The FLC CGIL on disparities in extraordinary interventions for early school leaving in the South. – ReteIblea

In the press release, signed by General Secretary Graziella Perticone, the FLC CGIL denounces the inequalities found in the South among the extraordinary interventions for early school leaving. “The Ministry of Education has published the definition of the criteria of allocation of resources for the actions of prevention and fight against the premature school abandonment, attaching the relation of institutes of I and II degree admitted to the contribution of 500 thousand euros for the corresponding interventions. More than 51% of sum, among the funds provided by Mission 4 PNRR, is reserved for the southern regions, but only 25 of the 53 educational institutions in the province are transferees. EL The funds were distributed on the basis of objective indicators: rate of early exit from the education and training system in the age group of 18 to 24 years, rate of presence of foreign population, rate of population without a high school diploma in the age group of 25/64 years, rate of families of 5 or more members, number of students of the centers of secondary and baccalaureate of the reference region. The subdivision of funds at the school level, on the other hand, took into account parameters such as the learning fragility rate, the “implicit dispersion” (percentage of students with very low results in Italian and mathematics), calculated by INVALSI. A few days ago INVALSI published the report of the tests of the school year to students of primary and secondary of I and II degree from all over Italy. The data for our children and adolescents is alarming: since the second year of primary school, Sicilian Italian students have data below the national average.1. There are also strong educational inequalities between the southern regions, both in the school’s ability to mitigate the effect of socio-economic and cultural differences and in the differences between schools and, even more so, between classes. “ 2 . Even the number of foreign students in our schools (13.6% of the school population, the highest in Sicily) certainly represents critical issues that could be addressed with more human and economic resources, to make the inclusion and literacy. So why not include all the comprehensive Institutes in the province? Why not allow learning difficulties to be overcome already in primary school? For years, the FLC CGIL has called for the distribution of classes to encourage individualized learning and more school time, essential to ensure a school tailored to the needs of the territory. To highlight these inconsistencies and address the request for new resources for schools in the province, together with the Secretary General of the CGIL, Peppe Scifo, a meeting was requested with the Prefect. With the funds already reserved, it will be possible to create school networks and guarantee student empowerment actions in order to reduce high dropout rates. And, above all, involve external entities. We hope that the funding, plus the resources of the REACT-EUPR and ESF + Sicily 2021/2027 funds can be used through the participation of local authorities and the Third Sector, creating the indispensable synergy to initiate forms of partnerships that address a social problem. with very strong repercussions on society … And that we can plan long-term actions, investing, with the right funds, financing school canteens, gyms, strengthening school buses and everything that our children have been deprived of.

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