“But … where does the tap water come from?”

19-20-21 July 2022

An educational project in collaboration between Wilo Italia and Idroscalo to illustrate the operation of the water cycle to young people

Milan, July 13, 2022 – Appointment for July 19-20-21 at the Idroscalo de Segrate with the students of the primary and secondary schools to illustrate the water cycle thanks to the project
But … where does tap water come from?
devised by the company Wilo Italia SrlItalian branch of the multinational group Wilo SE, present in Italy for more than 35 years and world leader in the production and development of pumps and pumping systems for civil and industrial applications. The project is carried out in collaboration with the Centro Studi Borgogna.

The initiative aims to raise awareness among children and adolescents about the conscious use of water, illustrating the cycle and importance of this resource through a comprehensive educational tour supported by games and other educational activities. The activity will be divided into two sessions – one in the morning and one in the afternoon – aimed at groups of about 25 children.

“Sustainability is one of the fundamental pillars of the Wilo group. We are one of the 50 companies identified by the UN that are leading the ecological transition: for us, educating and sensitizing all and especially young people in the responsible use of a resource as valuable as water is part of the mission. . Our link with the Milan area that has seen us present for more than 35 years right next to the Idroscalo was a motivation to create a network and support the improvement of such a unique place, ”he declares. Martín CoratoCEO and Country Manager of Wilo Italy.

“Our Association, Centro Studi Borgogna, organizes numerous training activities aimed not only at professionals, but also at citizens, carrying out civic and cultural events, and this in the water cycle is grafted just as a result of an educational activity that we would like. to be able to act also towards the little ones, to train them and to help them to grow, with the idea of ​​wanting to contribute actively to the way of growth of the adults of tomorrow ”, in words of the Avv. Fabrizio VentimigliaPresident of the CSB.

The central theme of the three days will be: “The water cycle, from the removal of the subsoil or a basin of water, to the activity of purification and purification to distribution and finally the recovery and water treatment ”. The project offers a great opportunity to consolidate the training activity of young people, explaining the importance of the water cycle and trying to make them aware of its correct use, so important for the community. The Idroscalo was chosen because in addition to offering a unique setting it represents a water reserve that needs to be protected, enhanced, respected and explained.

“This initiative comes at a particularly delicate stage, in which the whole country, and our territory in particular, must deal with the water crisis that forces us to take water management even more seriously. . Today, more than ever, it is essential to raise public awareness of the conscious use of the resource, avoiding waste. Therefore, the metropolitan city of Milan welcomes this fun-educational moment aimed at the youngest, here, in the wonderful surroundings of the seaplane base, identified by all as the sea of ​​Milan. An awareness through fun that I hope will be repeated, also in the future. Thanks to the organizers and participants “, comments the general director of school buildings, sports facilities and management of Idroscalo, Roberto Maviglia.

Satisfaction also for the deputy director of the metropolitan city of Milan and director of the Idroscalo institution Maria Cristina Pinoschi: “The common good and awareness of the responsible use of natural resources is a key issue for the sustainable growth of our territory and fills us with pride to see how the base of the seaplane is chosen as a stage for events like this, which combine fun with education.I thank the company Wilo Italia, for the project, and the students for their participation.The metropolitan city of Milan, with its seaplane base, will always be available for initiatives like this to build a more sustainable future for the environment and the community. “

The event is free, with participation prior to registration, and sponsored by: Metropolitan City of Milan, City of Segrate and Cap Holding SpA For information and contacts, write to: segreteria@centrostudiborgogna.it or call 02/36642658.

About Wilo Italia Srl

Wilo Italia srl ​​is the Italian branch of WILO SE, one of the most important companies in the world that produces pumps and pumping systems for building services, water management and industry. A leader in the production of circulators, electric pumps and pumping systems for applications in buildings, civil, commercial and industrial, for water services and industry, Wilo is present in more than 60 countries around the world with centers of production, branches and representative offices and manufactures using the collaboration of more than 7500 people.

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