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Councilor Jerovante: “In this way we will be able to make human resources available with adequate preparation”

Noci is among the admitted municipalities training and accompaniment course promoted by ANCI initiate a path of growth of competencies aimed at developing intervention models dedicated to NEETspecifically i young people who do not study, do not work and do not attend education and training courses.

With the Notice of March 23, 2022, in fact, the Anci implemented the agreement stipulated with Presidency of the Council of Ministers – Department of Youth Policies and Universal Civil Service, promoting a manifestation of interest addressed to Municipalities or Unions of Municipalities. After analyzing the applications, ANCI has drawn up the list of entities that will participate in the training and support course, which will last between 3 and 4 months. Harm is among them.

A characteristic element of the whole procedure is that only the admitted Municipalities that have made the aforementioned route will be able to access the next public announcement and present project proposals for a maximum amount of 200 thousand euros, charged to the Youth Policy Fund. He Dr. Ivana Quarato, administrative instructor of the sociocultural sector, contact person of the Public Offer of Education / Training – Associations – Office of Youth Policies, responsible for the procedure of the Universal Civil Service, with a long accumulated experience in information services, guidance and support for users. as a referring social worker of the Social Secretariat in the Municipalities of Noci and Putignano; ei referents of the AgriCultura Social Promotion AssociationNocese youth organization active since 2014 and committed to the dissemination and promotion of the artistic and cultural languages ​​of our territory.

It is not easy to identify, in our territorial context, inactive young people, who are not looking for work and who do not attend any training course: Social Services, and territorial public services in general, are perceived by this category of young people as incapable. to understand and meet their needs. Perception fueled, on the one hand, by the strong demotivation attitude that often specifically distinguishes NEETs, and on the other, by the real absence of services specifically dedicated to the involvement and activation of younger citizens in general.»Explains the Councilor for Welfare Marta Jerovante.

When undertaking the candidacy we also started from the analysis of needs that arose during the stage of the participation process. “Puglia I Will See You – Young Protagonists” on October 15, 2021, organized by the City Council in collaboration with Aps AgriCultura and Vocoder, in the framework of the path that the Region of Puglia has begun with the aim of defining the new Regional Program of Youth Policies . From the wide audience of young people who took part, the need for guidance itineraries to study and work predominated, as well as support services for the creation / management of companies: the need clearly arose. of structured professional figures dedicated to accompanying young people. in the development of new ideas, also through the establishment of branches of tutoring, able to support young people in planning to access regional, national and European funding opportunities. Another issue that is emerging strongly is the strengthening of InformaGiovani Accountants.

Although the selection process for the operators of the Universal Civil Service has already been completed, which our City Council will begin for the first time from next autumn, the operators of the Office of Youth Policy / Training Offer, are available to learn about the fundamental elements of the project, in some cases revealed a strong sense of disappointment and mistrust, if not confusion; The analysis, therefore, of the applications received confirmed that not only young people with a medium-low degree but also graduates have had to deal with a labor market hired for too many years, with jobs discontinuous, “weak” from the contractual point. of view, often little or no coherence with the respective educational and study itineraries»Explains Councilor Jerovante.

A survey that adds, with specific reference to the phenomenon of early school leaving in our municipality, to the numerous reports collected by the Professional Social Service for the academic year 2021/22, relating to minors enrolled in higher secondary education institutions, none to parents. students who do not comply with compulsory schooling. “During interviews with these parents – adds the evaluator, social workers generally found silence-consent behavior, where it was considered useless to force the minor to return to school. Only in some cases has this attitude been associated with the search for alternatives, such as enrollment in private or night schools. In smaller numbers, then, the phenomenon of school dropout has generated the systematic and structured intervention of the Professional Social Service, with the opening of criminal proceedings in the competent Juvenile Court.In addition, the professional figures who follow the households benefiting from income support measures, such as the RED and the Citizenship Income, and those destined for the Social Secretariat, constantly collaborate with the training institutions regularly accredited by the Region of Puglia, based in our municipality and neighboring municipalities, in the identification of young people fleeing the education system (whose presence seems predominant in “fragile” family contexts), in the context of projects aimed at preventing and combating early school leaving and aimed, in fact, at children under the age of 18 who have obtained the baccalaureate degree and who are not in possession of a degree.

In the face of these emergencies, the municipal administration has not been stopped. This is the conclusion of Councilor Jerovante: “With the intention of activating processes of active citizenship and participation in community life and creating an appropriate information and communication system, our Administration, however, has already launched a series of specific actions, such as the first edition. of the Universal Civil Service Project “Young Planet 2020”. “, developed in the framework of the program” Isidora 2020: inclusive cities “, and which sees, in fact, the Youth Information Point as an area of ​​intervention. Even more recently, with the Territorial Social Area, our Municipality has joined the experimental project “Care Leavers”, promoted by the Ministry of Labor and Social Policies within the Poverty Fund, after assessing the presence in the territory of residents leaving residential communities and / or foster families heterofamilial, in favor of which projects relating to the right to education, the income of dignity and the income of the citizenry are already activated.With this project we aim to guarantee, with greater systematicity and continuity and promoting an integrated network between the agencies. welfare of the territory, the accompaniment of new adults in the aforementioned condition in the path of socio-labor inclusion, prevention of early school leaving and in overcoming the condition of need. er Announcement and the corresponding opportunity to present project proposals -which will be recognized only in 154 Municipalities included in the ANCI list- will allow, therefore, our Administration to put at its disposal human resources with the appropriate qualification, with the aim of on the one hand, to acquire more elements for a more in-depth quantitative and qualitative analysis of the phenomenon, on the other hand, to prepare consistent and even more coherent responses to local needs, also in accordance with the NEET Plan approved by the Government earlier this year“.

[Fonte da Comune di Noci; foto in evidenza di Anemone123 da Pixabay]

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