Bologna, world capital of e-learning 2022


Bologna, world capital of e-learning 2022


ILIAS Conference, the leading international traveling event dedicated to distance learning technologies from e-learning to deep learninghe stops in Italy and chooses Bologna.

Bologna, July 11, 2022 – After twenty annual editions that have touched several European cities in 2022, the ILIAS Conference returns to Italy: the most advanced e-learning professionals have met, in fact, in Bologna, at the FICO congress center.September 8 and 9for a two-day high profile on training technologies.

The topics on the table are very different, but they all lead to highlighting the importance of advanced distance learning systems. Schools, universities, companies, Public Administration require specific techniques and professionalism to adapt the training modules to the global market, to the multilingual choice, to the possibilities that allow artificial intelligence, augmented reality, telepresence, the protection of the privacy and data analysis. Technology platforms open source such as ILIAS, allow the highest level of customization of functionality, developing reliable and appropriate tailor-made solutions at all levels, from strategic military communications to school training to technical training on the use of automatic machines, etc.

The protagonists of the sector are expected in Bologna for a professional comparison of great prestige from, precisely, of Virtual Reality, Neuroscience, Data Analysis, Coaching, Machine Learning I Deep learning. To these interventions are added demonstrations on the use in e-learning of algorithms, software and solutions capable of integrating, Augmented Reality, gamificationdata protection and removal of barriers (linguistic, cultural, gender, disability), with key experiences carried out and applied mainly in Germany and northern Europe.

To give inclusive e-learning it is the next frontier, especially in countries where distance learning is more advanced, and specific conference sessions will be devoted to this topic.

Then there is the issue of digital sovereignty, mainly linked to the analysis and data collection of technology platforms. Today all European digital communication goes through American “nodes” like Google or Amazon just to give an example, and Europe must be able to better protect data relating to the habits of life, consumption and relationships of its citizens, without being scattered. in other geopolitical realities and / or used for indefinite or non-agreed purposes.

The city of Bologna, home of the oldest university in the Western world, thus becomes on this occasion the world capital of distance learning, to consolidate its role as a symbolic place in terms of teaching and learning with the look towards innovation and the future, convening, therefore, bringing together accredited professionals and presenting the most modern historical cases in the sector.

The region of Emilia-Romagna, the metropolitan city of Bologna, the Italian-German Chamber of Commerce have granted sponsorship to the initiative.

Admission to the event is reserved for professionals who register at this link

ILIAS is a learning platform LMS (Learning Management System) promoted since 1998 by the German foundation of the same name (based in Cologne), able to cover the different needs of distance learning of universities, companies, schools and administration public, using integrated tools to create individual learning scenarios and training courses based on open source technologies.

OC Group is a consulting company specializing in the creation of e-learning solutions to support companies and individuals. They install and customize LMS (Learning Management System) platforms and build online training courses for companies and organizations operating in national and international contexts. I have been a premium partner of ILIAS in Italy since 2007


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