GPS and Supplenze 2022/23: the next deadlines in July. Dissolution reservation, service, TFA support [LO SPECIALE]

Teacher replacements in the 2022/23 academic year: what we already know and what to expect. It is important to follow all the steps, some of which will be done in the middle of summer. In the meantime, watch out for GPS.

The GPS: when they will be published, what to pay attention to

Work in progress: the school offices have begun checking the admission ticket and are publishing the first indications. Read it all

Meanwhile, the first exclusions arrive

Here are the first EXCLUSIONS. There are no joint degrees, there are no new registrations for the competition classes until exhaustion, there is no first section with a degree + 24 credits.

The GPS rankings will be published on the website of the school office of the province chosen for insertion / updating.

In the same way, the related school rankings are published in the Register of each center, for the courses taught there.

The classifications are definitely published. In fact, OM n. 112, of May 6, 2022, establishes in art. 9 paragraph 2 “Against this provision an extraordinary appeal is allowed before the President of the Republic within 120 days or an judicial appeal before the competent TAR within 60 days.”

In any case, indications will be given for the notification of material errors.

The controls

Second level GPS classification: Applicants with invalid or incomplete access qualifications must be excluded. Multilevel controls

GPS rankings: I entered with reservation in the first band but not totally in the second. The consequences

The GPS 2022 ranking, degree or diploma + 24 CFU is not a qualification to be included in the first parenthesis. Rejected questions

What score am I entitled to

GPS support: how much a second degree is worth

Diploma, specialization, master’s degree and L2 ITS specialty: scores and evaluation criteria

Only more points are earned for the approved competition if the merit classification has been published before 31 May

GPS 2022: I forgot to apply: what’s up

GPS rankings and ordinary competition: what would happen if candidates were “rescued” thanks to controversial questions?

GPS: what to do in July

Dissolution of the reservation

Applicants who obtain the support of the degree or specialization before July 20 and have entered correctly with reservation in the first GPS band must follow the instructions of the Ministry for the communication of the achievement of the degree, in order to ‘insert them in full.

Gps, dissolution of the reservation for those who obtain the degree and specialization before July 20: applications from 8 to 21 July NOTICE FROM THE MINISTRY

GPS rankings, here you have who can dissolve the reservation with authorization of ordinary competition and / or specialization of support. PMF

Achieve the annual service (ie the maximum achievable depending on your contract)

OM núm. 112, of May 6, 2022, also provides in art. 3 section 3 that “Exclusively for applicants who, on the expiry date set for the submission of the application referred to in Article 7 (3), have not yet completed the entire year of service, will allow to declare the next expiration date. of the contract in force at the time of submitting the application; The assessment of the service carried out after the date of submission of the application is linked to the confirmation of the benefit, which must be declared by the interested party through a specific application that will be made available within the terms and conditions that they will be the subject of a specific communication from the competent General Directorate of the Ministry. In the absence of confirmation, the evaluation of the service dates back to the date of submission of the application. “

Therefore, if the wording “The applicant declares to have a contract in force on the date of submission of the application and with a date of completion after the deadline for submission of the application” has been marked, it has been to fill in the form to communicate that an additional service has been performed and to be able to have the maximum score achievable depending on your contract. There are those who will manage to get 12 points, but the possibility also affects those who will have 10, 8, 6 points for this course …

On the other hand, those who have reached the 12 points on May 31, 2022 and have correctly filled in the field will not have to make any other statement.

How is the 2021/22 service confirmed after May 31? GUIDE TO IMAGES AND ANSWERS TO QUESTIONS

Registration deadline July 15, 2022

GaE teachers: inclusion in the first section of the ranking of institutes

GaE teachers can fill out Form B to be included in the first strip of the school ranking before July 11th. notice

GPS rankings 2022/24, excluding those who have submitted an application in the same province and for the same competition category for inclusion in GaE

Specialized GaE dissolution reserve support: before July 16, 2022 NOTE

NOTICE give me dissolution reservation

Rankings from which substitutes can be received

Supplements on August 31 and June 30

For all alternates on June 30 and for any alternate on August 31, 2023, the GaE will run first. In case of inability or in case of waiver of the competition class in the province in question, the GPS will be used starting with the first band and then with the second band.

If necessary, alternates will be assigned by school rankings.

Temporary substitutions

They can have a maximum duration of the last day of classes (according to the regional calendar) or in any case according to the needs of the service. They are conferred by school principals by shifting school rankings.

Institute 2022/24 ranking substitutions: when can be proposed, absences up to 10 days, MAD, reinforcement. PMF

For substitutes, a specific application must be submitted on 31 August and 30 June

For the assignment of replacements on 31 August and 30 June, the teaching staff involved in the GaE and the GPS must submit a specific application based on the instructions that – in due course – will be issued. the Ministry of Education.

It will arrive in late July, after the role phase.

In this question you will be able to choose the schools in which to aspire to a substitute on 31 August and 30 June. There will be precise rules to follow to properly complete the application and track the progress of the algorithm so as not to miss any opportunity.

GPS supplements and school rankings, what’s the difference between choosing 20 locations and 150 preferences?

Support for substitutes

You can also choose support posts, even if you don’t have a VIDEO specialization

How Substitutes Work to Support Cross-Ranking Posts Read more

Supplements compatible with GaE and GPS 2022/24 rankings: how they will be allocated. Even unqualified teachers

GaE and GPS alternates: you can choose whether to prioritize the common place or the support with the application that will be presented in the summer

Substitutes from English to primary

School rankings 2022/24, which can teach English in primary school

School rankings substitutions

Rankings of the Institute 2022/24, replacement of infant and primary education up to 10 days: who is entitled and how. Sanctions

GPS rankings, first entry: I forgot to choose schools. What’s going on

Special cases

Will it be possible to participate only in school rankings and not GPS?

Substitutes, GPS, roles: I passed the written test of the contest but never took class. What are the next steps

MAD replacements, the Ministry wants to limit them to those that are not included in any ranking

GPS rankings: some candidates “regret” not having reserved inclusion with reservation in the first band

The sanctions

These are the penalties for resignation, lack of service and abandonment

GPS 2022, consequences for not taking the service or abandoning the service: complete guide

The advice

You can ask for advice at [email protected] (Individual answer not guaranteed, but discussion of general questions)

It is possible to discuss in the mutual help forum

You can follow the updates by using the Institute rating and the Supplenze tag

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