In Benevento the exhibition “Affinity” by Anna Coppola and Maria La Mura

The organizers communicate: At 11.00 on Sunday 10 July 2022, the exhibition “Affinity”By Anna Coppola and Maria La Mura, with a critical intervention by Mino Iorio. The artists, who have achieved a high degree of work experience, face off in an embrace of artistic “affinity,” united by a ten-year relationship of friendship and path of study. The exhibition, in accordance with current anti-Covid regulations, will be open until July 25, on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 17:00 to 19:00 or by appointment by going directly to the gallery at no. mobile phone 3339242084.

Anna Coppola
School training first at the ISA “F. Palizzi” art and then at the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples were the first path to this path of elaboration to become a visual art artist for Anna Coppola . She continued her studies, making herself available to the teaching that took her to Italy until she became a teacher of Art and Image for twenty years, reconciling her work as a teacher with that of an artist, elaborating research and new techniques. ‘expression for his path of development of artistic work. This was articulated between the numerous collective exhibitions in the field comparing with colleagues of the region of Campania like the Biennial Terra Madre, the Biennial of the Book of Artist V \ VI ed. , Liber, and others who also face awards challenges such as the one won in the Accademia di Cairo Editore section in 2012, a member of the management of Spazio Vitale carries out careful exhibition work in Italy and Spain with others artists from the gallery and is present at the permanent exhibition of the MACS museum and the SMCapua Vetere civic museum.

The light paintings of Anna Coppola
Gaetano Romano
In the current landscape of research in the Visual Arts, the work of the artist Anna Coppola acquires a very particular value, which places it in a morphologically complex context, as works such as the Synapses, which represent the heartbeat of the their research, are situated in an articulated dimension, between sculpture and light painting, with insistent demarcations, overflowing in the field of interior architecture, where these spring works are praised that praise the vital flows, communicating with space. Therefore, Coppola’s works, with their environmental breath, adopt characters that only time can help to define in their exact expressive morphology, in which data of pure scientific research and flows from the personal history of the artist, voluntarily renouncing to introduce them. play with all the vigor of your creativity, even with elements of your experience. I am increasingly interested in his work, which is sure to yield remarkable results over time, as his line of research is nourished by the origins of the requests of masters such as the first Fontana, Dan Flavin, Kosuth , tense to the limit. of its forces to grasp the sense of light and transcendence in the space inhabited by human beings.

Maria La Mura 1973, lives and works in Angri (SA). Professor of artistic disciplines. Artistic baccalaureate

Restoration and conservation of monuments, degree in decoration in 1998-1999 and specialty in “Visual Arts” and 2012-2013 at the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples.

He is a versatile artist: he moves on an experimental platform, with an abstract matrix.

informal, with an emphasis on incision and material relief. His works: etching, woodcut,

screenprints, paintings, sculptures and ceramics become installations also presented with performances.

The “Light”, defined by herself as a savior, is the main protagonist of her research. Since 1996

participates in group and personal exhibitions “Senso e Materia” Castello di Calitri 2011. Finalist in the

“Art Award” competition in Milan, 2011 and 2012 for the Graphics section. He is a member of the group

“Pandora” ceramist-artists from Campania; member of the board of SPAZIO VITALE contemporary art

Aversa (CE); in 2014 he won the first prize for criticism and press at the Biennial Bene (BN)).

Some exhibitions of recent years: “Incendium” at the Pan di Napoli in 2011; “Transhuman”, Art / Studio – Gallery, Benevento in 2014; “In the meanders of beauty”, Galleria del Carbone, Ferrara and Germany in 2013 and 2014; “Pandora heading south” Villa Rufolo, Ravello in 2014; “Journey between shapes and colors”, (European Parliament (Brussels) in 2015, “Fragility your name is a woman”, Faenza and Nove Museum in 2016; Sulmona Prize 2016; “PeriScopio” on art in Italy 2016 ,

Corigliano Calabro. “Mediterraneo”, Rome 2017; “Matres” International Ceramics Festival, Cava De Tirreni 2018; staff “Ultra materiam” Civic Palace of the Arts of Agropoli 2018; Calabria International Biennial Citra 2018; “ATUM” 2019 Rome; 46th Sulmona Award 2019/20; collective “eighteen” at Spazio Vitale, Aversa (CE) 2020; Los Colores Simbolos Del Mediterraneo, Spain 2021; selected and present at ATLAS OF ART CONTEMPORARY 2021 – De Agostino; “RELIGIO” Church of San Michele Arcangelo, Sermoneta (LT) 2021/2022 “Los Colores del mondo” Cloister of the Carmen-Caudate convent – Spain – 2022; Presentation “ART

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