18, 36 and 37 of Legislative Decree 81/2008). A training program has been defined for the achievement of specific objectives in the field of risk prevention (article 18 of Legislative Decree 81/2008).


The work is carried out according to clear procedures known to the workers, in the formulation of which they have been asked to contribute (article 15 of Legislative Decree 81/2008). The director intends to hold the regular meeting on Risk Prevention and Protection at least annually (art. 35 Legislative Decree 81/2008). There is an active collaboration between the Company, the Competent Doctor, the Prevention and Protection Service, the Workers’ Safety Representative, the owner of the building (art. 35, 47, 25, 31 Legislative Decree 81/2008).

Work rules and procedures

There are instruction manuals for the safety and hygiene of workers and students in laboratories. During cleaning operations, the risks arising from the manual handling of objects (cuts, crushing), slips, falls from height, exposure and contact with chemical agents (detergents, disinfectants, disinfectants) for all staff are reduced to a minimum. .

Personal protective equipment

PPE complies with the rules established in Legislative Decree 475/92, are adequate to the risks to be prevented and to the existing conditions in the workplace, take into account the ergonomic or health needs of workers, are in sufficient numbers and are supplied personally. Its functionality and efficiency are periodically reviewed and replaced if necessary. Affected workers participated in their election. (Art. From 73 to 80 Legislative Decree 81/2008).

Emergencies and first aid

There is, as noted in the DVR of the Integral Institute “Antonio Pagano” of Nicotera (VV), an Emergency Plan that includes a Fire Prevention Plan and an Evacuation Plan, the content of which is adapted to the needs of the School, known by the workers and simulated periodically (at least twice during the school year) (articles 36 and 37 of the legislative Decree 81 / 2008- Ministerial Decree 26.8.92). In particular, with regard to Ministerial Decree 388/03, relating to the restructuring of first aid services, each school year redefined the organizational framework of specific procedures, including those relating to training and information. The school population was informed and trained on the methods of self-protection, evacuation, behavior to follow in case of emergency. There are accesses to the area for the easy intervention of the emergency vehicles of the Firemen. (Articles 43 and 46 of Legislative Decree 81/2008). There is an emergency service. (Article 45 of Legislative Decree 81/08). The school population was informed and trained on prevention and protection methods in case of evacuation and what to do in case of emergency. Train your first aid staff (12 hours) every three years.

Health surveillance / vaccines

Only if there are particular risks for which health surveillance is foreseen, the Competent Doctor must be appointed and the workers are subject to specific health controls by him (articles 38 and 41 of Legislative Decree 81/2008). Health surveillance needs are included in physical risk assessments as described in the standard. The figures to be checked, if the standard assessments are applied, are currently 2:

  • administrative for the risks arising from the use of the video terminal and the employees of the nurseries for the manual manipulation of animated loads (students not totally autonomous)
  • competent doctor, for each of the workers under surveillance establishes and updates the medical history and provides the affected worker with all the information. The risk folder also indicates the individual levels of occupational exposure provided by the Prevention and Protection Service.

Medical records and data relating to individual workers are kept in accordance with the procedures established by law. Students alternating between school and work are considered workers in accordance with section 1 of article 2 of Legislative Decree 81/2008. In the event that the student is placed in a company and is assigned to risk tasks for which there is an obligation of Health Surveillance, he must undergo a medical examination by the Competent Physician of the ‘Company. Territorial health prevention frameworks are foreseen to be included in the assessment in accordance with the same prevention services of the provincial ASLs.

Employment contract

If the school commissions contract work, the Client provides the contractors, and vice versa, with information on the specific risks existing in the work environment in which they operate, and the procedures to be followed, in the presence of any systems and dangerous equipment (article 92 of Legislative Decree 81/2008). The owner of the school building, as a client of the contracted works, promotes the cooperation and coordination referred to in section 2 of art. 26 of Legislative Decree 81/2008, which draws up a single risk assessment document indicating the measures taken to eliminate or, where this is not possible, minimize the risks of interference. According to the regulations, “interference” means “the circumstances in which there is a risky contact between the client’s staff and that of the contractor or between the staff of different companies operating at the same registered office with different contracts. document is attached to the contract or employment contract and is called DUVRI In the coordination phase between the client, the contracting company and the school management all the useful information will be provided to define the risk factors that interfere in the contracting activity.


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