training decree before July 31st

Teacher recruitment reform is now law and the decree will be published before July 31st that regulates the formative route for the hiring of the profesorado.

The provision shall define the university and academic qualification course of 60 CFU / CFA that professors will have to pass to obtain the degree and participate in chair competitions.

Let’s see in detail the content of the decree of training of incoming teachers and what will have to regulate.


With the conversion into law of decree PNRR 2 (decree law of 30 April 2022, n.36, converted with modifications, by the law of 29 June 2022, n.79), in fact, also the reform of the recruitment of teachers contained in the package becomes a faculty of law present within the provision. This is the new regulations for initial and continuous training and contracting of teachers, which also introduces new requirements and bases for teacher competition.

Thus, the new course of initial training, selection and testing to become a teacher established by the school reform officially enters into force, which is divided into 4 fundamental steps:

  1. master’s degree (three years for ITP);
  2. qualifying training course of 60 CFU / CFA;
  3. competition for teachers;
  4. test course with final exam and final assessment.

However, for the application of a part of the new regulations, it is necessary to wait for the specific deployment decrees, to which the PNRR 2 decree refers for the definition of methods, timing and / or contents. These include the 60 CFU / CFA qualifying training course, which must be defined by means of a Specific DPCM (decree of the President of the Council of Ministers) to be issued, in agreement with the Ministers of Education and University, before 31 July 2022.


The new training decree that provides for the reform of teacher recruitment must specifically indicate:

  • contents and structuring of the training offer corresponding to 60 CFU / CFA, of which at least 10 in the pedagogical field, necessary for the initial training of the teaching staff, including activities of direct and indirect practices of at least 20 CFU / CFA (not remunerated), to guarantee the proportionality between the different components of the educational offer and taking into account the aspects related to school inclusion and the specificity of scientific, technological and mathematical subjects. For each CFU / CFA internship, the commitment to attend classes may not be less than 12 hours;

  • the number of CFU / CFA (university or academic credits) reserved for inclusive training for people with disabilities;

  • the percentage of attendance at training activities necessary to access the final exam of the initial teacher training course;

  • the minimum standards of professional skills that qualified teachers must have;

  • the procedures for conducting the final examination the university and academic journey, which includes a written test and a mock lesson;

  • standards for evaluation homogeneous of participants;

  • the rules of composition of the selection board for the final exam, which must include a member appointed by the territorial delegation of the corresponding center and an external member expert in training in the subjects related to the qualifying itinerary, who can also be identified among the tutors in charge of the tutoring of the qualifying training itinerary;

  • the final profile of professional competencies of qualified teaching staff, in compliance with the minimum standards of professionalism established by the training decree relating to the reform of teacher recruitment and the modalities for its verification, to promote the coherence of university and academic training of initial training with professional skills . required by the teacher to facilitate the digital transformation of school organization and learning and teaching processes.


Based on the provisions of decree PNRR 2 converted into law, the validity of the 24 CFU / CFA already reached as a requirement for access to the teacher competition according to the previous regime. The new decree reforming the recruitment of teachers relating to the qualifying training itinerary will also define the guidelines for the recognition of other credits accumulated during university or academic studies, provided that they are strictly consistent with the training objectives.


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