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L’AQUILA – During today’s session of the County Council the following issues were addressed: Clarifications on the resources for the coverage of all beneficiaries of the university scholarship relating to the AY 2021/2022 (signed by the councilor Stella); Location of the gas storage facilities Fiume Treste Cupello (CH) – Pineto gas collection plant (TE). (signed by director Smargiassi); Strengthening and improvement of the “San Massimo” Hospital in Penne (signed by director Pettinari); Construction of the pressure irrigation network of the entire Fucino plain (signed by Councilor Paolucci); Shutdown of Arta control units for air quality monitoring due to expiration of the ordinary maintenance contract (signed by director Blasioli); Public Company of Services to the Person (ASP) 1 of Teramo: current patrimonial, economic and financial situation – Commissioner’s management report – planning and relaunch (at the initiative of Councilor Pepe). The bill providing for the establishment of the Cancer Registry of the Abruzzo Region has been approved unanimously. The Register, in the intentions of the legislator, tends to ensure an active system of systematic collection of personal, health and epidemiological data intended to produce the measurement of the incidence, mortality, survival and prevalence of tumors. The long-term goal is to support scientific research and the diagnosis and prevention of cancer, thanks to a large amount of information that can be examined in clinical and statistical terms. The Register will be maintained and managed by the Regional Health Agency (ASR). The House unanimously passed the bill on the coat of arms and flag of the Abruzzo region. The aim is to satisfy the need to represent the whole region as a unit, also symbolically but above all historically. This purpose can be pursued through a symbolic historical-artistic character represented by the Warrior of Capestrano which is one of the most important and significant monuments of ancient Italic cultures and is linked to the ritual of the ‘devotio’ according to which a warrior in the imminence of the battle, he offered to the gods of the underworld, like propitiatory victim for the victory of his town and, if later he was saved in the fight, a statue was cut that was buried instead The artifact was found in 1934 in the necropolis of Aufinum (Ofena) and dates back to the sixth century BC. With the new autonomous law, the Warrior is placed on a Samnite shield col · located on a silver bar that shows the current colors of the regional emblem: white, to indicate the snowy peaks of Gran Sasso, Maiella, Sirente, Velino and the Apennine foothills, the green of the forests and hills, the blue of the sea Adriatic. Unanimous vote also in favor of the text “Disp occupational safety training “. The provision provides for a reform of the Autonomous Law 41/1999, of “Associative Tures of Representation and Protection of Protected Categories”. Specifically, it is an intervention that aims to strengthen the regional vocational training system, promoting learning initiatives on occupational safety issues that provide for the direct involvement of injured subjects. The Legislative Assembly unanimously approved the bill on the celebration of the centenary of the birth of the National Park of Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise. The provision provides for a loan of 50 thousand euros for the year 2022, and an equal item for the year 2023, which will be used to celebrate the centenary by promoting activities in line with the 2030 Agenda and the PNRR which provides, among other things, a series of initiatives and strategies that seek to introduce environmental education to citizens for a new conception of a responsible society that respects the balance between man and the environment. The project, which has the involvement of the regions of Lazio and Molise, municipalities, Ministry of Environment, Park, environmental associations, public and private bodies, provides a series of thematic initiatives, environmental training courses, fire prevention , dissemination of culture. of prevention and environmental protection, respect and improvement of biodiversity. Conventions and food and wine routes and the rediscovery of local crafts, customs and traditions will be promoted in order to stimulate and promote virtuous tourism. Unanimous vote also in favor of the “Provisions relating to the functions relating to the assistance of deaf and blind persons”. The law reorganizes the functions relating to assistance in favor of blind, deaf and deaf-speaking people, reassigning them to municipalities, singles or associates. It is expected that municipal administrations, sole or associated, exercise the functions of social assistance related to attendance through the management of a series of services such as educational assistance, in order to support school integration, the supply of school texts, advice of the typhologist. , supply of didactic material in relief and special technician. The afternoon session of the Regional Council opened with the examination of the bill “Registration of homeless people in the lists of patients of the local health authorities of the Abruzzo region”, which was postponed for discussion by the Commission of Budgets. With the votes of the majority, the following administrative measures were approved: “Legislative Decree 13 August 2010, n. 155 and subsequent amendments on “Implementation of Directive 2008/50 / EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 21 May 2008 on ambient air quality and cleaner air in Europe”: Provisions concerning the update of the Regional Protection Plan. air quality; Municipality of Capistrello (AQ) – Timely modification of the Territorial Landscape Plan (PRP) in the framework of the procedure of variation of the General Plan of Urbanism (PRG) of the Municipality of Capistrello (AQ) for the construction of the Differentiated Collection of Waste . Center of the municipal term “; later, the County Council took note of the Report of activities developed by the Guarantor of the people put under measures restrictive of the personal freedom (year 2021). Subsequently, the resolution signed by Councilor Paolucci is approved, the text of which is agreed with Undersecretary D’Annuntiis, which states: “Restoration of the cut made in a single regional fund for transport and renewal of the Col · National Labor Association of the LPT. rubber sector “. Unanimous vote of the Chamber for the motion signed by Councilwoman Mariani: “Activation of ways of exemption from the early diagnosis ticket and specific examinations in favor of subjects with high genetic risk and hereditary-familial cancer risk of breast, ovary, etc. pancreas, colorectal “. Finally, two urgent resolutions were passed. The first, presented by Councilor Smargiassi and signed by the majority and opposition councilors, refers to the heavy traffic movement from the SS 16 (between Ortona and Vasto south) to the A14 motorway in summer; the second, signed by Councilor Angelosante and shared by other councilors, commits the President of the Executive Committee to represent before the Minister of Grace and Justice, in order to find a solution, the problem of lack of staff in the lower courts of Abruzzo – red –

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