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The health emergency for Covid19 has only aggravated all those problems that our country has been living for a long time. The school, in particular, was one of the sectors most affected, with strong repercussions on the educational health of students. In an effort to limit harm, teachers have been best equipped to ensure that students have a school experience worthy of the name. And it was during distance classes that many teachers they discovered the importance of technology in teaching.

In this sense, digital tools have been a valid help for both students and teachers themselves, who aim to make the most of new technologies in the near future. On the other hand, the historical moment we are living in makes new measures necessary to promote school inclusion but also make student studies a more interactive and diverse experience. That is why the IED – Istituto Europeo di Design organizes training courses aimed at all those teachers who want to renew or update their training method, providing approaches to classesor certainly more innovative. An opportunity to take advantage of to develop intellectual curiosity and personal passion.

FDI focuses on innovation, even in schools

The course of study of the European Institute of Design has been, for years, a consolidated reality for all those who want to do a creative arts job. With a focus mainly on the areas of Design, Fashion, Visual Arts and Communication, IED has a mission of excellence: to train high-level professionals who know how to contribute to the development of these sectors. And in doing so, the Institute puts it into practice concept starting from the training method. Not only with special projects dedicated entirely to students, but also with training courses aimed exclusively at teachers. For teachers, this is a unique opportunity to enhance their professional career but, above all, to develop new learning methodologies that can enrich the teaching experience of their students.

IED teacher courses

Teacher training courses: the offer of the @ IED Rome

The success achieved in the 2021 edition is the business card of the courses for teachers of the IED Rome. In fact, in the last edition the courses of the European Institute of Design registered a great participation of professors that could personally experience the formative offer thought for them. The short courses, which bring together no more than 12 participants per class, have been conducted online and live with the aim of helping teachers in the use of specific software useful for class work. and, more generally, equip them with valid skills. to integrate their preparation with new tools. They are run by young professionals, but already experienced and especially over time, in perfect IED style.

In practice, the teachers participating in the last edition participated in the activities of “ProgettiAmo”, an initiative in line with the DigCompEdu program and the Digital Curricula for teachers and students, especially dedicated to the topics of the 2030 Agenda and useful in the design of interdisciplinary UDA. It is a 12-hour course in which participants, through the use of light tools and software, have acquired different skills ranging from knowing how to create basic logos and graphics together with their students – learn the art of collaborative work.-, the creation of interactive routes destined to innovate future educational visits or thematic itineraries approached in class enriching them with photos, texts and videos, by means of the use of Google Earth Web and MyCityMaps.

IED teacher courses

And for those who are dissatisfied, IED Rome offers several alternatives. If the goal is to create attractive graphic presentations, enriched with elements of narrationand slides for lessons or projects, then the “Presentation Design” course may be what we need flight. To the teachers who attended the 2021 edition of the course, the course provided various skills, including organizing and distributing the contents of the slides, setting up a moodboard and knowing how to use images correctly, fonts and the colors: all from the point of view of construction construction.of increasingly exciting lessons.
Those who want to make their own dialectic as effective as possible during a lesson you can enroll in the “Public Speaking” course.. It is a training opportunity that first and foremost helps to make better use of language, even the body, with the aim of capturing the attention of the public – students in this case – and convey a clear message. linear. To do this, teachers have acquired a lot of abilities not inconsiderable communications, such as structuring the content of a speech but at the same time controlling the tone, volume, color of the voice and the rhythm of the speech. Ideal for all those who want to put into practice their communication skills.
Starting next fall, there are two new courses: “Gamification” and “Cinema for Education”. The first, no doubt, is part of an innovative approach to teaching through laboratory activities aimed at creating educational itineraries related to game strategies, such as Role playing, Story Playing and Quiz game: all with the use of online platforms and open source application. The course “Cinema for education”. instead, it aims to provide the teacher with notions of video production combined with practical activities, such as the creation of short reports and the creation of lessons and assessment tests from audiovisual materials.

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