The gender gap in the Stem disciplines, female orientation returns to Sant’Anna di Pisa

From Margherita Hack to AstroSamantha. Women who have given girls and girls the image of a world without limits or borders. Until she became a real heroine in the eyes of those who still struggle today to think of themselves as astronauts, engineers, physicists. Open the door to a new generation of students in the Stem disciplines (acronym for “Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics“) and the Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies in Pisawhich this year launches the project of the second edition “Stem: the girls get involved!”. The University of Pisa will host 60 students deserving students -from all corners of Italy, selected taking into account the school results, the educational qualifications of the parents and on the basis of the recommendations received from the secondary schools of second degree of origin- for an orientation of 360 Degrees.

The goal? Promote the option to subscribe Stem degree programs for girls, altering the national trend. The School will offer two courses to present the contents and perspectives of the study of this branch of disciplines, including biotechnology, robotics, computer science, physics, agriculture, as well as living a college life experience. The first university orientation course will take place on Monday 4 July at 9.30 in the Aula Magna (headquarters, Piazza Martiri della Libertà 33, Pisa) and will end on Thursday 7 July; followed by the second course which will take place from Monday 25 to Thursday 28 July.

“A strategic goal against inequalities”

“Increase the female presence in the ‘Stem’ sectors is a strategic goal for breaking disparitiesanother that improve the efficiency of the country’s system“, underline the professors of the University of Excellence of Pisa, Marco Fontana I Chiara Pucciarielloresponsible together with the Vice-Rector for Guidance Eloisa Cristiani of this project. During their stay in Pisa, participants – housed in the structures of the Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies – will have the opportunity to discuss the challenges of tomorrow’s world with professors, researchers, researchers, experts, students and students. For participants it will be the first approach with open contents and perspectives for the study of disciplines such as biotechnology, robotics, computer science, physics and agricultureand will be able to interact personalities of international scientific importance. Throughout the orientation course, students will live the experience of school life and will be accompanied by students visiting the main science and technology laboratories of the Sant’Anna School of Higher Studies.

Women in the disciplines “Stem”: a dizzying gap (Photo Ansa)

Stem Faculty: data in the world and in Italy

Currently in the worldonly the 35% of the members of the Stem faculties are women. The gender gap in science and technology is also reflected in the world of work, so much so that today, globally, only the 6% of those working in mobile application and software development are women. In the top 20 economies in the world, the presence of women in the fields of data science and artificial intelligence barely reaches 26%to the 15% in engineering and al 12% in cloud computing (ORWH, 2021). In Italy, the gender gap is pretty clear. Against an EU average of approx 21 Stem graduates for every 1,000 young people between 20 and 29 years old, there are only 14.9 graduates. While thethe number of men is almost double: 27.9. This is one gap present to varying degrees in all states of the Union. In our country, the average number of graduates (of both sexes) is lower: 16.4 graduates in scientific disciplines every thousand young residents. The proportion of Stem graduates among men rises to 19.4, that of female graduates stands at 13.3, with about 6 points behind.

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