Hacker attacks and digitization, Germany seeks IT. The trade association: “Let’s take them from Russia and Belarus”

In Germany the repeated ones attacks hackermost recently to green politicians, the digitization school, administration and infrastructure and their safety, emphasize that also the computer sector should be reinforced with technicians qualified. The trade association Bitkom proposes a strategic acquisition of experts emigrated from Russia and since Belarus. The president of Bitkom, Achim Berghe explains: “By welcoming specialists from Russia and Belarus, the aggressor arrives sensibly. weakness and at the same time the position of Germany reinforced“.Skilled immigration is considered a basic element in addressing the shortage of skilled labor and for Bitkom there are 96 thousand open places in the countryside. The situation is bound get worse: with the retirement of specialists from the years when there was more birth, only one in two places can be reoccupied. At the same time, a exodus from tens of thousands of people, so much so that the Deputy Interior Minister of Moscow declared in June that his country needed 170 mil computers.

Bitkom would like a #green card 22similar to the one launched in the early 2000s, which allows technicians of Russia and Belarus that have a specific one job offer in Germany have a work permit In a week. And that speeds up the granting of view also for job seekers, by lowering the knowledge obligations of German at the entrance, so much is the language of communication in the branch English – while offering online advice and assistance for accommodation and childcare, thus also guaranteeing visas for spouses and children. In the current situation, to avoid risks of sabotage I violations of secretsevery technician must be subjected to a security check and found that they reject the war of aggression of Russia and share the German principles and values ​​of democracy.

There Fachkräfteeinwanderungsgesetz in force since March 2020, already provided for in facilitated route for computer experts. For those with three years of experience and a salary of at least € 4,140 per month (threshold that can be changed annually) at interview to the Employment Agency and a subsequent verification of the equivalence of the qualification, rather than an equivalence assessment before entering Germany. On the other hand, the Employment Agency has already given the green light to the temporary hiring of 2000 employees from Turkey who have already worked at a Turkish airport to suffocate the chaos at airports in baggage loading and check-in, at the request of the Association of Land Services Entrepreneurs. German diplomatic offices should not ask like that assent in each case to the Agency, facilitating the visa procedures.

The government intends to continue in the same way to allow full recovery on the gastronomic sector abandoned by many in the pandemic, as well as to make up for the lack of nursing staff I paramedic. In addition, the three-year program has already been implemented in the health sector Ausbildungofensive Pflege from the year 2019. On January 1 the univocal training began according to the law of training of technicians and operators of anesthesia of 2019 and with the law of February 24, 2021 for the rest of sanitary technicians . There Fdp I would also like to present English how additional language to the administration to overcome the difficulties of the candidates. The sign should be “we are a country to immigrate to,” the education minister says Bettina Stark-Watzinger (Fdp). “They will be workforces and innovation from abroad indispensable for our country, to grow in the current crises and to satisfy our labor market in a lasting way “, is subsumed in a program of ten points of the Liberal Party to facilitate the immigration of workers specialized.

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