In the fight against early school leaving, no approach

The ministerial note of June 24 announces the criteria for allocating resources for actions to prevent and combat early school leaving within investment line 1.4 (Mission 4, Component 1) of the PNRR .

Beyond the dissatisfaction with the lack of prior dialogue with the social partners, there are widespread perplexities regarding the merit of the benefit, which, when defining the distribution, is based on the data of the so-called implicit dispersion. (percentage of ‘learning fragility’) resulting from Invalsi’s calculations.
Centers with less than 8% would be excluded and, in total, only 39% of institutions could benefit from the resources, with obvious inequalities also at the territorial level.
The classical institutes are supported and the integral centers belonging to areas in which the percentages of explicit dispersion are also high and are consolidated in time do not receive contributions. Institutes are much more numerous than undergraduate ones, in which fragility is a problem in every way.
All those institutes are excluded, including the provincial adult education centers, which do not take Invalsi tests, but which in any case are at risk of dispersal.

Very close to a very serious problem.
In the last year alone, 102,000 students dropped out of school. The discontinuity of the paths is almost normal.
A failure for the school. A phenomenon that aggravates the, albeit alarming, of the Neets.

Early school leaving can almost never be attributed to a single factor. Among the various causes, socioeconomic and cultural circumstances of origin, context (type and characteristics of the school, teacher preparation and relationship between teacher and student, influence of the peer group), and individual (personal predisposition to the ‘study). and attitudes). Sometimes school bullying, petty crime, and misconduct in general contribute to this.
It is necessary to intervene in each of the identified profiles, but it is certain that it is on the front of motivation where we need to insist more, because it is what can push us to live the study as a social redemption; yes, as lack of enthusiasm easily leads to dropping out of the training course.

The fact is that the phenomenon must be overthrown, because it has devastating effects on the level of social inclusion and the equitable distribution of opportunities to know and realize inclinations, attitudes and aspirations.

Meritocrazia Italia starts from the certainty that the construction of true well-being involves above all the promotion of culture and attention to training. Because of that calls for an immediate review of the criteria for allocating available resources and a more precise definition of the programmatic intervention plan.
It also considers essential:
– intervene promptly in school prevention, fostering positive relationships aimed at stimulating the expression of emotions and verbal and non-verbal communication, and encouraging participation in group activities;
– activate listening tables and pedagogical advice, where to offer support services to students during the so-called status changes (transition from childhood to preadolescence / adolescence), with the participation of class groups, parents, teachers;
– Raise awareness about the best dialogue with teachers;
– activate policies to combat school bullying, with activities aimed at self-knowledge and recognition of the role of others (workshop itineraries, use of new technologies, tutoring activities, role-playing games);
– Educate the feeling and affectivity through quality educational relationships, which help students to identify and build their personality, discover their peculiarities, promote interests and attitudes, build their own path of growth and existential development of a authentic way;
– focus on welcoming and listening, for a School capable of establishing an effective educational relationship in a learning environment characterized by quality and affective educational relationships, that is, capable of activating a virtuous circle between knowledge , learning and personal motivation.

Stop the war.

Source: No approach in the fight against early school leaving

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