Tuition and school services. payment notices become digital. Isee in late August

Instead of sending in paper by ordinary mail, the user families of the Sector of Educational Services of the Municipality of Modena can now receive notices of payment and direct debit in their current account in dematerialized format, if they have chosen a direct debit. A method that, in addition to saving time, reduces paper waste and, therefore, less production and disposal of waste.

To simplify the relationship between families and the Public Administration and with a perspective of dematerialization and digitization aimed at reducing the environmental impact and developing the transparency of the relationship, from January 2023 payment or debit notices will be digital for to all the services of the Sector. : rates for nursery and kindergarten, school transport, school canteen and early childhood education service.

The user can choose to dematerialize the notice by logging in autonomously, with the Spid / Cie / Cns credentials, on the portal of the website of the Educational Services Sector ( / fees-e-rates / payment-i-consultation-of-commissions-school).

Those who want to continue using the paper notice with ordinary mail address, even after the deadline of 31 December, will have to provide a charge of one euro for each individual notice.

ISEE is required for concessions

The monthly rate of attendance at the nursery and nursery is attributed using the value of the Isee certificate as a parameter. To request a discount on the rate for educational and school services, it is therefore possible to present the ISEE certificate that is filled out at the affiliated CAAF offices or directly online on the INPS website using the credentials. Spid / Cns / Cie or access via a PIN issued by the INPS.

Isee certification of new admissions to services must be submitted by August 29, 2022; in case of non-appearance, the amount applied corresponds to the highest tariff range.

For children who already attend infant and early childhood education centers by agreement, who have already been assigned the monthly rate, the Tax Agency 0-6 adjusts the rates applied in the new school year, always with the presentation of the Isee certificate from a user. .

For the municipal ones, the Cresci @ mo Foundation and the state kindergartens have confirmed the same tariff bands as last year, so the family will continue to pay the same rate, unless the economic condition of the nucleus has not undergone a substantial change, increasing or decreasing. , greater than 10% of the Isee value already submitted. In this case, a new updated Isee certification must be submitted by August 29 to review the assigned fee.

Checks are made at random and if the increase is greater than 10%, in addition to recovering the difference between the amount paid and the amount due from the beginning of the course, a penalty is applied. .

An additional benefit is also reserved for large families with at least three children aged 0 to 14, all of whom are currently attending educational or school services and at least one of whom is attending the nursery or daycare service ( municipal, of the Cresci @ mo Foundation). or affiliates). Upon request, these families can benefit from a discount on the price of the nursery by an increasing percentage as the number of children increases and decreases as the core Isee indicator increases. . To submit an application it is necessary to fill in the corresponding form on the educational services portal or send an email (

Isee certification is also required to take advantage of the 40 percent reduction in the cost of the meal in the primary catering service. Resident families who are in a situation of economic difficulty with an Isee indicator of less than 4,700 euros are entitled to it. In this case, the certificates must be submitted exclusively online by October 1, 2022.

For information: Tax Services 0-6 Tel. 059 / 2032892- 059 / 2032784-059 / 2033861 ( or school canteen 059 / 2032768-059 / 2032769 (

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