The Conte-Draghi confrontation, the NATO summit and France’s no to former terrorists

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Giuseppe Conte says Mario Draghi asked Beppe Grillo to remove him from the M5S guide, but Mario Draghi says he never asked Beppe Grillo to remove Giuseppe Conte and Beppe Grillo says he was exploited by “history “by Mario Draghi who would have asked him. him to remove Giuseppe Conte. It sounds like a comedy of misunderstandings, and maybe it is. But the fact is that Draghi soon had to leave the NATO summit in Madrid to return to Rome, Conte went up to Colle last night by President Sergio Mattarella to clarify the matter (speaking of “a serious situation”, although not out of government) and Monica Guerzoni explains the outbursts on the phone ‘former prime minister. minister with his successor – accused of intelligence with the enemy Di Maio – and a count who, despite Draghi’s assurances, leaves “gliding” the risk of an incurable breakdown“.

Francesco Verderami concludes that “Draghi’s path to the end of the legislature is paved with good intentions and banana peels“.

Also because, Conte was not enough, the presentation in Parliament, by the Pd and M5S, of bills for liberalize cannabis and introduce ius scholae (citizenship, for foreign minors resident, after a 5-year cycle of study in Italy) lead Northern League leader Matteo Salvini, interviewed by Marco Cremonesi, to speak of “a serious attack on the government, which create a dramatic split among the forces that support Draghi ”. Today’s council of ministers, officially convened to discuss measures against him dear accountstherefore, it announces ad very high voltage.

The NATO summit

Perhaps it is not excessive to talk about a historic turning point for NATO and Giuseppe Sarcina explains why:

At the Madrid summit, the Atlantic Alliance took the direction that the Ukrainians and Poles, along with the Baltics, had called for for at least three months. The “Fortress Europe” is back. Politics, diplomacy give way to the logic of force, of weapons. It is a structural operation and, therefore, of historical significance. Just two years ago we were discussing the American detachment from the Old Continent, now, with Joe Biden in the White House, we feel the rushing wind from overseas. The Pentagon will move soldiers and heavy weapons to the borders with Russia and Belarus. German bases remain key, but the “operational” epicenter becomes Poland.

As for Italy, there will be one new battery for air defense short range. EL 70 more soldiers Mentioned Draghi will probably be deployed to the Aviano military base, as a subordinate unit to the short-range defense battalion stationed in Germany. It will start in 2023, after Italy has given the green light.

But if Vladimir Putin’s immediate opponent is Russia, the Alliance is also preparing to face China, defined, for the first time, as a “strategic challenge.” According to Federico Rampini, “G7 and NATO leaders, and the East’s backlash, are beginning to designing new 21st century iron curtains. The West is experimenting with a Russia-China axis containment strategy. ”

Needless to say Vladimir Putin it was not taken well. “The leaders of NATO countries want to assert their supremacy, theirs imperial ambitions. If the military infrastructure of this organization is deployed in the two new countries (Sweden and Finland, ed.), The Russian Federation will have to respond in a mirror, ”the Russian president said.

War in Ukraine

Putin also said yesterday that, with regard to the “special military operation” (read invasion) in Ukraine, “Russia’s goal is liberates the DonbassFrom Kyiv, envoy Andrea Nicastro reports, however, that US intelligence director Avril Haines disagrees: “We have to expect everything from Moscow. Putin has not given up to the idea of ​​conquering all of Ukraine. “And he adds:” It will take the Russians years to recover. cyberattacksto control energy networks e even the use of the atomic bomb. For their part, the Ukrainians should be able to stabilize the front and reconquer part of the South. The war promises to be long. (Here the military point of Andrea Marinelli and Guido Olimpio)

Nicastro also reports that in the largest prisoner exchange since the start of the invasion, 144 Ukrainian soldiers have been liberated from Moscow in exchange for the same number of Russians. Among the Ukrainians were 95 “defenders of Mariupol” and among them 43 of the Azov regiment. “The taboo is broken. While all 144 are largely seriously injured, the idea of ​​processing them is not an inalienable goal“.

