Viadana, the call for school canteen allocation has been published

As of today, the call for the assignment of the school catering service within the complexes located in the Viadan territory for the 2022/2023, 2023/2024 and 2024/2025 school years is published on the City Council’s institutional website. The total amount based on the tender, including any extension, is 3 million 426 thousand 245 euros. The deadline for submission of applications is August 4, 2022 at 9 am.

The contract refers to the cession of the service of individual demand of school restoration for educational centers of the field of all the levels and relative levels to the first cycle of education of the City council of Viadana, of which will benefit: the students from the Crescere Municipal Nursery; the students of the Infant Schools of the State; students in state elementary schools; students in state first grade schools; those enrolled in summer nursery schools and municipal summer centers, where they are active; educators / teachers and other staff working in schools authorized by the City Council.

The aim of the municipal administration is to offer a quality school catering service to all students enrolled during school hours in the afternoon, thus facilitating access and assistance for children and young people in the school system and at the same time encouraging behavior. correct food. .

The programming of the service is based on at least four guidelines that express the intentions of the administration aimed at improving the quality and satisfaction of the food provided to the end user, to ensure maximum safety and hygiene conditions, and to attribute to the service. as a whole, in the respect and reference to the CAM in the sector, a strong connotation of respect for the environment and the social working conditions in the agricultural sector from which derives the supply of food and to favor the labor social inclusion of disadvantaged people. , compatible with the possibilities offered by the service.

Regarding the perception of the palatability of the meal, it is clear how the presence of kitchens within school complexes can affect the final product served to children / students as well as the reduction of travel distances between production centers ( kitchens). ) and place of administration.packaged takeaways. All this with attention also to the costs, calibrating the production on the real needs with a global reorganization of the service.

At the same time, the utmost attention is paid to the improvement of the hygienic-sanitary procedures, necessary in times of pandemic emergency, and to the adoption of all the organizational measures destined to provide the service respecting the distancing and the traceability.

Attention to environmental impact is also important with the intention of giving priority, in the supply of raw materials, to food from organic farming and PDO, DOC, PGI, seasonal and short-chain products. This is in order to contribute both to the quality of the meal offered to the end user and to respect for the environment in terms of less intensive use of the territory. As a sign of this will, the municipal administration, based on the provisions of Ministerial Decree no. 14771 of 18/12/2017 “Criteria and requirements for organic school canteens”, aims to obtain the requirement of organic school canteen.

Finally, there is the intention to promote projects aimed at creating job opportunities for disadvantaged people to promote their employment and social inclusion.

“This is one of the most important competitions in terms of the financial resources used and the time spent carrying it out,” says Mayor Nicola Cavatorta. The School Office has been working on it for months and it has been one of the priorities since we took office in 2020. Meanwhile, with the arrangement and modernization of the kitchens, since March, meals have been prepared. in situ. Since last year, the canteen committee has been reactivated, all ingredients so that there is an effective improvement in the quality of our children’s meals. The company awarded the service must therefore guarantee the high quality standards that the municipal administration has strongly desired ”.

“In accordance with what the mayoress has also indicated – explains the Councilor for Education Rossella Bacchi -, I think that a lot of work has been done regarding the training of the members of the Canteen Commission and a major reorganization of the service by the Authority. Both were necessary to lead to the production of meals within the Municipality, with a properly formed service control group. The final act after the reorganization of the canteen service was to prepare the contest ”.

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