Equal opportunities: the protocol for the status of women is born in school

As the news shows us every day, it seems that all the energy spent so far on a culture of respect, rights and equal opportunities, prevention and contrast to all forms of violence and discrimination still does not give the expected results. In this sense, these days the General Directorate of Students has signed a memorandum of understanding with Soroptimist International of Italy with the aim of helping schools, making available, free of charge, the common wealth of skills. The aim is to “promote the advancement of the status of women, prevent and combat gender discrimination through proper training in the school environment.”

Unfortunately, international treaties, UNESCO recommendations and EU directives are not enough, a general framework in which to place citizenship education and legality as essential elements of the pedagogical and cultural context of each country. Nor is the mass of regulations that have flourished in Italy over the years that, in various ways, have also attempted to address the phenomena of violence, bullying and gender discrimination. Among all, section 16 of law 107 which ensures, within the three-year plan of the training offer, the realization of the principles of equal opportunities, promoting, at all educational levels, education for equality gender, the prevention of gender-based violence. and all discrimination.

Obviously this is a right that is based on the Constitution which (in articles 2,3,13,19,32) guarantees respect for human dignity, individual and associative freedoms of persons and protects against any discrimination and moral violence. and physics. And on all that legislation that preceded 107: from school autonomy (with the famous article 21 of law 59 of 1997 and then dpr 275 of ’99) to the subsequent reorganization of the first cycle (with the dpr March 20, 2009, No. 89) and after professionals, technicians and institutes, in 2010 (with the decrees of March 15, No. 87,88,89), from the discipline of exit profiles (decree 92 of May 24, 2018) until evaluation (Legislative). Decree 62, of 13 April 2017) of the Law on the Fight against Cyberbullying (Law 71, of 29 May 2017, issue resumed in 2021 with the Guidelines) and, obviously, with the implementation, from 2019 , of the teaching of civic education. school. To all this is added the Ministry of Education’s “School Regeneration” Plan, implementing the objectives of the UN’s 2030 Agenda, and the recent “Charter for Biodiversity Education” of 19 May.

Therefore, the Ministry continues in this direction by making available to schools Soroptimist International, a women’s organization engaged in professional and management activities, which works for the promotion of women, for the promotion of gender equality and empowerment, from early childhood to adulthood. In the memorandum of understanding signed in recent days, MI and Soroptimist International are therefore committed to jointly promoting awareness-raising, information and training activities aimed at all components of the school world: students, pupils, parents, teachers and school managers, ATA staff. In order to achieve the objectives set out in the three-year Memorandum of Understanding and to allow the strategic planning of interventions in the matter, a joint commission may be set up which shall operate free of charge, composed of representatives of each of the parties. and coordinated by the MI, General Directorate of Student, Inclusion and School Guidance.


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