High level student-athlete educational project. What is it about?

Also this school year the Ministry has promoted the experimentation of the “High level student-athlete educational project“, Aimed at students-athletes of secondary schools, who practice competitive sports, identified according to the specific requirements established in theAttachment 1 to the ministerial note.

The project started already in the school year. 2018-19 and has been regulated ever since DM 279 of 10/04/2018in compliance with Article 1 (7) (g) of the Law n.107 / 2015; recognizing the value of sports activity in the didactic-educational programming of schools, offers the opportunity to participate in a didactic experimentation for an innovative type of training, also supported by digital technologies, aimed at student-athletes of high level, with the aim of overcoming the criticisms and difficulties that students may encounter in carrying out competitive activities, especially in regular class attendance and in the organization of their educational and training itinerary, thus favoring the right to study and the achievement of educational success.


The school must acquire, first of all, the documentation that accredits the possession by the student of one or more sporting requirements listed in Annex 1. The documentation must necessarily be issued by the competent Sports Bodies. in relation to the sport practiced.

The personalized training project

The Class Council prepares a Personalized Training Project (PFP) according to a ministerial formatidentifies for each student-athlete the teacher responsible for the internal project (School Tutor) and associates the contact person of the external project (Sports Tutor informed by the corresponding Sports Entity of reference).

The procedure provides that the Project must be carried out exclusively online on the platform dedicated to the link https://studentiatleti.indire.it/, where the school and the sports student must register and also the certificate of possession of the sporting requirements. be introduced. Once the PFP has been downloaded, the director must digitally sign it and add it to the platform.

The Personalized Training Project, in addition to containing all the student’s data, provides for the inclusion of specific indications on the timing and methods of verification and evaluation of disciplinary learning. In particular, the following must be indicated:

– the personalized methodological / didactic measures adopted (distance learning activities taught by the Institute and / or on ministerial platforms, scheduling of deadlines for delivery of works, use of brochures and didactic support materials, continuous recovery activities, tutoring activities – peer tutoring, video lessons, distance learning classes on an integrated digital teaching platform);

– the personalization of the controls, in particular the programming of the written and oral controls, any oral control to compensate the written controls, the exemption of the superposition of controls on several subjects the same day, the exemption of the controls immediately after the return . from important competitive commitments, remote controls on a platform provided for integrated digital education.

For Olympic and Paralympic student-athletes, who already benefit from an inclusion plan (in accordance with Law no. 170 of 2010 or Law no. 104 of 1992), after having registered on the platform , filling in and sending the corresponding PFP signed by the Director, it is possible to attach to the Plan the “Rubrica_CdC” of the personalized measures adopted by the Class Council, in order to consider the PFP as an integral part of the same Plan.

The digital platform is also available as an innovative learning environment, created in collaboration with the Telematics University of Studies – IUL, at the link https://studentiatleti.iuline.it/ designed to contain teaching materials and environments e-learning. .


In the context of the Personalized Training Project (PFP) there are also the “Orientation paths and transversal competences” (PCTO), as the sports activities practiced by student-athletes at the highest competitive levels go back to these paths. In this case it is necessary to stipulate a special agreement between the school and the institution, the Federation, the company or sports association recognized by the CONI that follow the sporting trajectory of the student, who will appoint the external tutor with the task of ensuring the connection with the educational institution.

The process for submitting applications for membership in the Project for the 2021-22 academic year began on 28 September and will close on 30 November 2021.

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