Eighth grade exam 2022, certification of competencies: when it is written and when it is released

Students who pass the final exam of the first cycle of teaching receive a certification of competencies. When, how and who writes it.

State exams 2021/22

The final state examination of the first cycle of education as 2021/22 is governed by OM n. 64/2022, issued by virtue of article 1, paragraph 956, of Law no. 234/2021. Eighth exam, two written tests and an interview. Here is the ministerial order. DOWNLOAD PDF

The exam takes place between the end of classes and June 30 (unless otherwise stated related to the evolution of the epidemiological situation) and consists of three tests:

  1. a written test related to knowledge of Italian;
  2. a written test related to logical-mathematical skills;
  3. an interview.

Compared to the provisions of ordinary legislation, the test of foreign languages ​​is not performed only (single test of English and second community language).

Invalsi National Trials

The completion of the Invalsi national tests (Italian, mathematics and English), for the academic year 2021/22, does not constitute a requirement for access to the state first degree test.

Certification of competencies


With regard to the certification of competencies, the aforementioned ministerial order refers to Ministerial Decree no. 742/2017, recalling Article 2 and Article 4, sections 2 and 3.

According to the aforementioned Ministerial Decree, the certification issued at the end of the first cycle (ie to third-year high school students) describes:

  • the progressive development of the levels of key competences and citizenship;
  • the results of the training process at the end of high school, according to an overall assessment of the ability to use the knowledge acquired to address complex and new tasks and problems, real or simulated.

Methods and time

Competence certification:

  • it is drawn up, in the final vote, by the class council, following the national model attached (Annex B) to Ministerial Decree no. 742/2017;
  • it was only issued to students who pass the state exam;
  • is made up of two sections prepared by Invalsi:

– a section describes the levels achieved by the student in the national tests of Italian and mathematics;

– another section certifies the ability to understand and use the English language at the end of the national written test.

Skills and levels

The mentioned model B collects the competences to certify (according to the profile of the student):

  1. Communication in the mother tongue or language of instruction
  2. Communication in foreign languages
  3. Mathematical competence and basic skills in science and technology
  4. Digital skills
  5. Learning to learn
  6. Social and civic competences
  7. Initiative
  8. Cultural awareness and expression
  9. The student has also demonstrated significant competencies in conducting school and / or extracurricular activities, in relation to: _________________ (Here the class board may add any other competencies acquired by the student – in school and / or activities extracurricular- and that is considered significant). by the council itself)

For each of the above competencies, the class board indicates the level achieved by the student:

  • A – Advanced (Explanatory indicator: the student performs complex tasks and solves complex problems, showing mastery in the use of knowledge and skills; proposes and supports their own opinions and makes responsible decisions responsibly)
  • B – Intermediate (Explanatory indicator: the student performs tasks and solves problems in new situations, makes conscious decisions, showing that he is able to use the knowledge and skills acquired)
  • C – Base (Explanatory indicator: the student performs simple tasks even in new situations, showing that he has basic knowledge and skills and is able to apply the basic rules and procedures learned)
  • D – Initial (Explanatory indicator: the student, if properly guided, performs simple tasks in familiar situations)

Students with disabilities

Per students with a certified disability, the national model (Appendix B) may be accompanied, where appropriate, by an explanatory note relating the meaning of the statements, relating to the competencies of the student profile, with the specific objectives of the individualized educational plan.

Private candidates

The certification of competencies is not provided for private candidates, also taking into account the fact that it must be drawn up in the final vote.

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