The French do not to the former terrorists

“No” from France to the extradition to Italy of ten former terrorists: among them too Giorgio Pietrostefani, sentenced to 22 years as instigator of the murder of Commissioner Luigi Calabresi. The education chamber of the French Court of Appeal was based on new lives, far from the armed struggle waged by former terrorists and the discipline of absentia, based on Articles 8 and 6 of the European Convention. of Human Rights. The Italian Minister of Justice, Marta Cartabiasays he is waiting “to know the reasons for a sentence that denies all extraditions without distinction. A sentence long awaited by the victims and by the whole country, which affects a dramatic and still painful page of our history “. (We also talked about it in our review)

Mario Calabresison of Luigi and former director of Republic, reiterates that he thinks “that putting Pietrostefani in prison today, convicted of the murder of my father, no longer makes much sense. It’s been half a century, he’s an old and sick person. ” But, he adds, “perhaps today the former terrorists will celebrate having fled forever, but along with the relief, I wish them to feel another emotion: the need to accept their responsibilities and, a moment later, the courage to take a step back and contribute to the truth about these crimes“.

Condemnations for the Bataclan

Salah Abdeslam, 32, the only terrorist who survived the November 13, 2015 attacks in Paris that left 130 dead and 413 injured (Italian Valeria Solesin also lost her life at the Bataclan nightclub) was sentenced to prison perpetual. The court did not believe his latest version, according to which it would gave up flying “for humanity”, because he had changed his mind at the last minute watching the boys sitting at the tables outside. The explosive vest was reportedly defective, not working, and just for that he threw it in a trash can. With Abdeslam on 19 more defendantswith penis from one to thirty years in prison.

Other important news

• Democratic analysts and jurists are convinced that the Parliamentary Committee on the Assault on Congress on January 6, 2021 is gathering irrefutable evidence of Donald Trump’s criminally relevant conduct, in its attempt to prevent ratification of Joe Biden’s election. “Evidence so obvious – writes Massimo Gaggi – that in the end they could force a recalcitrant Merrick Garland, Minister of Justice of Biden, to accuse the former president: An unprecedented act that would further deepen the country’s rift but would likely put an end to the dreams of a Trump returning to the White House, long pursued by young Republican leaders – first and foremost the governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis-. willing to “canonize” him and pick up his political legacy. ”In today’s Corriere Daily podcast (which you can listen to here), Gaggi also talks about the role of Cassidy Hutchinsonassistant to the former White House chief of staff and now Trump’s top accuser.

• The so-called “saline wedge“In practice, when the sea water has risen in the Po delta, it is already 30.6 kilometers away and is one of the most obvious symptoms of the level of suffering of the Rio Grande, which in turn has become in the symbol ofdrought emergency in our country. These brackish water inlet levels had already been touched in the past, even two years ago. “The difference is that before it happened at the end of summer, but now we are only at the beginning: when the irrigation season has just begun and we are facing whole months without rain,” says dejected Meuccio Berselli, secretary of the Generalitat. Po Basin Authority. The supply of drinking water for 750,000 people is in jeopardy.

• Lo father in gasoline and diesel cars is “a great challenge” and the real turning point, explains the Minister for Ecological Transition Roberto Cingolani, interviewed by Fabio Savelli, “will be the biofuels“Jobs will be lost due to the green transition, and new ones will be created.”

• All of the 45 goals and objectives indicated by the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (Pnrr) for the first half of 2022 have been achieved. And the Ministry of Economy has sent the petition to the EU Commission payment of the second installment equivalent to 24.1 billion euros, of which 11.5 billion in non-performing grants and 12.6 billion in loans. The actual amount is equal to 21 billionnet of a part that the Commission retains in each repayment period.

• As of today, the legal obligation provided for is activated fines for merchants and professionals who reject credit, debit or prepaid card payments. Penalty: 30 euros fine plus 4 percent in the transition.

The sports company

“A fish named Greg,” he headlines messaging. And it is no exaggeration, after the new gold medal won at the World Swimming Championships in Budapest Gregorio Paltrinieri, in the 10 kilometers in open water. Silver for your friend and training partner Domenico Acerenza.

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