Minister Bianchi in Avellino for the Confindustria Assembly: the images

The Minister of Education, Patrizio Bianchispecial guest at the public assembly of Confindustria Avellino, entitled “The new horizons of training”, Held at the Hotel de la Ville in Via Palatucci.

“We are facing a real problem in this country: the demographic decline”

“STIs are a necessary tool to enable this condition that we need, today more than ever,” begins the Minister of Education. “90-95% of teenagers who attend an STI find work immediately. Why? Because they start earlier. Because there’s that ability first. continuous dialogue with companies. We are in a phase of great transformation of the productive systems and it is necessary that this one becomes the authentic school of the country: a country able to transform itself, without new fractures ”.

A message, communicated by Minister Bianchi, which must be received especially in the internal areas: “We are facing a real problem in this country: that is, the demographic decline. Do you think that in the next ten years we will have 1.4 million fewer children in our schools. This issue, however, it reminds us of a complete rethinking of the country’s organizational system: it is not possible to have internal areas, but the capacity for continuity and fluidity and, above all, a continuous exchange and this is given above all by the school ”.

“A good 79 million euros for Campania to combat early school leaving”

In particular, Campania has the highest rate of school dropout: “These are old problems, as Invalsi also stated. However, after returning to school with the assistance of this course, we were able to stop what, with the blockade of classes, had also become a social problem; we have shown that there is a possibility of going back to school and therefore back to growth. There is an objective problem between the northern and southern regions which, however, has ancient origins. .However, the Invalsi prove otherwise and that is that the whole system is growing, resisting the dramatic situation caused by confinement and differentiating.For example, it was interesting not only the celebration, but also the resumption of English, the language in which boys, even when they were at home, had more capacity for dialogue, so we need to spend more time in school and safely All the actions we are doing are important and, with regard to the first tranche of the fight against dispersion, of 500 million euros, 79 va go to C. ampania and 49 in the metropolitan city of Naples. This has been done because we intend to create networks of schools that, together with all those that represent a resilience in the area, become not only an element of survival, but also of strong recovery. However, these goals are not achieved with a single tool and it is in school where this becomes evident. All the instruments must be exploited: the national ones, the regional ones and those that the territory has ”.

“If we hadn’t used DAD, the boys would have been completely abandoned”

The risk of going back POPE in September, however, there is: “Regarding this issue, there is a lot of attention: in the face of facts that we are not yet able to master, we must be very present with all health authorities. I have insisted a lot to return to teaching. activities in presence and, all in all, we have been able to manage situations together.We intend to return to presence and security and, in the concept of security, there is also the ability to face together what, today, we are not able to .to preconfigure.We have also demonized the DAD a lot: if we had not used it, children would have been completely abandoned, as was the case in many countries.We have made a leap forward, in terms of technologies: for example, today. it would be possible to connect two distant schools, one in Italy and one in Germany, one in the north and one in the south.We must be able to go further, treasure everything we have learned and put in our heart and do. together The country is repaired in solidarity, but also with the capacity for profit tzar all available tools. We are doing something extraordinary in digital, we are investing a lot to train 650 thousand teachers in the use of digital and they are not only teachers of computer science, but also of Latin and Greek. It was recognized as the biggest effort being made in Europe today, but we are able to do it. “

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