“Cut 49 classes in the province, unacceptable situation”

We receive and publish this letter from the coordination of teachers, Ata, MSW, parents, students of the province of Lucca regarding the training of classes and staff in the provincial educational institutions:

“Despite the approximately 200 billion allocated by the European Union for the Italian PNRR and the serious criticism highlighted by the pandemic, the Government, the MIUR and the regional and provincial school offices do not seem to have clear needs of the school community again, having taking into account the cut of 49 classes in the province of Lucca with respect to the requests of the schools and the unacceptable state of the school infrastructures, taking into account the state of the classes (in some cases whole schools) still placed in containers.

The complaints of the last days by the teachers of the Liceo Paladini and the Committee of parents and teachers, born in the IES “Chelini” of San Vito for the possible cut of a class, are only the last cases that have come out first plan. of news after a long series of complaints and protests in front of schools of all levels by parents, students and school staff.

We recall the protests at the Integral Institutes of Porcari, Camaiore and the Middle Valley and the reports at the Polo Fermi-Giorgi and the Liceo Barsanti and Matteucci for class cuts or mergers in multiclasses provided by the FSO in response to requests received from the Institutes .

In some Institutes, where the classes requested by those responsible have not been authorized, we will also have classes of 29/30 students and classes of more than 20 with 2 or 3 students with severe disabilities, in breach of current legislation (Presidential Decree 81 of 2009), even in matters of safety and health.

In particular, with regard to the baccalaureate, there are major drawbacks in technical and vocational institutes, which are characterized by greater school dropout and which would therefore require special attention to the problem of overcrowding.

In addition, we must not forget the constant postponement of the works in Paladini-Civitali and Carrara, which for the last three years have continued to be taught in containers or in inappropriate classrooms, and the recent transfer to the containers also of the Liceo Vallisneri, to end the absolutely insufficient and inadequate spaces at the Polo Fermi-Giorgi, which, after the change of headquarters of Giorgi last year with numerous critical problems encountered, runs the risk of removing the container from the square of Fermi with new movements of classes to others already saturated. locations.

It should also be noted that the staff of the Ata, assigned by law, is totally inadequate in some comprehensive institutions, for example 15 school staff were assigned to the Integral Pietrasanta II, compared to 9 complexes to manage.

We consider this situation unacceptable, first and foremost for students, but also for school staff and for the protection of the right to education. All this at a time when the European Union is adopting an expansive economic policy by injecting an unprecedented amount of public funds into the economy. Clearly, the mantra of “no funds” for school, health and services is no longer held: what is lacking is the political will to direct them towards these sectors.

It is absurd to continue to apply the criteria for class and staff training (teachers / Ata) provided for by the Gelmini Reform, which had as its sole objective to cut 8 billion euros in schools in application of austerity policies. As long as these criteria are in place, it will only be a matter of deciding how to distribute the cuts in the least painful way possible: we therefore refuse to wage war on the poor to unload on other schools the nuisances we do not want. in ours. Not only that, but the demographic decline will serve to cut classes and staff and not to reduce the number of students per class. Finally, separating the problem of class formation from the staff of teachers and Ata or those from the spaces is really absurd. How do you do more classes without the staff and Ata staff places? How do you do more classes without the right spaces?

All this contrasts with the PNRR which allocates 32 billion euros to the school and the research which, however, will not serve to reduce the number of students per class and to expand the staff.

All of the above, the Coordination asks:

  • to the bodies in charge of acting as spokesperson and active part of the demands of the school world so that the criteria and parameters are reviewed, with reference to the Decree of the Presidency 81/2009 by which the criteria of formation of the classes and the personnel are regulated , critically evaluating the related consequences on class formation and staff quantification, taking into account, instead, the real needs and importance of maintaining the quality of education at all levels;
  • to the Heads of the USR and the USP to foresee immediately, from the school year 2022/2023, the compensations that have to do in the ‘Organic de facto’, useful to resolve all these critical situations “.

Coordination of teachers, Ata, MSW, parents, students of the province of Lucca 6 July 22

(Representatives of parents in different Institute Councils – RSU Cobas and other unions – Student union – teachers, Ata and parents of various schools in the province)

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