The school does not close in the summer! The misunderstood work of ATA staff

By the FLC CGIL Toscana.

“… The School is a machine that never stops, at the service of students and families, to create new opportunities for each of them, to integrate, to enrich their experiences … “


The problem of ATA staff is a strong limit to the growth of the school. Without forgetting the modalities of hiring, the calculation of the staff and the precariousness of the squares of the DSGA, the majority of which are in charge of acting, by what the Ministry refuses to open any discussion on his stabilization . For years this staff, which guarantees functionality in our schools, has been subjected to continuous cuts that have greatly reduced the staff. It is necessary to radically revise the elections on the staff of the ATA from the revision of the parameters of allocation of the said personnel to the educational centers that take into account the real complexity more than to renew a policy that has its nefarious precedents the year 2008, when they were. sent home 57,000 ATA staff well.
We cannot limit ourselves to applying the parameters of the ATA staff without taking into account the enormous difficulties that schools face in managing the pandemic, with the persistence in schools of the spread of positive cases, and the serious humanitarian crisis. who are managing schools with the reception of Ukrainian minors, currently estimated by Minister Bianchi at 25,000 units, which will reach 35,000 in September.


No School Collaborator, regardless of how many are missing from the School itself, may be replaced in their first week of absence. In a School, we put an Integral Institute (which is the School Institution with a particularly high number of plexuses and, normally, the relationship is one or at most two School Collaborators per plexus) as you can think of opening of the plexus, cleaning and, let’s not forget, surveillance in case of absences if this staff, already reduced to the bone by the continuous staff cuts, will not be able to
not even be replaced?
Our schools cannot replace technical assistants and administrative assistants until after thirty days of absence. In this way, schools will be left solely responsible for the technical management of laboratories and safety during the exercises with great impact on laboratory teaching. The push towards digitalization, made necessary by Covid, is an aspect to be strengthened and encouraged, regardless of the pandemic; it’s unthinkable to go back, but TA’s IT staff needs to be increased, at all
school order.
Each year the Secretaries have to prepare a large number of administrative documents for newly hired staff, as well as carry out the “ordinary” task that in recent years has been loaded with internships historically carried out by other offices of the ‘State, with constantly changing bureaucratic procedures. , with which the state, instead of simplifying, further complicates the performance of administrative tasks. To this is added the need to exercise not only one’s own functions, but also those of the absent companion who cannot be replaced.


As for the staff of the ATA, the school does not end with the completion of classes, as the work of the following year must necessarily be done in the summer period, when it is insufficient for the term of office of alternate colleagues. It is hardly possible to fit the holiday shifts, as there are incessant obligations. We try to jump the hoops so as not to leave fellow workers in trouble, all aware that when they return there will inevitably be a backlog of work, as those who remain at work will not be able to cope with the full amount of work. In this context, one wonders how it is possible to link the replacements of secretarial staff at the end of the teaching activity (June 10 or June 30) if after this date the requirements do not decrease but, on the contrary, increase . It becomes evident that no one, other than secretarial staff, has the perception of the amount of work that is unleashed with the end of school. In an ideal school, the secretarial staff has a fixed-term contract with a single term: August 31, completely independent of the completion of the school and, therefore, according to the work to be done, which has no continuity solution depending on the end. of the lessons. The June 10 or 30 deadlines do not belong to this professional profile.
In the same way, in the summer period and with a reduced staff, school collaborators are managing the PONs, which are increasingly an integral part of the educational plan of schools, but which do not take due account of these staff, giving often its availability at a discount and often useless to consider. Let us not forget that activities related to educational projects represent an additional additional task, even for those who have to refer to cleaning and hygiene services, without the assistance of children participating in these activities. The school’s collaborators, in addition to being in difficulty in the summer period by contracts of 10 or 30 June, are in the same situation in September, and even until mid-October, for delays in hiring annual or alternate staff. , precisely at a time when school environments need to be prepared to accommodate students. Municipalities often plan reforms in the first fortnight of September and it is even more difficult for these staff to organize schools properly if the staff is reduced. There are schools in which there is one school collaborator per plexus and from September 15, if the staff is not complete, as is usually the case, it will be impossible to open all the schools.


