here are the school supplies for Sondria and Tyrannical families

+++ positive gestures is an initiative of Più Segni Positiva that since 2018 has been supporting primary and secondary school students in the purchase of school supplies. For the fifth edition, thanks to the renewed synergy with the Sbrighes project! Socially, the positive gestures will continue to extend to both the territorial area of ​​Sondrio and Tirano, supporting even more families.

The initiative

This year, in fact, 180 purchase vouchers worth 100 euros each will be made available, with a total investment of 18 thousand euros (compared to 16 thousand in 2021), part of which will be donated by the participating stationery stores.
From 11 July until 23.59 on 27 July, parents of children and young people born between 2004 and 2016 will be able to apply for vouchers for their ‘school supplies’, which include stationery and school supplies. , with the exception of ministerial textbooks.

Who is the campaign for?

The requirements to participate are as follows:

  • be parents of children or young people born between 2004 and 2016, who attend primary or secondary schools;
  • have an ISEE indicator valid between 0 and 18 thousand euros;
  • NOT currently be a beneficiary of Emporion market solidale;
  • reside in one of the 34 municipalities of the region of Sondrio and Tirano, namely:

    Sondrio – Albosaggia, Berbenno di Valtellina, Caiolo, Caspoggio, Castello dell’Acqua, Castione Andevenno, Cedrasco, Chiesa in Valmalenco, Chiuro, Colorina, Faedo Valtellino, Fusine, Lanzada, Montagna in Valtellina, Piateda, Poggiridenti, Ponte in V , Sondrio, Spriana, Torre de Santa Maria, Tresivio.

    Àrea de Tirano – Aprica, Bianzone, Grosio, Grosotto, Lovero, Mazzo di Valtellina, Sernio, Teglio, Tirano, Tovo Sant’Agata, Vervio, Villa di Tirano.

The participating stationery stores

Here is the complete list of participating stationery stores:

– Lenoci & De Peverelli – Via Cesare Battisti, 6, Sondrio

– Cartolibreria Savoia – Via Bernina, 13, Sondrio

– Valli Cartolibreria – Via Trento, 35, Sondrio

– Lucia Kiosk – Via Sen. Enrico Guicciardi, 6, Ponte in Valtellina

– Lombardi Meri Cartolibreria – Via Stelvio, Montagna in Valtellina

– Milly Bazar – Corso Maurizio Quadrio, 2, Chiuro

– Llibreria Tiralisti – Piazza Cavour 13, Tirano

– Marcom Sas Buffetti – Viale Italia 99, Tirano

– Elettrodomus – Via Molini 8, Grosotto

– Unieuro DGR Villa di Tirano – Via Nazionale, 102, Villa di Tirano

How to participate

Vouchers can be requested using the corresponding form, available on the website and at participating stationery stores. The form must be duly completed and sent exclusively by email before 11:59 pm on July 27, along with a copy of your valid ISEE form. The name and surname of the applicant must be indicated in the subject line of the e-mail.

Residents in the municipalities of the Sondrio area must send their application to gestipositivi, residents in the Tirano area, however, at tirano.gestipositivi

The following will not be taken into account:

  • applications received outside the indicated period
  • questions received at email addresses other than those indicated
  • applications received without a copy of the valid ISEE form
  • questions of subjects that do not meet the criteria
  • questions with illegible information

The rankings

During the selection phase, each applicant will be assigned a score that will take into account the following criteria: valid ISEE value, number and age of dependent children, obtaining the Positive Gestures voucher in the 2021 edition, order of receipt of requests (only in case of a tie).

These scores will be used to prepare the three final classifications, one for each of the 3 identified ISEE bands (0-6000 euros; 6001-12000 euros; 12001-18000 euros). Each beneficiary family will be entitled to a single voucher worth € 100, which can be spent on a maximum of 4 solutions of € 25 each. In total, 132 vouchers will be delivered in the Sondrio area and 48 vouchers in the Tirano area.

Communications regarding the allocation (or not) of vouchers will be sent to all applicants before Friday, August 12th. The delivery of the value vouchers will take place from Monday 22 August 2022. At the same time, all beneficiaries will receive by e-mail nominal electronic vouchers that will be printed and presented at the stationery office to which they have been associated. , in order to receive, directly at the stationery store, the real paper voucher. Vouchers can be used until December 31, 2022, only and only on assigned stationery.

The regulations for its correct use are available at For information, you can send an email to the relational addresses (Sondrio area) and (Tirano area).

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