Aidem: We learn the methods that make learning more active and effective (MIUR-accredited online course)

Online specialized training course (video lessons and teaching materials), to support all teachers of all levels in the choice and correct application in the classroom of the different methodologies of active learning.

In today’s didactic planning it is unthinkable to pass teaching only through the traditional mechanisms that have so far regulated frontal lesson.

Today’s students they need more stimulationget involved, work in groups and exercise skills which will then be useful in the world of work.

Therefore, it becomes essential that teachers understand this how to make learning active and participatory.

Easy to say, but much less easy to achieve, especially at the end of the school year where, among a thousand deadlines and project commitments, there is no time to thoroughly investigate the characteristics and principles that govern methodologies such as circle time, brainstorming, the Montessori method, the Agazzi method, the inverted classroom, and so on.

For all these reasons, we thought we would promote one of our most successful courses with one 25% discount.

It is an online specialized training course, recognized and accredited by the MIUR (20 hours)which can be purchased now (taking advantage of the discount until July 22, 2022), but used at any time, in order to update knowledge without time limitations, access and use of materials.

He The course is available on the Sofia Platform and therefore it is also possible to pay for it using the Teacher’s Card (Identification code: 62528).

Online specialized training course – MIUR accredited (20 hours)

Video classes, operational brochures, with intermediate self-assessment tests and optional final exam
By Renata Rossi (INVALSI Trainer and External Evaluator) and Laura Barbirato (Director, expert trainer on issues related to teaching and learning)

LIMITED OFFER: 25% DISCOUNT before July 22, 2022

What is this online course and how is it structured?

  • It is a Online video course for practical trainingwhich consists of 8 lessons divided into 3 training modules, which can be consulted and downloaded from a web portal of exclusive access only for participants.
  • Scheduled / accredited training hours: 20 hours
  • It represents an innovative formula, which allows teachers and school officials to be updated by receiving a practical training without time limitations, access and use of materials.
  • The didactic contents of the different training modules (videos, brochures in pdf, summary slides and intermediate questionnaires) are collected in a web portal with exclusive access members only.
  • EL the teaching material can be consulted at any time, in order to always be available to participants.

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Why join? What are the benefits?

  • To be able to follow comprehensive and comprehensive training course on the most effective active learning methodologies.
  • Per increase your professional skills.
  • Per update during the summer period without any restrictions.
  • Because, through the practical instructions of our speakers, in addition to having a complete view of the methods, you will be able to perform a critical assessment of its characteristics and applicability according to the specificities of each class.
  • Because our speakers will provide you concrete proposals, usable immediately in daily practiceto be applied in the light of the awareness achieved.
  • To make one complete training, without leaving home and with maximum security which only online training can guarantee.
  • Per certify the skills acquired through a final exam (optional and online) which, if successful, will allow you to achieve the Certificate in “Active Learning Methods and Techniques”.
  • Get the final certificate of participation (20 hours).

Payment terms

  • Bank transfer
  • Postal
  • Paypal
  • Teacher’s card

There is a special discount for orders placed without using the Teacher’s Card.


  • 25% DISCOUNT for registrations until July 22, 2022 (discount valid only for purchases made without using the Teacher’s Card).
  • Additional accumulated discount of 10%. for 2 or more students from the same school (discount valid only for purchases made without using the Teacher’s Card).


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Aidem Srl (Professional Academy) is a training institution accredited by the MIUR.

For several years it has been organizing online and face-to-face training initiatives dedicated to teachers, managers and administrative staff.

He is very active in the development of training cycles related to school inclusion, personalized teaching, regulatory evolution, innovation of teaching and learning methodologies and the most effective strategies to ensure the academic success of the whole. students.

We strive to respond to the specific demands of our customers, combining competence, experience and innovation and working with tools that respond to the needs of new media.

One of our strengths is the involvement of teachers with extensive experience in the field, from the design stages of individual training projects.

This allows us to offer concrete initiatives with practical indications that can be directly used in daily working life.

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