Extraordinary competition bis, teachers are sought by commissions. USR rule [AGGIORNATO con Marche]

Extraordinary competition bis referred to in DD n. 1081 of May 6, 2022: approximately 14,000 residual places available from the registrations of the function 2021/22 and that will be assigned by means of a ranking of merits first with substitute finalized to the function in 2022/23 and then indefinitely from of 2023/24 if it is Pass the receipt of the training course as well as the test course.

The competition -in its first phase- is based on the realization of an oral disciplinary test + the evaluation of qualifications.

Extraordinary competition bis, oral exam: simulation of a lesson, UDA, or question about the contents? Where it takes place, call email

The evaluation of the qualifications is done from the table B attached to the Ministerial Decree no. 108 of April 28, 2022

The winners will be present in the ranking who, based on the score of the oral exam + score of the grades, will be classified in the number of places available for this category of competition in this region. Because it is important to have the ranking with all the participants in the test

The commissions

To regulate the formation of commissions there is Decree no. 108 of April 28, 2022

Candidates for presidents and members of the commissions judged submit an application to the Manager responsible for the USR, within the period indicated with a notice from the USR responsible for the procedure.

In the application, the applicants indicate the insolvency proceedings to which, having the qualifications, they intend to apply, without prejudice to the provisions of section 6 for associate members.

The application is submitted, under penalty of exclusion, only for the region of the place of work or, in the case of applicants at rest, in the region of residence.

Court committees are chaired by a university professor or a technical manager or a school principal and are made up of two professors.

In order to test the ability of written comprehension (reading) and oral production (spoken) in English, we proceed to appoint, as associate members, teachers of the language who perform their functions in a limited way. . of linguistic knowledge, unless among the members of the Commission there is a person in possession of the title of access to the class of contest A-24 or A-25 for the teaching of the English.

Each commission is assigned a secretary, identified from the administrative staff belonging to the second or higher area, or to the corresponding areas of the education and research sector, in accordance with the correspondence provided for in table no. 9, relating to the school sector, annexed to the decree of the President of the Council of Ministers of 26 June 2015.

The composition of the commissions is such as to guarantee the presence of both sexes, except in cases of justified impossibility.

Teachers in state schools who aspire to be appointed as members of the judged commissions of the procedure referred to in this decree must be teachers accredited in the function, with at least five years of seniority in the function, in the
competition class; Have qualifications or documented experiences related to the use of information and communication technologies in teaching.

For more information on the requirements, see articles 12, 13 and 14 of Decree 108/2022.

NB There is no exemption from the service for participation in the work of the commission.

Notices from the USR

The USR publishes, therefore, the interpellations for the search of the teaching staff that will form the commissions.

ABRUZZO notice –

CALABRIA notice –

CAMPAIGN – I warned –

EMILIA ROMÀNA – I warned –


LATION notice



LOMBARDY notice –


PUGLIA – I warned –


TUSCANY notice –


VENETO Notice – extension –

Extraordinary competition bis: GUIDE to fill in the application, study programs, evaluable qualifications, places available. SPECIAL

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