A model, creative, international and socially open campus school is born in Versilia

Tuttoscuola with the project “The school we dream of” has been talking for years about ideal school models that should be pursued, partly already applied in some schools, at least partially.

We would like to point out for its potential interest a school case that is about to be born with the ambition of creating an innovative model that responds in many respects to those criteria and to this approach discussed in our dossiers.

E-District Versilia will open in Camaiore, in the heart of Versilia, in the province of Lucca, in September 2022, with courses from kindergarten to high school. The location is Villa Le Pianore, the home of the last Empress of Austria-Hungary, Zita di Borbone-Parma. Set of 190 thousand square meters with a building of high historical and architectural value surrounded by a park full of vegetation, protected by the Superintendence of Cultural Heritage, with an attached botanical garden.

This is the introductory video.

The initiative is promoted by Educa International School, a group of Italian entrepreneurs and professionals of national and international prestige, in close collaboration with local institutions and interest groups. It will be the first stage of a broader plan – at the same time of corporate, cultural and social responsibility – that will be developed in Italy and abroad.

The proposed educational model integrates education with other ingredients that can foster a 360-degree education. An innovative school, which follows the programs of the Ministry of Education, where you can practice sports, music, art, ecological and sensory experiences, study languages, with special attention to proper nutrition and health.

A structure open all day for 12 months a year, able to accommodateafter school also non-enrolled students and parents: a school community open to the territory and integrated into the wider local community, where there will be room for environmental and social sustainability projects and active citizenship, following the service-learning approach, in which students learn by performing a service to the community.

The school campus will be equipped with services, sports facilities (football, tennis, paddle, basketball, volleyball, swimming pool, fencing, martial arts, classical and modern dance), medical center, language workshop, digital workshop with laboratories of coding, educational robotics. and application development, educational orchard. A space for relaxation for students’ families, with spaces designed to encourage growth and discussion and offer coexistence.

An idea of ​​a school will be implemented as an operational multidisciplinary laboratory, whose key words are the flexibility and growth of the person; attention to interdisciplinarity will be fundamental, starting from planning by axes of knowledge and not by individual disciplines.

In short, E-District Versilia will not only be a school but it aims to be a real one ecosystem for educationwhich brings together formal, non-formal and informal education.

A school “for the rich”? Absolutely not. Special attention will be paid to inclusion and openness to different cultures and talents. A right-to-study program is planned to allow for the enrollment of deserving students regardless of family income.

By Giulio Massa, President of Educa International School, “opening a new school is an exciting adventure that involves a strong commitment and great responsibility. We want happy schools and we know that schools can only be happy if their students are happy. We don’t pretend to be a perfect school, we want to be a serious, challenging and fun school“.

Giovanni Vinciguerra, director of Tuttoscuola, also spoke at the presentation of the educational project, held at the Teatro dell’Olivo in Camaiore on Saturday 4 December, stating that “As a specialized newspaper, we will follow with interest this initiative, which we see as a laboratory of innovation in the field of education that could represent a model to inspire and disseminate, in both non-state and public schools, to design the school of the Centenarians.“.

Courses: Kindergarten – Primary – Baccalaureate – Science-focused high school with a focus on sports – High school of humanities with an approach to entertainment – International High School (in English).

For information: info@eisversilia.it


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