Enrollment in the 2022 Teacher Role: How It Works

How does the procedure for access to the teaching function for the 2022/2023 academic year work? Also for the next school year appointments are computerized and draws from the rankings to exhaustion (GAE) and the merits rankings (GM) of the oppositions.

Let’s see in detail how the role entries will be made to teachers 2022/23 e of what rankingand how the remaining vacancies will be filled.


The Ministry of Education has communicated, in fact, to the trade union organizations of the school sector the operative indications for the matriculation in the function of profesorado 2022/2023. The fee authorized for the next school year provides for the coverage of 94,130 chairs (From this page you can download the table with the places in each region). As in the previous year, the procedure for the insertion of teachers in the function is computerized and to participate, applicants must submit a specific document. telematics applicationthrough the MIUR Online Instances web platform.

The Ministry is in the process of publishing the decree and instructions for the next hiring of teachers. In the meantime, we will explain how the procedure for registrations for the 2022/23 function works, based on what the MIUR indicates to trade unions.


Half (50%) of upcoming teacher appointments will be made by rankings until exhaustion (GAE) and half (50%) of merit classification (GM) competitions. According to the Flc Cgil union, we will proceed as follows:

  • nursery and primary – 50% of the appointments will be made by the EAG. The remaining 50% will be made by the GMs, with priority in hiring the winners of the 2016 competition. The remaining places will be filled by drawing lots.
    – 50% of the rankings of the 2018 extraordinary competition (DD 1546 of 7 November 2018) and of the additional lists;
    – 50% of the rankings of the ordinary competition for kindergarten and primary school teachers started in 2020 (DD 498 of 21 April 2020) and ended in 2022;

  • high school and high school – 50% of the registrations for the function will be taken from the GAE. The other 50% of the places will be filled by GM draw, with priority for the classifications of the winners of the 2016 competition. The remaining places will be filled by drawing.
    – 60% of the rankings of the 2018 extraordinary competition (DDG 85 of 1 February 2018);
    – 40% of the rankings of the winners and candidates suitable for the 2020 extraordinary competition (DD n.510 of 23 April 2020) and the ordinary competition (DD n.499 of 21 April 2020);

  • a part of the places will be reservedthe winners of the extraordinary bis competition (art.59, c. 9 bis DL 73/2021, replaced by art.5, c. 3 quinquies, DL 228/2021) and will be canceled if the classifications are not completed, therefore it will not be available for role entries from other procedures;

  • for vacancies the so-called quick call will be used, ie the direct call procedure to hire teachers;

  • teachers will be able to accept subsequent appointments in the same school year, that is to say, they will be able to accept a proposal of fixed hiring in a common place and of support and later new proposals of fixed work;

  • the waiver of the hiring proposal will entail the cancellation of the relative ranking for the type of place and class of the competition that has been renounced;

  • new hires will be able to request part-time work at the same time as the service is taken.

We remind you that after the quick call procedure, for the support positions, it will be possible to proceed to the hiring of first level GPS teachers.


The order of precedence of the entries in the teaching function works according to the computerized procedure, that is, it is managed by the computer system. In practice, once the places allocated to the ordinary competition have been established, the system will allocate up to 50%, rounded off in excess, of the availability of each province to the teaching staff included in the relative ranking, and the remaining 50% to the teaching staff. included in the ranking of the extraordinary competition. Since the order will be managed by the software it will not necessarily coincide with appointment shifts. Therefore, there may be the simultaneous participation of several procedures in the same period of time.


For all the information on the places available for access to the 2022/2023 teacher function, you can read this analysis in depth. Also visit our page dedicated to teachers to be informed of recruitment, competitions, rankings, contracts and regulations.

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