Back to class, new quarantine rules: primary in the classroom with a case of COVID, higher DAD for the unvaccinated. Outdoor motor education. PROJECT

The Council of Ministers unanimously approved the decree with the new measures against the pandemic. For the school, the parent is expected to be in high school and high school if there are at least three positive cases in the classroom. In primary school you go to the father with two cases.

In the nursery (students are not vaccinated, while school staff are) a single positive will be enough to quarantine the entire class group for ten days.

In primary in the presence of a case of positivity in the class, the monitoring with rapid test or of molecular antigen is applied to the same class that must be realized at the time of knowing the case of positivity and that will be repeated in the head of five days; in the presence of at least two positives in the classroom, integrated digital teaching is applied to the same class for ten days.

In high school and high school tutti to the father for 10 days if there are three positives in the same class (not four, as written in the draft). On a positive note, self-monitoring is offered for the whole class and the use of FFP2 masks for face-to-face teaching.

With two positives it is distinguished: to those who have had 2 doses of vaccine or have been cured for more than 120 days and have not had the booster dose, the father is applied for 10 days, while the others continue in class in self-monitoring..

New Covid decree, the Regions ask for a postponement, the government says no: schools open. Quarantine standards change. 92 million euros for rapid tests. PROJECT [TESTO]

Regions-Government comparison

Close confrontation during the meeting between the Regions and the Government. The governors are asking to lower the threshold that would cause the father to 3 infections in class for the institute. The number indicated by the Government would be 4.

Among the requests, the regional presidents reiterate the need for the CTS to express itself on the date of resumption of schools.

Among the most heated protests by the governors, the question of the difficulties related to the screening system: several governors have discussed the usefulness or not of tampons for asymptomatic patients, who -they say- reduce human resources for vaccines and ordinary activities .

As far as we know, the Regions have presented to the CTS a proposal that aims to review surveillance in schools in relation to the containment of COVID infections.

The proposal rejects the possibility of discriminatory differentiation of cases of unvaccinated students, considering distance learning. And a step is added, which is to institute self-surveillance by all families.

With regard to quarantines, the Regions request that al preschoolers with a single case of positivity traits for the whole class for ten days, with output buffer.

For schools primary and lower secondary schoolschildren are required to remain in the classroom even with a case of infection, but families should implement self-surveillance and should avoid participation in extracurricular activities, while in case of new infections the quarantine is activated for seven days and the father. .

Finally, for schools high school sophomores Face-to-face classes should be able to carry out up to a maximum of 3 infections, but with the indication to wear ffp2 masks and to implement self-monitoring. Quarantine begins with quarantine with the obligation to make swabs for the return to school after 7 days for all except children who have completed the primary vaccination cycle or have recovered from the Covid -19 for less than 120 days, for which the test is performed. it is only necessary if symptoms of the disease appear.


On the part of the Government, however, it would be recommended to contain the contagions to avoid physical education classes indoors, to carefully check compliance with the measures provided for school canteens, to promote the use of ffp2 masks within school environments and ensure ventilation of classrooms.

Back in class, many regions move to January 10th. But absences of teachers and ATA for quarantine and suspended staff could weigh

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