Torre del Greco, Civil Protection Volunteers: training course started

The Municipal Group of Civil Protection Volunteers of the City of Torre del Greco presented the start of the Training Course organized by the Municipality, which will take place in the second half of July.

PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT AIMED AT THE FORMATION OF A LIST OF VOLUNTEERS TO HIRE IN THE MUNICIPAL CIVIL PROTECTION GROUP – GCVPC (approved by resolution no. 560 of 14.03.2022) Article 1 (Purpose) Selection for recruitment no. 20 volunteers to join the Municipal Group of Civil Protection Volunteers of the City of Torre del Greco, as required by City Resolution no. 63 of 22.07.2010.

The activity of the municipal volunteer is not remunerated in any way. Article 2 (Municipal volunteer activity) It constitutes the municipal volunteer activity of civil protection, the one of forecast, prevention and rescue destined to protect the integrity of the life, the goods and the establishments before or in case of natural catastrophes, catastrophes or other events than determining situations of serious and widespread danger. The dissemination of civil protection issues through exercises, simulations of emergency interventions, the creation of advanced territorial controls on the occasion of major events and participation in school education and information campaigns are also voluntary civil protection activities on risks. and on proper self-protection. behavioral practices.

The volunteers of the Municipal Group carry out the mentioned service reporting directly to the mayor like municipal entity of Civil Protection, through the head of the Sector of the Local Police and Civil Protection, acting in agreement with the tasks that they entrust them and in fulfillment of the service. donated.

It is considered for all purposes as the exercise of a service of public need the civil protection activity carried out by the municipal volunteer section of the municipal group, both in emergency conditions and in ordinary conditions.

Article 3 (Requirements for admission to the selection) Applicants must meet the following mandatory requirements at the time of submitting the application:  of legal age;  enjoy civil and political rights;  not to have received criminal convictions, not to have knowledge of ongoing criminal proceedings against him and not to have been the target of security measures or preventive measures;  have physical aptitude for carrying out volunteer activities accredited by medical documentation to be provided by the person concerned;

 in the case of a non-EU citizen, a regular position with respect to current immigration legislation; Candidates must also declare that:  they do not belong to other Associations or Collectives operating in the Civil Protection and Emergencies sector;  participate in the group’s activities with commitment, loyalty, a sense of responsibility and a spirit of collaboration;  accept and respect the provisions of the “Regulations of the Municipal Group of Civil Protection Volunteers of the City of Torre del Greco.”

The following will be the preferred title for the selection:  to serve or have served in the State Police Forces, the National Fire Brigade, the Local Police and the Armed Forces;  Possession of specific technical knowledge such as a telecommunications expert, geologist, civil engineer and other tools in the event of an emergency;  the exercise of professions that require employment also in situations of need and emergency, such as: speleologist, swimming and diving monitor, health professions and the like.

Article 4 (Submission of the application) The application for admission to the selection must be drafted, on normal paper, according to the attached scheme, an integral part of this announcement.

The application, together with the curriculum vitae and a copy of the identity document, within the twentieth day from the publication of this Announcement on the corporate website and in the corresponding section “Transparent Administration”, may be:  present in hand at the Office. Protocol of the Entity located in the Palazzo La Salle viale Carlo Parlati, at 1 pm on the deadline;  sent by e-mail (even not certified) to the address: Article 5 (Training courses and probationary period) Applications shall be examined by a specific Commission, which shall evaluate the curriculum and, if deemed necessary, also a motivational interview. The results will be published on the City Council’s website.

No communication will be sent to aspiring volunteers.

Selected applicants must attend and pass a specific training course organized by the institution aimed at providing the first notions of Civil Protection, introducing sectoral legislation in relation to the tasks and obligations of the volunteer, knowing and using the fire fighting technique. , use radio communications correctly, know and use the tools and computer equipment provided.

Applicants, once they have passed the course referred to in the previous paragraph, are admitted to the Group as volunteers and acquire the status of members after a certain probationary period of six months.

Once the trial period has passed with a favorable result, the volunteer’s confirmation is automatic.

Volunteers from the Municipal Civil Protection Group must: – pass the training course to participate in operational activities; – constantly participate in the Group’s mandatory operational and training activities; – Given the apolitical and non-partisan nature of the Municipal Civil Protection Group, in the development of Civil Protection activities, refrain from assuming attitudes for or against any political party, to do politics as well as to use the image of the civil protection volunteer. for political or electoral purposes; – To scrupulously comply with the prescriptions given by the person in charge of Civil Protection on the assigned individual assignments, the formative activities, the organization of the service and the specific conditions for its accomplishment, being made available, when it is necessary, for the accomplishment of shifts also in holidays and / or night schedules, as well as the inclusion in the shifts of prepared availability; – to maintain in perfect state of efficiency the premises and equipment made available by the municipal Administration; – To observe punctually the prescriptions foreseen by the “Regulations of the Municipal Group of Volunteers of Civil Protection of the City council of Torre del Greco”.

The municipal administration plans to: – guarantee adequate insurance coverage for volunteers (both probationary and real) linked to the performance of institutional activities, by subscribing to specific policies for accidents and illnesses and civil liability for damages caused to third parties; – include volunteers (both probationary and current) in training and education programs; – provide on loan for use, technical clothing in individual assignment, (only to real volunteers); – Ensure, within the limits of budgetary availability, the supply of PPE (personal protective equipment).

Article 7 (Processing of personal data) In accordance with the Legislative Decree of 10 August 2018, n. 101, which contains “Provisions for the adaptation of national legislation to the provisions of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016, the data provided by candidates are acquired by the Torre del Greco City Council, which selection procedure and, subsequently, for the purposes of a possible registration in the Municipal Civil Protection Group, will be processed for purposes related to the management of voluntary service.

Participation in this announcement is subject to the provision of such data. Interested parties enjoy the rights referred to in the GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation (European Privacy and Data Regulation).

The submission of the application is valid for having read and accepted the information on the processing of personal data contained in Annex a) of the public announcement.

Article 8 (Definitive rules of referral) For what is not expressly provided for in this deed, reference must be made to the laws and regulations in force where applicable.

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