Fabio Mancino was elected general secretary of the CISL Taranto Brindisi school

“These elections are for me a reason for honor and responsibility that I intend to share with the new secretariat and with the whole management team, in order to act as a confederate, to take even more roots in the territory and the world. of schools, to make our offices directors of information and training, protection and care “

Fabio MancinoThe 44 – year – old, originally from Sava, is the new secretary general of the Cisl Taranto Brindisi School, elected by the territorial council meeting yesterday in Martina Franca, whose works, presented by Roberto Caliennonational secretary and regent of the structure, with the presence of Gianfranco SolazzoSecretary General of CISL Taranto Brindisi, concluded the Secretary General of the National Federation Ivana Barbacci.

“This election is for me a reason for honor and responsibility that I intend to share with the new secretariat and with the whole management team – he stated Fabio Mancino to act as a confederation, to take even more roots in the territory and in the world of the school, to make of our offices centers of information and formation, of protection and attention, working in network with the set of the system of services of the CISL. We will also continue and strengthen the path of preparation and training for the examinations of teachers, Ata, Dsga and Ds and we will start the MSW training course with the start of the new course.

Graduate of the Faculty of Education of the University of Lecce, graduated from the University of Bari, specializing in the University of Modena-Reggio Emilia and the University of Macerata, Fabio Mancino he is a professor at the IISS “Del Prete-Falcone” for Sava.

After his university years, involved in various communities of minors at risk, addressed by the Social Services and the Juvenile Court, he arrived at the school in 2002.

He began his union experience as a substitute teacher in Lombardy in 2010, as an activist in the precarious group and was elected to two MSW terms; in 2017 he joined the provincial secretary of the Cisl Scuola Taranto Brindisi.

In 2022 he was elected a member of the National Assembly of the Espero Fund.

“Today is a beautiful day … he stated Roberto Caliennowhich marks for our organization a natural moment of transition already begun with the congress phase of November 2021 to give continuity to a project in which we have been committed for years and which has seen confirmed the primacy of the Cisl Scuola Taranto Toast to the MSW elections. of 2018 and 2022 “.

Per Gianfranco Solazzo, The Secretary General of the CISL Taranto Brindisi In the face of educational poverty and the phenomenon of school dropout: not intervening would be lethal. As for the 30 billion PNRR available between schools, research, training, school buildings, those who have the perception of what is needed are only those who work in the school. However, we wonder, in the first 43 ml section of the PNRR assigned to Puglia in early school leaving, what union confrontation was there? The school does not belong to the ministers on duty but is a public good available to everyone. Therefore, the School Pact signed on May 20, 2021 must be made enforceable. “

Closing the debate, Ivana Barbacci commented: “We have a widespread responsibility that goes beyond our partners. We need to get back to the roots of who we are, which is to make the union a collective support for the expectations of those who look at us with confidence. Staff must be valued by putting them back at the center of training and not of “reform”, that is, of that one-year triennial that the councilor evokes but which has no purpose. The value and dignity of the profession must be restored. And, at the same time, keep the educational community together by investing in all its components. The birth rate is Herod’s syndrome. But the demographic winter will not be forever. “

At the end of the work, at the proposal of the new Secretary General Fabio Mancino, the territorial council chose Mina Gismondi I Davide Monteleone secretarial components.

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