“Training and work, our strategy is the Constitution. With the duty of solidarity, rooted in the soul of Irpinia ». The future lesson of Minister Bianchi

“Transform without generating more fractures. The country and the context in which we live demand it. With a strategy that is written in the Constitution, in articles 1 and 2. With continuous training, duty of solidarity, and sustainable growth. Irpinia has always been a reality that is not content to survive, but fights for improvement, in solidarity and unity. Today he is here to prove it. Draw a well-defined drawing Patrizio Bianchithe head of the MIUR in the city on the occasion of the meeting wanted by Confindustria Avellino on the new horizons of training, with a focus on ITS -the higher technical institutes- “from the challenge to the irreplaceable piece”.

In the rooms of the Hotel de la Ville in via Palatucci, at the work table coordinated by journalist Francesca Weather in Fagnanialso Giovanni Brugnolivice president of Confindustria for Human Capital, Lucia Scattarellipresident of the ITS “Cuccovillo” of Bari, Armida Philippinesdelegate of the Campania Council for Vocational Training.

HERE the live video broadcast by Confindustria Avellino.

In the room administrators, entrepreneurs and social agents. In addition to Prefect Paola Spena also the Honorable Michele Gubitosa. With a fleeting greeting from Mayor Gianluca party.

To present the works, the president of the industrialists of Irpinia, Emilio De Vizia: “We are here to tell a success story, that of ITS. Which is not just for self-praise, but because we feel the responsibility of a territory. We did it 5 years ago when there was little talk about it, thanks to my predecessor Pino Bruno -president of the ITS “Antonio Bruno” in Grottaminarda-. A professional path that was born well thanks to the technical director Carmine Tirri, the soul of this school. A bet won not only by diplomas, by job percentages (95% find their place immediately at the end of the two-year period, ed.), But because they work here in our territory, suitable for business. The so-called “business in the mountains”, demonized for years, are there, some have left, but 10,000 people work there, in the third generation, with multinationals and companies born from Irpinian families. On this basis, explains De Vizia, it is necessary to support companies better and better, reducing the tax wedge. It is no longer time to postpone the elections. It’s not my day, but the day of the minister and the boys who are here in the room with us today. Then a passage through the station of Hirpinia and the attached logistics platform, theme of the study held Wednesday in Rome with Svimez: «Unfortunately, there are already the first signs of delays in the construction of the work, if we still have two moles in the ports of Campania it is clear that it is a problem to be solved. I repeat, it will change the history of this territory. It is our duty to be prepared. ”

Therefore the boys, protagonists of the confrontation. The young man’s contribution is enlightening Alberto Biancograduated from ITS “Bruno” in 2020, today, after an internship, he is responsible for quality at the same company in Grottaminarda.

“Formation is the cornerstone of our time,” he began Giovanni Brugnoli -. It is the quintessential social elevator. We need to make it clear to children who are already in high school what might be the best option for them. I don’t want the minister, but change comes first through our companies, all at zero time, in which we continually adapt. We are facing a double channel, he explains, that of the ITS and that of the University. On Monday, the approval of the final text of the reform of the technical institutes will be essential, which incorporates most of our suggestions. We change with technology, he reiterates, in an inclusive, challenging environment, but which unfortunately is not captivating as a topic even in newspapers. As Confindustria we are on the side of the country, companies have responded at this time. We have 121 foundations, we reward those who work with high quality, without useless factories ”.

Direct experience of Lucia Scattarelli by the “Cuccovillo” institute in Bari: “We have seven courses with 12 profiles, we celebrate it because we have 2 girls for each course. On female involvement, we need to convince families, not just girls. We even have cases of those who secretly signed up. We must not create confusion in the boys, the path must be attractive and clear. At the same time we have to collaborate with the University that unfortunately is losing pieces, there are those who feel abandoned. Since 2014 we have been running dual courses, also in the aerospace field. Training can change the future, we can’t think that, I’m talking about Puglia, in Taranto we are trapped with what has happened in recent years without imagining different productions ”.

“Parents also need support,” he said Armida Filippelli -. They need to understand that phenomena occur and evolve, making a global discourse, putting the school at the center of the government agenda. School that is the sacred place of the Republic. Today, quality training has unlimited horizons, lasts a lifetime, counteract the obsolescence of previous models. If mediated well, ITS is a cultural revolution. Everyone needs to understand what their child can do, in what is a great laboratory of experimentation. In the Region we will close another selection of ITS soon, we hope that there will be coverage in the Pnrr ».

“The South and the country are changing their minds,” the minister said Patrizio Bianchi -. The issue of equality is a topic loved by everyone, not just by some intellectuals. There is not a single intervention that changes, there may be an external shock, like the Covid, but it is always an endogenous, internal fact. We don’t lose anyone, our history teaches it from the unified high school to the no to the differentiated classes, we learn from everything, even from the father. It is necessary to train 650,000 teachers in the use of digital technology, to recover the role of the reference adult. I’m the smart one, not the mobile one, let’s get used to thinking like that. Focusing on the issue of cybersecurity, or public discourse.

“We recover time, he urges, ITS anticipates, with productive communities. Services must not have different trends from production, we create value by organizing work fairly. We have put 3 billion for kindergartens, plus 900 million for management. What is education? An institution that structures the community, founds the state.

Thus, the issue of early school leaving, addressed with a first tranche of 500 million, 79 for Campania, 49 for the metropolitan city of Naples. “Working to create territorial networks with the directors, able to recover what we call the” second chance “, that is, young people aged 18 to 24.”

I give a big round of applause to the guys in the room, ”he spoke to the minister for half an hour before the conference. They gave me 4 clear interventions, with the definition of their interests at the center.

Another plague, depopulation: “In the next 10 years we will lose 1 million 400 thousand children. On Monday, the ITS will go to Parliament, a non-academic tertiary itinerary. A different way of conceiving the school in the community ”.

“What is our strategy? He asked the minister, “it is very clear and it is written in Articles 1 and 2 of the Constitution. Today, however, it is necessary to explain how work has changed, with the duty of solidarity, for sustainable growth. Because the environment is a new research opportunity. I thank everyone and in particular “the ambassador of Irpinia”, Luigi Fiorentino -head of the minister’s office-, a man who taught me how Irpinia is a territory that is not content to survive, but that knows how to fight. Solidarity and unity ”.

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