The Ugo Niutta military airport in Naples-Capodichino

The military airport Ugo Niutta of Capodichino in the city of Naples has like commander colonel Vittorio Vicari, coming from a professional race characterized by high studies and experience acquired in the national and institutional scene.

The command of Capodichino Airport, whose centenary was named after Lieutenant Ugo Niutta, gold medal for military valor in 2021, is under the command of the command of the Air Force Squadron, through the command of the forces for mobility and support.

The institutional mission of Ugo Niutta Airport Command is to ensure the functionality of all general airport services and to ensure the development of the activities of all military aircraft in transit, both domestic and belonging to third countries, or NATO. The Neapolitan military airport, in the context of services in favor of the community, also operates in support of humanitarian flights and hospital flights, as well as for the needs of the Allied Joint Force Command of Naples, NATO military command based in Lago di Patria.

The captain is directly responsible for the execution of the mission assigned to the Airport Command, the discipline, the organization, the employment, the training of the personnel within the limits established by the administrative regulations, the conservation of the materials and the management. administrative. It perfectly ensures the direction, operation, effectiveness and efficiency of the airport and its joints. It guarantees security in situations of peace, as well as tension, national, international / NATO crisis and emergency. The commander of the Capodichino military airport is identified by bilateral international agreements between Italy and the US as the national authority of reference to the US component located on the airport grounds.

Commander Vittorio Vicari states:Ugo Niutta Military Airport represents cooperation between commands, corps, institutions, corps, military and civilians. An important team role played not only within the Airport Command, but above all among the many realities existing at the airport grounds. Agglutinating realities in the interest of the country system. “

A synergy of intentions of the Command of the Airport, the Territorial Technical Office of Naples, Corps of Interforces, the 5th Aircraft Maintenance Group under the Logistic Command, the 6th Flight Department of the Police of the State, the Air Section of the Guardia di Finanza, etc. , providing support, hospitality and security. While on the other side of the runway there is a civil entity, ENAC, which aims to exploit civil air traffic, and a commercial part, GESAC, which aims at profits. To complete the picture, there are 4,000 U.S. Navy soldiers at the military site. “

Commander Vittorio Vicari, an interdisciplinary government that affects and embraces multiple disciplines. An important trace of an exemplary work, which he leaves to his successor. High vocational training, understood mainly in international terms?

Create synergies for the conditions of all local realities and organizations present in the area.

Thanks to Arma Azzurra about to celebrate its 100th anniversary, which allowed me to be who I am.

Behind all this is a high level of Air Force training and investment in training. The bulk of the Pilot is the training that comes from the Air Force Academy, in the Flight Schools of Italy, Greece or the United States of America where among other things I have had the opportunity to train for the achievement of the Military Pilot License. The possibility of conducting international experiments, such as the one in Texas, at the largest NATO pilot training base in the world, where I was an instructor for about 5 years for future NATO fighter pilots.

There is also academic preparation through various courses, stages, seminars, etc., such as those of the ISMA in Florence (Institute of Military Aeronautical Sciences), or the Advanced Course of Joint Staff of the ISSMI, which includes studies of international relations.the “.

Commander Vicar, can you illustrate an excerpt from your career, but especially the importance of the role of the Pilot?

First of all, I reiterate my gratitude to the Arma Azzurra for allowing me to become a Military Officer and Pilot and do the best job in the world, full of challenging and exciting moments. The degree comes immediately after the degree in Aeronautical Sciences obtained during the period at the Aeronautical Academy of Pozzuoli (higher education center), where he saw me sent to the United States of America for flight training, and subsequent achievement of the Military Pilot License. From here, an alternation of missions, transfers, events, training, which have to my credit about 4000 flight hours, most in jet aircraft, many of which as a flight instructor, a decidedly satisfying task, that I had the honor. to also conduct in the United States of America for about 5 years in the joint training of NATO European pilots (Sheppard Air Force Base – Wichita Falls Texas), for the training of NATO fighter pilots .

