State exams 2022: Writings return for eighth grade and high school. Bianchi: “Progressive return to normal”

Ready on Ordinances which define the organization and methods of carrying out the State exams 2022 of the first and second cycle of education. The minister Patrizio Bianchi he sent them today Higher Council of Public Education (Cspi), for the expected opinion. Ordinances were also illustrated in Trade unions. Once the administrative procedure has been completed, they will be sent to the competent parliamentary committees, as required by the latest budget law. In the documents prepared is the return of written tests is expectedboth in the examination of the first and second cycle of education, with some details.

The written tests will be done in person. Only for the interview, both in the first and in the second cycle, the possibility of videoconferencing is foreseen for the candidates who cannot leave their house, condition that, in any case, will be documented.

The examination of first cycle

For the examination of the first cycle are planned two written testsone of Italian and one related to logical-mathematical skillsit is a interviewduring which language skills will also be assessed Englishthe second community language and the teaching ofCitizenship.

The final vote is held tenths. You will get the praise, by unanimous agreement of the Commission. As for admission to the examination, participation in Invalsi national teststo be held, there will be no access requirement. The exam will take place in presencein the period included between the end of classes and June 30, 2022.

The examination of second cycle

The Ordinance provides that the examination shall consist of one written test of Italianof a second test on management disciplinesprepared by the individual examination commissions, and for interview.

The exam session will begin on June 22, 2022 at 8.30, with the first written test of Italian, which will be prepared nationally. There The test will propose seven tracks with three different types: analysis and interpretation of the literary text, analysis and production of an argumentative text, critical reflection of an expository-argumentative nature on current issues.

He June 23 we will continue with the second written test, different for each course, which will have as its object only one discipline among those that characterize the course. The disciplines will be communicated at the end of the formal procedure of the Ordinances. The second test it will be drawn up by the individual commissions of Exam, to allow greater adherence to what is actually done by the class and taking into account the path taken by students in these years characterized by the pandemic.

It is therefore expected the interview, which will open with the analysis of a material chosen by the commission (a text, a document, a problem, a project) that will be delivered to the candidate. During the interview the candidate must prove have acquired the contents and methods of the individual disciplines and have acquired the competencies of Citizenship; Next, it will analyze, with a brief report or a multimedia work, the experiences realized in the context of the Paths of orientation and transversal competitions. The commission will consist of six internal commissioners it is a External President.

Until May 15, 2022 the class council will elaborate the document with the formative trajectory realized by the students, the tools of evaluation used and the aims achieved, attending to the transversal teaching ofCitizenship.

The final evaluation is maintained in cents. He credit School points will be awarded up to a maximum of 40 points (12 in the third year, 13 in the fourth, 15 in the fifth). The written tests will weigh up to 40 points, the interview up to 20. It can be obtained praise, by unanimous agreement of the Commission. Participation in Invalsi national testswhich will also be carried out, and the realization of itineraries for transversal competencies and guidance they will not constitute an access requirement in the tests.

“Today’s options,” said the Minister of Education, Patrizio Bianchi – they are part of the path of progressive return to normalcy that we are carrying out. We have not yet emerged from the pandemic, but already this year, thanks to vaccines and security measures decided by the government, we have ensured greater continuity of the school in attendance, from day one. We have taken into account, as was right, the last two years lived by our children. That is why, for example, in the second cycle, we commission the second written test to the internal commissions, which know the personal itineraries of the students. We have to return to the path of normalcy and look to the future, work on the school we want to build together “, he concludes.


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