The so-called Covid staff was instrumental during the pandemic period to ensure all aspects aimed at ensuring safety and health in all educational institutions in the national territory. The need for schools for these staff to become part of the staff available to schools since the beginning of the school year has been emphasized on several occasions, but to date there is no trace of the expansion of schools. ‘this staff, leaving the centers alone to manage. a condition of opening in September that promises to be difficult if not prohibitive, with many educational institutions not even having enough staff to ensure vigilance at the various complexes.


In the next renewal of the CCNL (expired on 31/12/2018) additional resources are required that allow a greater enhancement of the professionalism of the ATA staff of the center as well as a review of the tasks performed by these staff. Let us not forget that the concept of “educating community”, sanctioned by the CCNL 2016/18 school, must be an integral part of each center with due consideration for this staff.


The School is a machine that never stops, at the service of students and families, to create new opportunities for each of them, to integrate, to enrich their experiences. The school, after the completion of the didactic activities, for the administrative staff means:

  • Recovery courses: lists of students with suspended criteria, communications to families, requests for availability of teachers for courses, preparation of the ranking, identification, contracts, subsequent payment of fees.
  • The elaboration of all the documents related to the examinations of suspended judgments, so much for all the relative aspects to the alumnado and the families, as with regard to the profesorado, included the eventual substitutions.
  • The management of the students not passed and the definition of the students in the classes of the following course.
  • Consequent acceptance or rejection of requests for transfer from other institutes (including communications to families), consequent documents for additional tests, including assignments and possible replacements of teachers.
  • Confirmation of enrollment in the first classes of the following year (upper secondary students), information to families and recognition of documentation, definition of useful data for class training and class training in the database of the electronic register .
  • The state exams, with the procedures related to students (data entry in SIDI for the activation of the Web Commissions application), the contracts of the internal commissioners (including short-term extensions and transformation of part-time work in full day), the consequent settlement. of their remuneration and of the (external) Presidents.
  • All acts related to the determination and request of teachers.
  • The adaptation of the support staff by sending the detailed data of the L.104 student certifications and the results of the needs identified to the PPE.
  • The sending of the final analytical ballots to SIDI, both in June and after the suspension of the exams.
  • The sending to the Regional School Observatory of the results of the voting, both in June and after the suspended exams of judgment, (in a format other than the SIDI) and of the results of the state tests.
  • The recalculation of the holidays not enjoyed by the substitutes (decree with sending to the accounting for ATA and insertion R2 for the profesorado).
  • The liquidation of auxiliary competencies to all staff (MOF).
  • The settlement of the PCTO school budget and fees for funded projects, including external experts.
  • F24 and DMA monthly complaints. – The elaboration of the compensation for dismissal of the retired personnel from the 01/09.
  • The preparation of the acts of confirmation in the position and / or overcoming of the period of proofs of profesorado.
  • The management of electronic invoices on the SIDI portal, their control, settlement and registration.
  • The control of supplies, tests and inventory records, also the management of maintenance as it takes advantage of the absence of students.
  • Any GPS, every two years (and three years for the 3rd ATA band), since the USP always delegates the schools (whose management is in the summer as the calls are always close to the summer).
  • Subsequent accounting controls of payments, decrees, absences (called sampling DL123 / 2011 and subsequent modifications and additions);
  • The inevitable collaboration with the MEF for salaries and staff problem solving;
  • And the inevitable reviews of PON project reports. Naturally, all acts related to what is stated must be recorded periodically, without interruption.


In a context in which the current organic tables for the assignment of ATA staff in schools do not take into account their real needs of complexity, the so-called staff with exception, which is provided by the school office in schools in function of their expressed needs. , assumes extreme importance. . These are some sporadic units of the centre’s collaborators, or administrative / technical staff, which are provided annually by the territorially competent school office, after having recognized the requests for additional staff requirements communicated by the centers. . The problem is that the requests of educational institutions are innumerable for multiple reasons, such as their complexity, number of complexes, territorial displacement, number of students, presence of H students, staff with disabilities or reductions in the performance of certain tasks of the professional affiliation profile … and the number of ATA staff units that are given annually is little … very little. This does not represent the solution to the ten-year staff reductions of the ATA, it does not represent the definitive answer to the valorization of the work often denigrated and despised, but an anchor of rescue, to avoid drowning with another school year that practically already has. started.

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