Extraordinary competition bis, in the oral exam there will also be the English part. Here are the frames of reference

Extraordinary competition bis referred to in art. 59 section 9bis of Legislative Decree 73/2021: finally, the procedure that aims to cover the places left uncovered by the 2021/22 contracts is specified. There are about 14,000 places, only for first and second year of high school. The competition is reserved for teachers who can boast of 3 years of service in the last five in public school, one of which is specific.

Access requirements

The stages of the competition

  • Submission of applications until June 16 SEE SPECIAL
  • formation of commissions see submission of applications
  • call for candidates
  • oral examination (in the decree before June 15, date already obsolete)
  • Deadline allocation for winners from September 1, 2022 Who are the winners?
  • training in collaboration with universities (40 hours, 5 credits) + year of test and training the school year 2022/23
  • fixed job from the 2023/24 academic year after passing all required tests

The oral exam

The open question of this procedure remains, defined as extraordinary both because it aims to fill the vacancies in the tickets for function 2021/22, and because it is intended exclusively for teachers in possession of the requirements established in the call. .

How the oral exam will be done

The test will be unique, oral only.

The Ministerial Decree of April 22, 2022 n. 108 explains how the oral entrance exam for ranking will be conducted.

The disciplinary test consists of an oral test designed to check the candidate’s preparation and assess the mastery of the disciplines as well as the ability to understand and converse in English at least at level B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​with the exception of candidates. in the competition classes A-24, A-25 and B-02 for the English language for which the test is developed entirely in the language.

Disciplinary test: will it be a content interview? Will you be asked to place the content in an educational context? Is there a minimum of planning?

These are questions that so far remain unanswered. We talked about it

Extraordinary bis contest, oral exam: simulation of a lesson, UDA, or question about the contents? Where it takes place, call email

The commissions prepare the tracks, equivalent to three times the number of candidates convened in the single session.

Each candidate draws the track, on which to perform the test, when performing the test itself. Drawn tracks cannot be used for later draws.

For the preparation, the Ministry publishes Annex A with the indications of each category of competition.

The evaluation

The evaluation of the test is based on a frame of reference for the evaluation of the oral test, valid at national level for the specific category of competition.

There is no minimum score to pass the test: rejection is not anticipated.

The evaluation criteria referred to in Article 5, paragraph 2, of the Ministerial Decree must be published by the competent USR at least five days before the test.

The Ministry writes “Consult the Frameworks for the assessment of the oral examination referred to in Ministerial Decree no. 326 of November 9, 2021, as required by art. 5, section 2 of DDG no. 1081 of May 6, 2022.

But the “frames of reference for the evaluation of the oral examination referred to in Ministerial Decree no. 326 of November 9, 2021 “are those intended for the ordinary competition, for which the planning of an activity is foreseen.

Hence the confusion and, hopefully, a final ministerial clarification before the calls for the test.

How the ranking will be formed

The commission has 150 points: maximum 100 points for the evaluation of the oral examination and maximum 50 points for the evaluation of the qualifications, obtained and consigned in the date of presentation of the application.

The ranking will consist of teachers who, based on the grade of the test + the grade of the grade, will be classified in number of available places.

With the same overall score, the preferences referred to in article 5, sections 4 and 5, of the decree of the President of the Republic no. 487. 4.

The rankings are approved by decree by the executive responsible for the USR responsible for the insolvency proceedings and are published in the register and on the USR website.

The assumptions

In 2022/23 the winners will be hired for a certain period. In the meantime, they will have to attend a specific training course and, as usual, the year of training and testing.

Once these two obstacles have been overcome, they will be legally and financially assumed from the 2023/24 school year.

40-hour training

The training course: the decree provides for the winning teachers to take part, in their charge, in a training course 40 hoursalso in collaboration with universities, which integrates their professional skills.

Failure to pass the final test will lead to the expiration of the procedure and the transformation of the contract into an indefinite period is excluded.

In this case, the service provided in 2022723 will be evaluated as a fixed-term assignment.

The section dedicated to the Ministry’s website

The advice

It is possible to write to [email protected] propose questions (individual answer is not guaranteed, but discussion of general questions).

It is possible to follow all updates through the secondary competition label

It is possible to interact in the forum of Contests of mutual help for teachers

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