yesterday the meeting with the school management

A moment of debate, in which to take stock of the course that has just ended and comment on the main developments that await students and teachers of Trentino in September. Yesterday the Gallicias Piedicastello in Trento hosted a meeting between the Provincial Minister of Education, University and Culture Mirko Bisesti, flanked by the Director General of the Department of Education and Culture Roberto Ceccato and the director of the Giuseppe Ferrandi Historical Museum Foundation, and the educational leaders. and training. Councilor Bisesti, thanking the principals, the teachers and, in general, all the operators in the school world, for their commitment and dedication in these two years of pandemic emergency, highlighted the excellent performance of the school, highlighted in the latest Invalsi report. “Trentino has shown a greater capacity, compared to other territories, to contain the effects of the pandemic, with excellent results of our students in Italian, mathematics and English and, above all, a strong capacity for inclusion given the low percentage , the lowest. in Italy, of more fragile students “, commented Bisesti. For the next school year special attention will be paid to the vocational training sector, with the updating of the multi-year programming, and will try to complete the construction of the development model of the teaching career, a strategic element to strengthen the quality of the teaching career, our school system … Finally, the emphasis will be on promoting guidance activities, for a more conscious choice of the future of our students: “The aim – concluded Bisesti – is to promote a moment of dissemination in the autumn, aimed at students in the initial cycle of high school and their families, involving teachers through the presentation of the different schools and training courses of the The event will affect all Trentino secondary schools, institutional bodies and trade associations, with the presence of conferences with industry experts and witnesses. ”

From left the manager Roberto Ceccato and the curator Mirko Bisesti [
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During the meeting, the director of the Area of ​​Education and Culture, Roberto Ceccato, took stock of the main activities in progress for the start of the new academic year, focusing especially on the recruitment phases also in the view of the ordinary contests that are coming to an end. , for both teaching and administrative staff, and on the recent rule that has expanded the possibilities of hiring support teachers in possession of the degree of specialization. Staff definition operations and assignments for special educational needs are also nearing completion. It has then been clarified how the budget adjustment will intervene in support of higher spending by schools due to energy increases.

Finally, the main innovations for Vocational Training and Higher Education have been illustrated. In detail, from the academic year 2022-2023, a new fourth year will be activated for the achievement of the diploma in the hairdressing sector, a first diploma course for adults in the Aesthetics sector and an additional class for the annual functional course in the State of Vocational Training (CAPES), as well as three new courses of Training and Higher Technical Training (IFTS) of Logistics, Accounting and Robotics. The new criteria document is also being approved, which provides for the tasks for the safety of BES students during laboratory activities, the reduction of the minimum number of students enrolled for class training from 15 to 13 for ordinary courses and from 12 to 10 for individual subjects. in the provincial territory, as well as the reduction of the maximum number of students per class that from the next course will be equal to 25, with doubling of the class from the 26th student.

At the end of the meeting, the initiatives and projects aimed at the world of education and training were presented on the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of the Second Statute of Autonomy. Among the tools made available by the Foundation of the Historical Museum of Trentino, the exhibition / installation “Spettacolo”, installed in Le Gallerie, stands out. Giuseppe Ferrandi and Fabrizio Lorenz, from Itas Mutua, spoke about the meaning of the project and its objectives related to citizenship education.

The meeting ended with a moment of coexistence and a visit to the exhibitions currently installed in the Galleries of Piedicastello.



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