Training and debate: from 22 to 29 July there is “School Experience / Alliances for the school”


Training and discussion are two fundamental needs of those who are called to accompany the new generations on their path of growth, especially at a time when they are forced to face new needs. The research carried out by the Social Enterprise with Children shows how child educational poverty is an emergency – felt by many – especially in the post Covid. This emergency can only be addressed in a compact and collaborative way through an action not only of the school but of the whole educational community, or of all the actors who can and must be involved in the care and training of minors. and therefore the family but also cultural and sports associations or local institutions.

Giffoni Experience, together with the Didactic Direction Don Milani -with the coordination of the manager Daniela Ruffolo- has assigned, from the 22nd to the 29th of July, within the framework of the 52nd edition of the Giffoni Film Festival, a program of training meetings entitled “School Experience – Alliances for the school”, which will offer the opportunity to take stock of the situation, identify possible and more synergies, make effective proposals to address the near future, highlight best practices. The meetings are part of the proposals of the Project “16 Ways of Saying Hello” created by the Autonomous Organization Giffoni Experience thanks to funding from the social enterprise Con i Bambini, within the Fund for the fight against youth educational poverty.

It starts on the 22nd at 11 am, in the Don Milani classroom with Marco Orsi, creator of the model School without a backpack, while Daniela Pampaloni, director, will have to talk about “Class time is not enough” . On July 25, at the same place and time, Patrizia Imperato, prosecutor of the Prosecutor’s Office of Salerno, will talk about the dangers of the network, in the presence of the directors of the postal police, which will be followed by the screening of the film. “Haters and Little Heroes” produced directly by the postal police. The next day, again at 11 in the Don Milani classroom, we will talk about “When the joy of the game becomes science” with Caterina Pesce, associate professor of motor and sports disciplines at the University of Rome Foro Italico, creator of the Joy of Model in motion and with Loredana Pellegrino, child neuropsychiatrist, Cnis Salerno.

The topic of July 27 will be “Educational alliances and learning landscapes” with Giuseppina Rita Jose Mangione, first researcher at Indire, responsible for the research structure on small schools; Pamela Giorgi, School on Screen; Daniela Ruffolo, Ds don Milani, Giffoni Valle Piana Edu @ ction Valley; Valentino Pusceddu, director of IC Pirri 1 and 2 in Cagliari. On the 28th at 10.30, in the conference room of Giffoni Experience, the topic will be “Secure Internet Center – Connected Generations” with Barbara Floridia, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Education and Ettore Acerra, Director General Usr Campania. It closes on July 29 at 11 with a focus on Scuola viva: the participation of Lucia Fortini, Minister of Education of the Campania region is expected.

This initiative confirms the strong collaboration that exists between schools, the third sector and local authorities, in particular Giffoni, which is a steering wheel of culture within the educational community and our Vall de l’Edu @ ció , pursuing the goal of a company that is regenerated through the fight against early school leaving, support for a green culture, sustainable development, the circular economy, in a word the promotion and support of a active citizenship – explains Daniela Ruffolo – We will also have by our side Indire, which is the research body of the Ministry for Training and this gives us even more strength and passion to educate for change.“.”The event is a piece of a much broader panorama than, by the will of the director Gubitosi, sees Giffoni involved, and not just through film, in the training of children and teachers. Everyone has to do their part, everyone has to contribute as much as they can to open new horizons to build new skills among all”, Underlined Antonia Grimaldi of the management team of Giffoni.


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