direct access with three years of service but with a number of reserved places

The DL n. 36/2022 converted into Law no. 79/2022, in addition to redefining the system of initial training and recruitment of secondary school teachers, provides for a transitional phase for access to the TFA specialty for the acquisition of the title of educational support activities until December 31, 2024. Let’s see what is expected: exemption from testing and access requirements.

Access test

Access to specialization courses on support, in accordance with Ministerial Decree no. 92/2019, takes place after passing the following tests:

  1. pre-selection test (passed by a number of applicants equal to twice the number of places available at the same university. Candidates who achieve the same score as the last of those admitted are also admitted to the written test); Read who does not take the preselection test
  2. one or more written or practical tests (the test is passed with a minimum grade of 21/30. In the case of several tests, the assessment is obtained from the arithmetic mean of the assessment in the individual tests, each of which must be passed with a minimum score of at least 21/30);
  3. oral exam (passed with a minimum score of 21/30).

Who does not take the entrance exams

In accordance with article 4, paragraph 4, of Ministerial Decree no. 92/2019, are therefore admitted in excess to specialization courses on support without taking the entrance examsapplicants who, in previous cycles of specialization:

  • they have suspended the way;
  • they have not enrolled in the course despite being in a useful position (i.e., despite having passed the entrance tests);
  • have passed the tests of various procedures and have exercised the relative options (this is the case, for example, of a candidate who has passed the tests of infant and primary and has chosen to follow the path of primary or ‘childhood: to be able to access directly on the way to kindergarten or primary school, depending on the choice previously made);
  • they passed the entrance tests but did not fall within the number of available places.

Those who do not take the entrance exams until 31/12/2024

The transitional provision referred to in Article 18-bis, section 2, of the revised Legislative Decree. 59/2017, introduced by article 44 of Legislative Decree 36/2022 (converted into law no. 79/2022), where we read:

Until the end of the transitional period referred to in section 1, they have access to specialization courses in educational support activities for students with disabilities, within the limits of the reservation of places established by decree of the Ministry. university and research, in agreement with the Ministry of Education, those, including the part-time teaching staff indeterminate in the functions of the State, who have completed at least three years of service in the last five years in the position of support for schools in the national education system, including peer schools and educational itineraries e vocational training of the regions, and that they are in possession of the title and educational qualification valid for teaching. The courses are carried out with conventional delivery methods, fully present or, exclusively for activities other than practices and laboratory activities, with telematic methods in any case which does not exceed 20 percent of the total.

Until December 31, 2024therefore, they directly access the specialization courses in support (therefore, without taking the entrance exams) aspirants who have completed three years of service in the last five in a support position in the schools of the national education system.

We specify that:

  1. the measure is aimed at both precarious teachers and those hired for an indefinite period (in public schools);
  2. those interested must be in possession of a valid degree and degree for teaching, therefore, for the competition / vacancy category, to which the degree and / or degree gives access; on this point see Precaris with 3 years of service directly access the support Tfa, Pittoni (Lega) specifies: “No degree required”
  3. the service (three years in the last five) can be done at schools is state that the sameas well as in training and vocational training cycles (organized by regions); the law does not specify whether it must have been carried out in the specific degree in which one participates (therefore, it seems that one can participate in a degree and have performed support service in other degrees as well; however, we hope that the Ministry to give the necessary indications);
  4. Theaccess Sara limitedin the sense that there will be a precise number of places reserved for the teaching staff in question, which will be defined by decree of the Ministry of University and Research, issued in agreement with the Ministry of Education;
  5. the courses will take place in presence; a part of the course, related to different activities of workshops and practices, will be able to realize in telematic mode which does not exceed 20% of the total.

Ordinary access requirements

To access specialization courses in primary and kindergartenthe requirements are (one of the following):

  1. title of degree for teaching in undergraduate studies in primary education sciences or similar degree obtained abroad and recognized in Italy in accordance with current legislation; o
  2. teaching diplomaincluding the experimental diploma with psychopedagogical domicile with qualification value and an experimental diploma with linguistic domicile, achieved in teaching institutes or similar degree obtained abroad and recognized in Italy in accordance with current legislation, obtained, however, during the 2001/2002 academic year.

To access specialization courses in high school and high schoolthe requirements are (one of the following):

  1. specific qualification in the competition category or similar qualifications obtained abroad and recognized in Italy in accordance with current legislation; o
  2. Graduation master’s degree or single cycle (or diploma of 2nd degree of artistic, musical and higher dance training, or equivalent or equivalent degree, consistent with the classes in force in the competition on the date of the competition) plus 24 CFU / CFA or degree for another course / educational level.

For ITPuntil 2024/25, the access requirement and the diploma which gives access to the competition class.


In short, we can say the following:

  1. until 31/12/2024 have direct access (therefore without taking the admission tests) to the TFA support courses of the tenured teaching staff and not with three years of service in the last five, in possession of the degree and (must be “o”) Of the degree valid for teaching (for details on the service and the number of places reserved for these teachers, see above);
  2. always until 31/12/2024 (and, of course, also after the transitional phase) the aforementioned “ordinary” access requirements and the exemption from the admission tests for teachers admitted in excess remain in force ( see the section “Who does not take access tests”);
  3. until the 2024/25 school year, the ITP requirement is the only diploma that gives access to the competition class;
  4. after the academic year 2024/25, the access requirements for ITP teachers will be the degree of the specific class or degree of competition (or first level diploma AFAM, or equivalent or equivalent degree, consistent with the classes of competition in force on the date of the call for tenders). plus 24 ECTS (or, as an alternative to the 24 ECTS, a degree for another competition class / degree);
  5. the transitional phase ends on 1 January 2025, so it no longer provides for the provisions of point 1 above.

DL 36/22 converted into law n. 79/2022

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