Occupation: Giordano (Ugl) in good school

Employment, Giordano (Ugl): “Good schooling is excellence in the world of work.”


“The company demands professionalism every day, to have a school in the Ionian area
that these professional competencies form them is a guarantee for the whole territory.

Under the direction of Professor Maria Carmela Stigliano, assisted by a
top-level training staff, the IIS Pythagoras of Policoro has established itself as
school of excellence and excellence “.

So says Pino Giordano of the Ugl Matera on the sidelines of the last high school council that has just ended, which also sees him holding the position of president of the

For the trade unionist, “the multiple projects are the confirmation of how we should be and how we should be
can make a good school:

this is confirmed by the various and numerous projects (Il Laboratorio dei Talenti: “Learning to learn with the ICF”, Socio Sanitario and “Digital Skills:

Innovation between apps and websites ”, Electronics and Mechatronics;

“Le Stem al Pitagora”) made during this difficult year, still characterized by the pandemic, but which saw how the boys of Pythagoras stood out in the different competitions (FIDAS “A gift for life”;

We demand Legality;

AlfabetiAmo Benestar Psicològic) facts, but above all he saw them open up in the territory
through very respectable training courses that have allowed the institute to weave
relationships with ENEA, OMNIA WORK, NOVASS, UNIBAS, etc., and that have really provided students with an approximation of what their job sector will be.
in the future (socio-sanitary-mechatronics-electronics-fashion-chemistry and maintenance).

Six strongly encouraged addresses and to the same extent directed by DS Stigliano and all staff, each with great specificity and which will guarantee students after graduation that they can be immediately operational. For Ugl – adds Giordano – today a good school means having an excellent approach to the world of work.

This is the IIS Pythagoras of Policoro, a guarantee for the territory, a guarantee
for their students as the same students who have completed the school year can
to offer companies their work skills, but also the numerous transversal competencies and organizational behaviors received from the school and professional training of the institute.

Tan –

continues the unionist -for the Ugl Matera the school is essential for the creation of human and labor capital of our territory and to ensure an adequate concordance between labor supply and employment demand, thus creating the greatest possible employability to our young people.

In addition, the school must and can represent an element of social justice, promoting the so-called social rise of children deserving of less well-off families and at the same time social mobility in our civil and economic society.

That is, one piece of advice I want to send to young people is that today those with poor or inadequate vocational education and training are at greater risk of unemployment and their activity will earn below-average wages, unlike workers with excel Educated and professional who will be sought,
selected and preferred by companies, while enjoying more salaries

In addition, companies are increasingly looking for workers with characteristics not only linked to technical skills (for example, digital as mentioned), but also be able to acquire those transversal skills and organized behaviors that make them be prepared to act effectively and quality in the productive world.

I say this as a trade unionist – concludes Giordano – who knows what the world of work demands and I affirm it as prime minister who knows how much work is behind it for the good of young people and their future “.

Matera, July 6, 2022.

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