Today we often talk about European Defense and NATO. I must highlight how the work experience, especially as a Pilot, has been characterized by countless assignments, missions, cooperation with an international connotation, joint forces and integration, including a stay in the UK at the European Air Group for about 3 years. , as an Italian representative in the field of air operations in order to ensure the development of interoperability, standardization and cooperation between the different European countries.

Another stimulating and exciting part of the aeronautical career was related to the activity of the General Staff, both the Armed Forces and the Joint Forces, where I had the opportunity to follow and manage programs, capabilities, cooperation and national and international initiatives, in a multitude of organizations of the European Union, NATO, multinationals, as well as of numerous countries around the world ”.

Commander Vicar, the cultural theme, the Ugo Niutta Military Airport, under his command and direction, evolves in a scenario open to the territory, involving citizens and young high school students, thanks above all to his sensitivity and sense of duty. What does it tell us?

“Tthe sociocultural initiatives carried out under my command at the service of the community, with visits by students from primary and secondary schools, static exhibitions, blood donations to the Pediatric Oncology departments of the Santobono Pausilipon Hospitals and the first Polyclinic of Naples. , frequent fundraising and activation of solidarity food collection centers for families in the area with socio-economic difficulties..

In addition, we supported the solidarity initiative “A gift from heaven” promoted by the Air Force on the occasion of the Lauretan Jubilee in favor of three important Italian Pediatric Hospitals: the Giannina Gaslini in the city of Genoa, the Bambino Gesù in Rome, and the Santobono Pausilipon in Naples, which allowed the purchase of medical supplies for children. This represented further proof of the proximity of Ugo Niutta Military Airport to the community.

The Capodichino Air Force operates in an area of ​​high population density with high levels of school dropout, the intention was to offer our contribution to the city, in line with the institutional tasks of this state airport that I have the honor to direct.“.

In a short time, among the many goals achieved, the gym of the Ugo Niutta Military Airport of the Air Force, can you tell us, mentioning your next project?

On July 22, 2022 my term as Commander of Capodichino Military Airport will end.

Moments of change also offer great opportunities. A challenge that I have taken on from the first day of work here in Capodichino and that I have always interpreted with enthusiasm and passion, to try to make the most of the characteristics of the individual and the group, guiding everyone towards achieving shared goals. The way forward to reach a goal is to act with conviction and firmness. A path that has allowed us to conceive, coordinate and initiate numerous projects for the Department; create new capacities, renovate and overhaul buildings and airport command complexes that need long-term actions; implement innovative management practices to improve staff environment and job performance. A team effort that has allowed us to “direct” our part of the relief in the most effective and efficient way, always keeping active in my mind the well-being of the staff as a key element: those who work happily, work harder and work better!

Just to name a few: the construction of a state-of-the-art Body Nursing, an airport gym much awaited by our staff for over 25 years, which we finally managed to achieve in a very short time, certainly not negligible. achievement of the military team. In addition, again to ensure the well-being of the staff, all the restructuring of the Clubs, the entrance of the airport from the architectural and technological point of view, in full compliance with current limitations.

Among the events organized, the Conference held on the occasion of “World Obesity Day”, the conference on the theme “Together our country, our adolescents, our culture and our future” stood out. Other important conferences were held in our historic Salone degli Aviators, which was attended by numerous university professors of Frederick II, authorities, directors and students of the metropolitan city of Naples, as well as journalists of national caliber. During the day, the speakers focused on the social problems of young people from adolescence to adulthood.

There are still many projects under study, including the equally ambitious viability project for the construction of a historical museum for the preservation of the values ​​and memory of aviators. In addition, the potential and location of Capodichino Military Airport, which requires an optimization of logistical and operational capabilities, must be taken into account in order to ensure interoperability and readiness for the use of personnel. military in the components of the Air Expeditionary Task Force (AETF). ), with a south central connotation “.

Interview with Valentina Busiello and First Lieutenant Giacomo Riviezzo (Head of Press)

Photo Aeronautica Militare

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