teachers receive the new training bonus, but there will be no salary increases

To the teachers role of the school to be continued new bonus related to training and assessment, but there will be no career exits or permanent salary increases. This is provided for in the decree “Pnrr 2”, which is currently being examined by the Chambers for final approval, which is due on 16 July. In the law of reconversion of the decree number 36/2022, that will have to execute the specific Mission of the National Plan of Recovery and Resilience, does not take into account what expressly informs the same Pnrr, in particular on professional progresscontinuous professional development and teacher evaluation.

The training and the evaluation, therefore, will remain to favor the recognition of a bonus to the profesorado, without this produce the professional advances mentioned in the original approval of the decree.

School, the teacher training bonus will be between 10 and 20% of the salary

The bonus that will correspond to the titular professor of the School for subsidized training and assessment it will take the form of a one-time bonus, to be paid into the payroll. Thequantity the estimated bonus is between 10% and 20% of the salary resulting from the teachers’ payroll. The current text, which is being examined by the Chambers for the final conversion of the decree law “Pnrr 2”, has already received the approval of Brussels regarding the recognition of the bonus for teachers.

But as for theindicator identified for teacher training and the subsequent payment of the bonus, none quantitative criteria, but only a generic “entry into force of the reform.” In addition, the objectives set out in the specific Mission on Schools of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan are poorly linked to the provisions of the same decree.

2022 school reform, the bonus does not allow teachers to make career and salary plans

In particular, in the school sector, the National Recovery and Resilience Plan provides, in Missine M4 C1-R 2.1, that the reform of the school aims to establish a new model of recruitment of teachers (with a relative trajectory of unpublished training from the beginning to the entire duration of the degree) so that we can come to introduce “stricter requirements for access to teaching, limitations on excessive mobility and a link between career progression, performance appraisal and continuing professional development “.

The forecast of a new bonus to the teaching staff managed by the decree ‘Pnrr 2’ conforms to the objectives of evaluation teacher performance and continued professional development. In addition, the new bonus comes two years after the cancellation of the bonus by Matteo Renzi, which came into force in recent years to reward the most deserving teachers based on objective criteria. But the new bonus cannot be defined strictly linked to the trajectory of the school’s teachers.

School, the bonus of the new teacher is not permanent and does not imply salary increases but is punctual

In fact, the remuneration of the new bonus to teachers only maintains the valuation among the criteria for allocating the bonus to the payroll.

There is a lack of both permanent salary increases and the change of duties of teachers within the school organization. There is also no institution of new organizational figures such as the middle management which, to tell the truth, is also found in schools but is not formalized. On the non – recognition of the career of teachers and the relative features linked to funded training were affected by the refusal of the General State Accounting for which school cuts, primarily staff cuts, do not constitute a specific basis for reference.


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