Extraordinary competition bis, the procedure for the winning tenured teacher: will he have to repeat the test course? will you have the substitute?

Does the teacher who participates in the extraordinary bis competition have to repeat the test year, if he has already passed the same competition class? Can you decline the fixed-term assignment without losing your entry into office?

We answered the aforementioned questions that came to the newsroom, recalling in the first place how the procedure is structured.


The competition in question, provided for in article 59, paragraph 9-bis, of Legislative Decree 73/2021 (converted into law no. 106/2021), modified by article 5, paragraph 3-quinquies, of Legislative Decree no. 228/2021 (converted into Law no. 15/2022), aims to cover the common places of higher cycle and baccalaureate, residual of the registrations to the function as 2021/22.

Applicants submitted their applications for participation on June 16 and are now about to start the oral tests. Extraordinary competition bis: test of only 10 minutes, up to 18 candidates per day, design skills. First indications of the commissions


The procedure is divided into the following phases:

  • competition consisting of a disciplinary test (oral examination) and assessment of grades;
  • merit classificationsformed on the basis of the scores obtained in the disciplinary test and in the evaluation of qualifications and which includes only the winners of the competition;
  • fixed-term employment during the 2022/23 academic year;
  • conducting a university training course in the 2022/23 academic year with conclusive evidence;
  • Carry outduring the term of the fixed-term contract as 2022/23, of the annual course of initial training and test referred to in Article 13 of Legislative Decree no. 59/2017;
  • permanent employmentby passing the final test of the university training cycle and after positively evaluating the course and the annual test of initial training, with legal and economic effects from 1 September 2023 or, if later, from the date of start of the service, in the same school of work of determined duration;
  • obtaining the qualification after the confirmation of the position.


One of our readers asks:

I am a former A-27 teacher (graduate, winner of the 2016 regular competition, with 4 years of career behind me) and due to various vicissitudes I resigned from the position in the course. 2020/21. I have submitted an application to participate in the extraordinary competition bis, again for the category of competition A-27, in a region where I am already a winner in terms of numbers, given the number of applications less than the places called. Do I have to repeat the year of training and testing already successfully passed in 2017? If I don’t have to repeat it, I can somehow reject the 2022/23 fixed-term contract, retaining the right to be admitted to the position on 2023/24.


We answer the questions of our reader:

Q. Do I have to repeat the test year already past 2017 for the same competition category?

A. No, you do not have to repeat it, as stated in the annual notes of the test course for newly hired teachers (note no. 30345/2021):

– Finally, it should be borne in mind that teachers do not have to complete the probationary period:

  • who have already completed the training and test period or the FIT course in accordance with DDG 85/2018 in the same degree of new incorporation into the role;

To this is added what is always dictated by the aforementioned note no. 30345/2021 in reference to the teaching staff hired by the extraordinary procedure for GPS first band 2021/22 which, although different from the competition procedure in question, is somewhat similar (fixed-term employment and only subsequently indefinite, after passing the course of annual training and test and disciplinary test):

When the staff has already successfully passed the training and test period in the same order and degree, they will be subject, in any case, to the performance of the disciplinary test referred to in the aforementioned section 7 of Legislative Decree 73/2021. .

Therefore, assuming that the indications are somewhat similar, in the case of the winning professors of the extraordinary competition bis with a probationary year already passed, they do not repeat the probationary period passed but follow the university training course with a final exam. However, we await the Ministry’s annual note to confirm what has been said.

Q. Can I somehow reject the 2022/23 fixed-term contract, retaining the right to be placed in office on 2023/24?

A. The answer is no because, as we read in Article 17, paragraph 8, of Ministerial Decree 108/2022 “The renunciation of the appointment determines the loss of the ranking and other preferences expressed at the time of submitting the application and does not in any case imply the reoperation of the operations.

In this sense, we specify that:

  • the assignment of the center, in which the assignment must be made on a temporary basis, will be carried out according to the electronic modality provided for the assignment of the temporary assignments on 08/31 and 06/30; specifically, applicants submit an application online and the USRs assign them to individual centers through an automated procedure, based on their position in the ranking and in the order of preferences expressed; ATTENTION: Extraordinary competition bis: for the course 2022/23 a substitute of 18 hours or part-time? In what kind of competition and in what province?
  • the assignment of one of the locations (ie schools) indicated in the application implies acceptance of the same;
  • the candidate, who does not apply to participate in the offices, is assigned an office school, following the assignments of the candidates who have submitted a regular application;
  • the renunciation of the appointment entails the loss of the ranking and of the rest of the preferences expressed in the application and does not entail the re-execution of the operations;
  • Failure to indicate certain locations will result in waiver of unspecified locations and, if the candidate is not satisfied with the requested locations, loss of rating. Consequently, as in the case mentioned above, the fixed-term destination intended to be placed in office is lost.

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