will there be the selective access test?

The system of initial training and access to the function in secondary and high school, marked by Legislative Decree 59/2017, was modified by Legislative Decree no. 36/2022, converted into Law no. 79/2022. University and academic itinerary of initial training and qualification.

Reform of teacher recruitment, is law: text [SCARICA PDF] published in the Official Gazette. All the news [VIDEO]

Training system and access to the role

The new system of initial training and access to the role of secondary school teachers is divided into:

  • a university and academic qualification course of initial training corresponding to not less than 60 CFU / CFA
  • a national public competition, held at regional or interregional level
  • an annual in-service trial period with final trial and conclusive evaluation

Enabling the university course

The first step in becoming a teacher in high school and high school, then, is the Way university and academic training and initial qualification, intended for aspirants to commonplace teachers, including ITPs.

Who and when can access it

Candidates can access initial training and qualification courses:

  • (for common places) Be in possession of a master’s degree or diploma or single cycle AFAM level II or with an equivalent degree or equivalent, in accordance with the competition classes in force on the date of convocation of the competition;
  • (for ITP) in possession of a degree or diploma of 1st level AFAM or equivalent or equivalent title, consistent with the classes of competition in force on the date of announcement of the competition (until the school year 2024/25, for ITP, is established in Article 22/2 of Legislative Decree 59/17).

Access to the courses is allowed not only to those who have already obtained the aforementioned qualifications, but also to those who do not yet have them but are regularly enrolled in the corresponding courses.

P.for those who are enrolled in courses of study for the achievement of the single cycle master’s degree, it is specified that access is subject to the acquisition of 180 ECTS. The CFUs related to the training and qualification course, we read in the DL, are obtained in an additional way (with respect to those necessary to obtain the degree).


The course is organized and taught, by relevant competition classes, by universities and AFAM institutions, through centers identified by higher education institutions, also in an aggregated way.

The courses are carried out entirely in person or with telematic methods to an extent that does not exceed 20% of the total. They are excluded from carrying out internship and laboratory activities in the (telematic) modality mentioned.


The training offer of the university and academic courses of initial training and qualification corresponds to 60 CFU / CFA, of which at least 10 in the pedagogical field and at least 20 in activities of direct and indirect practices (the practices are unpaid). For each CFU / CFA practice, the commitment to attend classes cannot be less than 12 hours.

The 24 ECTS, obtained by accessing the competition in accordance with the provisions of Legislative Decree 59/2017, are recognized, without prejudice to the achievement of at least 10 CFU / CFA of direct internships.

A DPCM (see below), which will be issued before July 31, 2022, will define the entire structure and contents of the courses in question.

How they are concluded – Enabling

The initial training and qualification courses end with a final exam, which is divided into:

  • a written test (consisting of a critical analysis relating to school placements carried out during the course);
  • a simulated lesson.

Passed the course and the final test, those interested obtain the qualification (constituting one of the requirements to participate in the competition for access to the function).

Final test

Considering that the initial training and qualification itinerary can be carried out not only by those who have already obtained the degree but also by those enrolled in the courses to obtain it, the DL specifies that applicants access the final test. of the itinerary that they have obtained a master’s degree or master’s degree or the 2nd level AFAM diploma, or an equivalent degree.

In addition, to access the final exam, you need a percentage of attendance that will be defined by a specific DPCM (see below).

How to access it

The decree does not specify whether access to the tracks is selective (i.e., limited number) or not, although it can be implicitly deduced.

Access test to access the 60 CFU qualification course?

The number of applicants to qualify, we read in the DL, must be sufficient to ensure the selectivity of insolvency proceedings and at the same time must not exceed the needs, that is, such that the education system can not absorb them. Accordingly, the MI estimates and communicates to the MUR the need for teachers for the national education system (including private schools and training and vocational training cycles in the regions, as well as Italian schools abroad), in the three subsequent years, by type of place. and competition class.

The number of applicants to be enabled, therefore, is linked to the need, so there should be a limit and, consequently, a selection of access. Will the said DPCM provide information in this regard?

We talked about it in the Question Time dedicated to the analysis of the forecasts of the new contract reform with the trade unionists

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Senator Pittoni (Lega) on recruitment reform, Pittoni: “No to the limited number of qualification and specialization of teachers”

At the recent hearing, University Councilor Cristina Messa, answering a specific question from me, pledged not to tighten access to training courses that would make teaching possible with a limited number. But there is strong pressure from technoburocrats, who present it almost as a forced step, forgetting that it is virtually impossible to identify reliable figures (which confirms the urgency of returning to a political government).

Therefore, a still open debate that will not fail

Reserve seats

Decree 36/22 establishes that, for the first three cycles of the courses in question, the holders of teaching contracts in a state or equal center or in the framework of courses and vocational training courses may access (courses). of the Autonomous Communities. the category of competition of interest, within the limits of the reservation of places indicated in the mentioned Decree of the Government.

The type of contract is not specified (from 06/30? Until 08/31?).


The participants of the mentioned itinerary will have the support of tutors that belong to the function of first and second of baccalaureate. A specific decree of the Minister of Education, in agreement with the Ministers of University and Research and of Economy and Finance, will establish:

  • the contingent of tutors and their distribution among universities and AFAM institutions;
  • the criteria for selecting tutors.


The aforementioned Government Decree (see also below) will define the maximum costs for the tuition of courses, as well as for the completion of the final tests that lead to obtaining the degree. The costs are borne by the participants.


Before 31 July 2022, as mentioned above, a Decree of the Prime Minister must be issued, in agreement with the Ministers of Education, University and Research, which must:

  • identify the accreditation requirements for initial training courses, in order to guarantee their high quality and solidity, and define the criteria and methods of coordination and their possible aggregation;
  • define the ways in which initial training courses are organized to create a structured and equitable collaboration between the school system, universities and AFAM institutions;
  • to define the contents and the structure of the educational offer of the educations, corresponding to 60 CFU / CFA, of which at least 10 in the pedagogical field, including the activities of direct and indirect practices no inferior to 20 CFU / CFA, so that there is proportionality. between the different components of the mentioned formative offer and taking into account the appearances linked to the school inclusion as well as the specificities of the scientific subjects, technological and mathematical;
  • determine the number of CFU / CFA reserved for the inclusive training of people with disabilities;
  • define the percentage of attendance at the training activities necessary to access the final exam of the courses;
  • define guidelines for the recognition of other credits accumulated during university or academic studies, provided that they are strictly consistent with the educational objectives (24 credits are also recognized, as mentioned above);
  • to establish the minimum professional standards referred to the competences of the qualified teaching staff;
  • to identify the final profile of the professional competences of the qualified teaching staff, in accordance with the mentioned minimum standards of professionalism, and to define the methods of their verification, in order to favor the coherence of the university and academic teachings of initial training with the competences required professionals. teachers and the digital transformation of school organization and learning and teaching processes;
  • to establish the procedures for carrying out the final examination of the university and academic career, as well as the necessary standards to guarantee a homogeneous evaluation of the participants and the composition of the corresponding evaluation commission, in which there is in any case a member appointed by the regional school of reference and an external member expert in training in matters related to the qualifying itinerary, also identifiable among the tutors mentioned above.




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