Extraordinary competition bis: published announcement. Applications from May 18 to June 16. All the details

Extraordinary competition bis: start of the opening of the telematic functions for the electronic submission of applications. Published in the Official Gazette the call for the new extraordinary secondary school competition reserved for temporary workers with 3 years of seniority in the last 5. You need the specific service annuity for the class of competition in which you participate. The Ministry of Education announces that in the period between 9.00 am today, May 18, 2022 and 11.59 pm on June 16, 2022the telematic functions will be available for the presentation of applications destined to participate in the extraordinary contest bis. Applications for participation must be submitted exclusively online.

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To access the compilation of the application it is necessary to be in possession of the credentials of the Public Digital Identity System (SPID) or those of Electronic DNI (CIE)or, alternatively, of a valid user to access the services present in the reserved area of ​​the Ministry with the specific qualification for the “Online Instances (POLIS)” service. The application can be accessed via the following link https://concorsi.ificazione.it/piatresteaconcorsi-web/istanze/lista-istanze-aperte.

Applicants, in possession of the admission requirements, submit an application, under penalty of exclusion, for a single region and for a single class of competition.

You can only participate for high school. The extraordinary bis competition for support positions and for nursery and primary schools has not been launched.

Extraordinary competition bis: the oral exam

There disciplinary test of the extraordinary competition bis consists of an oral test designed to check the candidate’s preparation and assess the mastery of the disciplines. It has a maximum duration of 30 minuteswithout prejudice to the schedules and additional aid provided for by current legislation.

For the AB24, AB25 and B02 competition classes, the test is taken in the foreign language taught.

There oral exam extraordinary competition bis also assesses the ability to understand and converse in English at least at level B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​with the exception of candidates for the A-24, A-25 and B-02 competition classes. English. language.

There is no minimum score to pass the test.

Selection courts have 150 points, of which 100 for the disciplinary test and 50 for titles. The committee assigns the disciplinary test a maximum overall score of 100 pointsborrowing the evaluation criteria of the elaborated national reference frameworks. Titles have a maximum overall score of 50 points

Annex B, on the other hand, identifies the grades that can be assessed and the breakdown of the relative scores. After the results of the disciplinary test and the evaluation of the qualifications, the court commission proceeds to the elaboration of the autonomous classifications of merits distinguished by category of competition.

The final score is expressed in one hundred and fifty.

Extraordinary competition bis: the ranking

Each ranking includes a number of candidates that does not exceed the quotas assigned to each competition procedure. The ranking is accessed with sum of test scores + grades. Whoever is placed within the competition number “wins” participation in the next phase. There is no “proper” or offset of the classification.

With the same overall score, the preferences referred to in article 5, sections 4 and 5, of the decree of the President of the Republic no. 487. 4.

The rankings are approved by decree by the manager responsible for the USR responsible for the insolvency proceedings and are published in the register and on the USR website.

In 2022/23 the winners will be hired for a certain period. In the meantime, they will have to attend a specific training course and, as usual, the year of training and testing.

Once these two obstacles have been overcome, they will be legally and financially assumed from the 2023/24 school year.

Extraordinary competition bis: 40-hour training

The training course: the decree provides for the winning teachers to take part, in their charge, in a training course 40 hours, also in collaboration with universities, which integrates their professional skills. Failure to pass the final test will lead to the expiration of the procedure and the transformation of the contract into an indefinite period is excluded.

In this case, the service provided in 2022723 would be valued as a fixed-term destination.


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